Test Overview

A mental health assessment offers your medical professional a complete photo of her emotional state. It likewise looks at how well you are able to think, reason, and remember (cognitive functioning). Your doctor will ask you questions and examine you. You could answer few of the doctor"s inquiries in writing. Your medical professional will take note of just how you look and also your mood, behavior, thinking, reasoning, and memory, and also how fine you can express yourself. Your doctor will additionally ask questions around how friend get together with other people. This consists of your family and friends. Occasionally the assessment consists of lab tests, such together blood or urine tests.

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A mental wellness assessment might be done by your primary treatment doctor. Or it might be excellent by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or society worker. The results of her test space confidential.

A mental wellness assessment for a kid is aligned to the child"s age and also stage that development.

Why that Is Done

A mental wellness assessment is done to:

aid tell the difference between mental and also physical wellness problems. check the mental wellness of a human being who has remained in the hospital or arrested because that a crime, such as drunk driving or physical abuse.

How to Prepare

If girlfriend are having a mental health assessment since you have certain symptoms, you may be request to store a diary or journal for a few days prior to the test. You may be request to bring a family member or friend through you. Castle can explain your symptoms from your view.

If your child is being checked for behavior problems, you may be asked to keep a diary or journal of exactly how your son acts because that a pair of days. Your child"s teacher may need to answer questions around how your boy acts in ~ school.

How the Is Done

Health specialists often perform a short mental health examine during continuous checkups. If girlfriend are having symptoms of a mental health and wellness problem, her doctor might do a much more complete assessment. Or he or she may refer friend to one more doctor, such together a psychologist or psychiatrist.

You will have actually an interview v a doctor. You may likewise get a physics exam and written or verbal tests.


During the interview, your medical professional notes your mood and how you present yourself. You will certainly be asked come talk about your symptoms and concerns. It is in as comprehensive as friend can. If you have actually kept a diary or newspaper of her symptoms, share this v your doctor.

Your doctor may ask you concerns to check how well you think, reason, and remember. The or she might ask you inquiries to discover out just how you feel about life, and also if you are likely to pains yourself.

Physical exam

You may obtain a physical exam. Your doctor will ask around your previous health and also that of your household members. The or she will ask what medications you take.

Your doctor might test her reflexes, balance, and senses (hearing, taste, sight, smell, and touch).

Lab tests

You may have actually lab tests excellent on a blood or urine sample. If your physician thinks girlfriend may have actually a nervous device problem, friend may acquire tests such as an MRI, one EEG, or a CT scan. Rap tests to uncover other troubles may incorporate thyroid duty tests, electrolyte levels, or toxicology screening (to look for drug or alcohol problems).

Written or linguistic tests

You will certainly be asked part questions and will answer the end loud or top top a item of paper. Your answers space then rated and also scored by your doctor.

Written tests most regularly have 20 come 30 concerns that deserve to be answered quickly. These are regularly in a "yes" or "no" format. You have the right to do them by yourself at a continual office visit.

Many mental health and wellness tests are available. They look at:

particular problems. Because that example, the Hamilton Rating scale for Depression, the Beck Depression Inventory, or the Geriatric Depression Scale deserve to be supplied to examine for symptoms of depression. Just how well you space able to think, reason, and also remember. The Mini psychological State Examination deserve to be supplied to check this. Exactly how well you space able to lug out routine tasks, such as eating, dressing, shopping, or banking.

Sometimes a longer mental health test, such together the Wechsler Adult intelligence Scale, may be needed. The test might be offered by a specialist such as a psychologist.


How a child"s mental health and wellness is looked in ~ will depend on the age of the child and also what trouble the physician thinks the child might have. Young children may it is in asked to attract pictures come express their feelings. They may likewise be asked come look at photos of typical subjects and talk about how these do them feel. Parents or teachers may be asked to answer a checklist of questions around the child.

How lengthy does the take?

The time that takes will rely on the reason the test is being done. One interview v written or verbal tests might last 30 come 90 minutes. It deserve to last longer if several various tests space done. An detailed test such together the Wechsler Adult knowledge Scale might take 1 to 2 hours.

How that Feels

A mental health assessment is supplied to discover out how you think and also feel.

You may feel fear if you are being checked for a health condition, such together Alzheimer"s disease. Girlfriend may concern or come to be upset if your condition is not easily or conveniently found. Some mental health problems are hard to diagnose.

Lab tests usually don"t cause much discomfort. The blood sample is taken from a vein in your arm. An elastic band is wrapped about your top arm. It may feel tight. You may feel nothing at all from the needle, or you might feel a fast sting or pinch. And if you have actually a urine test, that is no painful to collection a to pee sample.


Your doctor may not be able to find the reason of your symptoms. Some psychological health problems are tough to diagnose. An ext than one mental health and wellness assessment or other tests might be needed.


Your medical professional may discuss some of the outcomes with you ideal away. Complete results might not be all set for number of days.

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Many conditions can readjust the outcomes of testing. Your physician will talk through you around how your outcomes relate to her symptoms and also past health.

A mental wellness assessment can help find:

Mental health problems, such as: Developmental problems, together as: conditions of the concerned system, such as: