There"s a same amount the isn"t defined to you during the opening few hours of Anthem, together as when you"ll have the ability to get your hands on additional Javelin exosuits. In this Anthem Javelin unlock guide, we"ll it is in walking girlfriend through how to get brand-new Javelins in Anthem, in situation you"re tired of gift stuck with simply the Ranger class.

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However if you rather need any additional details ~ above BioWare"s large new venture, you can head end to ours Anthem guide. Right here you can find a full story primer and also beginner"s guide to the game, as well as a break down of all four Javelin varieties in the game.

How to Get new Javelin Exosuits in Anthem

For those no in the know, there are actually two systems of progression in Anthem. Firstly there"s the level that the existing Javelin you"re using, which is determined by her weapons and armor statistics. But there"s also the base level of your pilot, which starts out from 1, and also progresses as you knife XP from completing missions and defeating enemies.

While the open demo because that Anthem take it place ago in January, a Reddit user controlled to catch a screenshot that the pilot level rewards, showing how you"d unlock various rewards at different levels for her pilot. You can see the screenshot the the reward levels for your pilot simply below.

Anthem"s pilot level rewards. | u/sgraar/Reddit

But, it appears some points in the list above have adjusted upon last release for Anthem. The actual levels the you"re going come unlock brand-new Javelins in Anthem are: 2, 8, 16, and also 26. Keep in mind that rather of in reality unlocking a new Javelin class at level 2 in Anthem, you"ll have the possibility to choose one Javelin to play as, till you gain the chance to unlock a 2nd exosuit at pilot level 12.

On optimal of this, you"ll be able to pick i m sorry Javelin course you want to unlock at all the price levels. Therefore you can unlock the Colossus, Storm, or Interceptor Javelin whenever you want.

All four of Anthem"s Javelins. | EA/BioWare

Now though, you deserve to head end to our additional Anthem guides, including our Anthem DLC guide for every the post-launch content EA and BioWare"s has actually planned.

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