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You have actually a few options when applying for openings in ~ Denny’s. They have actually a fully devoted career website whereby you deserve to view existing openings by category. Websites favor Glassdoor and also Indeed room also great options. Or, you deserve to drop by your local Denny’s to see what openings are right now available.Take a look in ~ Denny’s job page to uncover your dream job.A couple of of the popular Denny’s jobs and also careers are listed below:Host/HostessDenny’s considers the Host/Hostess role as the first and critical impression the customers see. Together a front heat employee, your responsibilities incorporate greeting guests in a familiar manner and also making them feel welcomed. Ideal candidates space focused top top the client experience and also make sure that they set the phase for a “positive dining experience”.

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Qualified applicants need to have excellent interaction skills. Position requirements incorporate the following:Collects payments from customers.Seats customers and also introduces the function of the day.Manages the host/hostess area by keeping it stocked and also cleanTakes just arrived calls consisting of to-go orders.Assists customers with their early beverage orders.Helps company personnel in clearing and setting tables.Resolves client complaints and notifies the manager.Supports other organization personnel as needed.Dishwasher/Server AssistantThe Dishwasher/Server Assistant is a valuable part of the Denny’s restaurant employee equation. They have a “Guest First” attitude and also are there to improve the guests’ in its entirety experience with attention to detail and great service.

How much Does Denny’s salary (Hourly & Salary)?

Denny’s pay rates are above average for entry-level location (e.g. Cooks) i m sorry start roughly $11.60/hr. contrasted to comparable restaurants prefer IHOP ($10.82/hr) and Huddle home ($8.45/hr). As one moves right into management positions, the salary space shifts and Denny’s loser the optimal pay position and falls what in the center with one average starting salary the $44,000/yr. for basic Managers.Here are a couple of of Denny’s much more popular positions and pay ranges.Host/Hostess: $8 – 9/hrDishwasher/Server Assistant: $8 – 9/hrServer: $10 – 12/hrCook: $10 – 12/hrRestaurant Manager: $10 – 12/hr

How Old perform You have to be to work-related at Denny’s?

Denny’s minimum age requirement because that employment is 16.The most renowned entry-level work at Denny’s include:Dishwasher/Server AssistantServerCook

Does Denny’s drug Test?

Yes, ours research mirrors that salaried location (management) require drug testing. Drug testing for hourly positions was no conclusive. Background checks must be expected.

Possible Denny’s Interview concerns & Tips

Have you been asked come interview for a place at Denny’s? If so, congratulations! listed below you’ll discover popular interview questions, tips and also suggestions because that making a great very first impression.Why do You desire to occupational at Denny’s?This is a good question and also one to take it seriously. Suppliers are much more likely to hire candidates that connect to the brand, and also this question opens the door for you to share the reasons that you are the finest person for the job.The Denny’s website is filled v lots of great company information, so even if it is you just love diners, are inspired by their diversity routine or room impressed with their social impact, over there are several ways to connect to your brand and share.What is your best strength/ biggest weakness?Now’s your time to shine, no in a braggadocious way, but in an yes, really “I really want to work for you” form of exchange. This “getting to recognize you” varieties of questions are common, and they’re a an excellent way for the interviewer to gain a feeling for her personality and how you’ll connect with guests and employees.Companies tend to be an ext curious about how you take care of your personal traits rather than what castle are, so be honest around your strengths and your weaknesses, however keep that professional and position-related.Why did friend leave her last company?Companies understand that potential candidates have various reasons for leaving vault employers. Discovering your reasons for leaving provides them a fuller expertise of her personality, just how you work with others and your work-related ethic. It’s ideal to be moral when request this question, and also as always, keep your response professional.If you left your previous employer since of an adverse circumstances, it’s important not to usage this concern as an opportunity to say negative things around your ahead company. It’s finest to summary cover the basic details and permit the interviewer come inquire if you will do it like extr details. As always, keep the interview positive by speak in a professional manner.Helpful Interview TipGood eye contact is a an excellent place come start as soon as you want to leaving a good very first impression. Interviewers room not just interested in your answers to the interview questions, but likewise in exactly how you price those questions. Perform you look at them directly in the eyes, speak clearly, seem in ~ ease once talking? this clues help the interviewer come envision just how you will certainly respond come guests and relate to other employees when on the job.How to dress for her Denny’s InterviewDenny’s is a casual family restaurant, so consider this when picking your interview attire. Selected garments should be neat, clean and job-appropriate. Everything you choose, make sure that that enhances and doesn’t detract from the picture that you desire to existing as a future employee.Don’t forget her résumé!Benefits of working at Denny’sEligible employees have the right to receive medical, dental, vision and also life insurance. Employee discounts, safety accounts and also vacation time are additionally included. Because that a full list of benefits offered, click here.

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