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You’ve uncovered the dream hotel for your next vacation. Yet there’s a problem. It’s sold out. Don’t just offer up and also move on. There’s still a possibility you’ll be able to stay there. With these hacks and tips and a little luck, friend just could score that coveted room!

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Sometimes it’s her fault. Friend procrastinate. Or girlfriend just occur to be travel to a destination during its busy season. Everything the reason, it’s at sight frustrating as soon as you shot to make a reservation and also you obtain the “no rooms available” booking message.

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Most the the time, we’re happy to report, you can!

Read on because that tips indigenous hotel managers and travel pros, including the one thing we shot first.

The Dreaded “No Availability” Message

Are you choose me? I choose my vacation days the second the calendar goes right into circulation in mine office. It’s how I maximize my time off. By expanding 3-day weekends, I can stretch my holidays. Mine co-workers grumble behind mine back, but it’s the perk I get as the most an elderly staff member.

And I understand to publication my flights at least 3 month in development to acquire the ideal deal top top airfare. Wherein I normally fail in my holidays planning is with hotel rooms. For part reason, I normally procrastinate booking a room. More than once, I’ve uncovered myself having to stay at a less than ideal location because of it.

Sound familiar? Then, check out on to see just how I have controlled to book a offered out hotel in the past so you deserve to avoid future booking failures.


No Room at the Inn throughout Christmas

The last time i was confronted with a sold out situation, i was booking a family members trip come California throughout Christmas break. We – a party of 7 – plan to to visit the increased Bowl parade and game in Pasadena on new Year’s and wanted to expand our holiday with a few days spent exploring the vineyards in Temecula.

Apparently, so did everyone else.

After doing mine research, I had a perform of three vineyard properties the met our requirements – bigger rooms, a pool and on-site dining. Then i tried to book my first choice hotel. No rooms available. It occurred again through the 2nd and third hotels. Aaargh!!

What ns tried following is the #1 pointer for booking a sold out hotel.

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How to acquire a Room at a Sold-Out Hotel

Pick up the Phone

If you receive a “no availability” message when you shot to book a hotel room online, it’s time to go Old School and pick increase the telephone.

Family travel blogger buy it Pittard says, “I carry out this every the time…I call the hotel straight – not the 1-800 number – and also explain why we desire to stay, etc. Us can acquire a room 85% of the time. Ask for the manager, not the reservations person.”

Sarah additionally advises thatmost hotels run a wait list. “Ask castle to document your name, number and also email also if they room full. Book another hotel that has a day-of or 24-hour cancellation, then keep calling your chosen hotel until you can’t cancel the 2nd one.”

It’s what ns did in Temecula. At an initial I was afraid the South coastline Winery and Resort manager would put me ~ above some kind of a “Top 10 call Pests” list, yet she genuinely sound happy come hear indigenous me and also sad each time she stated that they to be still totally booked.

Meanwhile, ns made our bookings at the adjacent Ponte Vineyard Inn. It looked like a good choice for us, other than that the new pool was still under construction.

It wasn’t my first choice, however my room in Temecula at the Ponte Vineyard Inn turned out to be perfect. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf

What the Front workdesk Recommends

I contacted Pierre-Alex Maillard, general Manager the the Serafina beach Hotel in san Juan, to obtain some insider tips. He strong recommends phoning or emailing the hotel straight too. “It’s the best means to identify real time room availability, plus there may be special resort credits or amenities readily available only for direct bookings.”

Pierre-Alex notes the you’re more likely to score a room due to the fact that of a last minute cancellation in ~ a drive-by hotel than at a location resort. Speed sales space another method to accessibility rooms at desire properties; Pierre-Alex proposal industry-leader an enig Escapes.

If You’ve gained Status, Flaunt It

“Status counts,” says deluxe traveler Dana Zucker.For example, “If you space a Hilton Diamond Member, you can always get a room at any of your properties global up until 48 hours before your come date,” says Dana. “We have actually never had an problem getting a room with Hilton as a walk-in as soon as online states the hotel’s full.”

It’s good to keep in mind that “extraordinary demand dates” space usually excluded, claims Nasreen Stump. “If it’s graduation weekend, the Olympics or an additional busy time, the guarantee doesn’t apply.”

Maintaining status at many brands increases your odds of detect a room. Dana notes the it’s simpler now the Starwood, Marriott and Ritz Carlton are merged in one awards program. Concierge services readily available by credit cards like American to express Platinum and private bank programs are additionally another resource.

“Keep your concierge phone number handy,” says Dana. “They it seems to be ~ to have the ability to work magic.” among her best-ever scores: a corner suite in Alaska throughout the sold-out cruise ship season.

What a nice surprise! when all you desire is a room and you finish up through a edge suite and also stunning views! photo credit: Dana Zucker

There’s an application for That

If friend don’t have the time to store calling and also checking because that availability, register your interest on the cost-free website, open up Hotel Alert.

Simply go into your take trip dates and a perform of area hotels pops increase – those with ease of access and ones that are marketed out. Select the one you’re interested in, enter your desired contact technique (text message, email or both) and Open Hotel alarm will call you if a room becomes accessible at that property.

Open Hotel alarm is an app to assist you gain a room in ~ a sold out hotel. Picture credit: Cathy Bennett Kopf

The complimentary service is affiliated with; the agency earns a the supervisory board if you book your room through the site.

Another way to use the net to your benefit is v a straightforward Google search. Enter your hotel name and also Google will certainly pop up different booking communication such together Expedia or booking platforms may have actually one or two rooms even when the hotel website suggests no availability.

If your efforts fail,Hotel tonight should have the ability to find you a critical minute hotel in the area even if it’s no your first, 2nd or 3rd choice.

Getting that Hotel Room when All else Fails

If you’ve already been calling the hotel manager often sufficient to acquire on the “Top 10 phone call Pests” list, flaunted your hotel status, waved roughly your premier credit cards and added your name to every wait list, here are a couple of more tips because that securing that coveted room:

Check v a take trip agency. Numerous hotels offer blocks of rooms to this agents.Call the hotel directly. Speak to someone at the front desk — those folks are on the front heat of hotel availability. If there’s a room in ~ the inn, they will know.

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And as soon as all rather fails, try looking really, really sad. Nasreen says, “I find arriving at the hotel, asking about cancellations and also looking pitiful works.”

Sometimes You need to Settle because that Second

We finished up staying at the Ponte Vineyard Inn since rooms never became obtainable at the South coast Winery and Resort. And it was fine. Better than fine. The weather was actually cooler than we assumed it would be, so us didn’t also miss the pool. The rooms were appropriate for our expanded family and the vineyard see couldn’t be beat.