Headhunters have actually indicated difficulties in finding work for former Trump cabinet officials in the months due to the fact that leaving their posts, The Washington post reported Wednesday. 

Recruiters that spoke top top the condition of anonymity told the write-up that previous President Trump

Donald TrumpYoungkin advertisement features mom who propelled to have actually "Beloved" banned native son"s curriculum White residence rejects recent Trump insurance claim of executive, management privilege democracy say GOP lawmakers implicated in Jan. 6 need to be expelled MORE’s significantly low approval rating ~ above leaving office, and being the only president in U.S. Background to it is in impeached twice, has actually deterred providers from hiring former management officials. 

The headhunters said that offering a board seat come someone linked with the Trump management could cause a rebellion from customers, employee or shareholders. 

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“Boards don’t need trouble or criticism,” one headhunter called the Post. “If you desire to remain away indigenous all the potential tarnish, it is easy: You simply don’t go close to it.”

The Post noted that one of the previous officials struggling to find work is Elaine Chao

Elaine ChaoSaluting FOIA top top its birthday house passes invoice to strengthen government of federal watchdogs Biden at Sen. Man Warner"s funeral: he "gave me confidence" MORE, Trump’s transport secretary, in spite of the fact that she previously gained roles ~ above the board for carriers such as Dole Foods, safety Life and also Wells Fargo following her role as labor secretary under former President George W. Bush. 

Two headhunters who personally consulted Chao said the short article that optimal executives have been hesitant to lug on Chao and others.

The Post’s result come ~ Chao stepped down from her role as transportation secretary the work after the Jan. 6 riot, during with a lot of pro-Trump rioters breached Capitol security. The occasion left several human being dead, consisting of a Capitol Police officer. 

Before the riot, trump had motivated his supporters throughout a rally ~ above the nationwide Mall come march come the Capitol and demand congress halt the certification that the 2020 Electoral college results. 


In an e-mail to staff, Chao claimed the incident had actually “deeply troubled me in a means that I just cannot set aside.”

One the the headhunters that spoke anonymously come the article due come the perceptible nature that the discussions claimed that some companies that had been contacted concerning a place for Chao stated it to be “too soon” ~ Trump’s presidency to carry her on. 

However, a resource close come Chao said she is “evaluating a number of invitations to sign up with various that company boards when helping former colleagues land together well.” 

“She’s interested in brand-new economy companies, has currently accepted plank positions and also is currently in assorted stages of finalizing agreements with them and others,” the human said. 

Chao, that is married to Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellBiden claims he"s open up to altering, remove filibuster to development voting rights Pelosi states GOP senators "voted to aid and abet" voter suppression because that blocking amendment elections bill Manchin insists the hasn"t endangered to leave Democrats an ext (R-Ky.), declined to comment to the Post. 

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The write-up on Wednesday listed that at this point in 2009, four major companies had acquired members the George W. Bush’s room to offer as directors. 

By contrast, out of the approximately half of S&P 500 service providers that have filed their 2021 investor disclosure reports, no previous Trump Cabinet main is noted among the 108 new or prospective plank members, follow to Insightia data reviewed by the Post.

Other Trump management officials joined Chao in stepping under in the days following the Jan. 6 attack, with just weeks to go in Trump"s presidency, consisting of former education and learning Secretary Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVosMcAuliffe rolls out brand-new ad hitting back at Youngkin on education Biden DOJ tries to shield DeVos native deposition in sue over college student loans The lengthy con targeting college student survivors of sex-related assault much more and unique envoy to northern Ireland Mick Mulvaney
Mick MulvaneyJan. 6 committee worries latest round of subpoenas for rally organizers The Hill"s Morning Report - gift by Alibaba - To poll or not? Pelosi encounters infrastructure decision Jan. 6 panel subpoenas 11, including Pierson, other rally organizers MORE, who also previously offered as Trump"s cook of staff.