Among all the animals in the world, pandas are among the cutest. With their black and white furs, similar to that that a teddy bear, friend may have thought of do them her pet. However can girlfriend buy a large panda as a pet?

Here’s a brief answer, No. Giant pandas room an endangered species, and also they space rightfully own by the Chinese government. Also, girlfriend will require a large field that bamboo to feed them daily due to the fact that that’s their favorite diet.

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Furthermore, giant pandas have sharp claws and solid bites which makes them dangerous to live with. It would be finest you follow this overview all through, to obtain a better understanding the why you can’t buy pandas together pets.

Now, let’s save going!

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2 methods To own a PandaFrequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Is that Legal to very own a Panda?


No, it is not legal to very own a panda since laws have actually been put in place versus taking together action. And you know what happens once you rest the law, nothing you?

Pandas don’t develop young persons regularly, which renders them an endangered species. Recent research reflects that over there are roughly 2000 pandas in the people as of now. Contrasted to various other animals, the variety of pandas have the right to be considered an extremely small.

Keep in mind that the Chinese government is in charge of taking care of most of the pandas in the civilization today. They have put in location several actions as regards the protection of giant pandas. And not only that, regulations are guiding various other wildlife and plants in the country. 


In 1984, the Chinese government had the forest law in your constitution. Four years later, in 1988, they passed the law on the defense of Wildlife. The environmental Protection regulation was passed in 1989.

Moreover, a strict regulation was pass in 1987 through the standing Committee the the nationwide People’s Congress worrying giant pandas. It was stated in the regulation that anyone that smuggles these animals will it is in sentenced to at the very least 10 year in prison. Furthermore, the judge individuals’ building may additionally be seized and they can be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.

Understandably, these regulations were passed to prevent people from causing harm to gigantic pandas and other threatened animals. Guess: v what? the worked. 

There has actually been a impressive decrease in the number of people who reason harm to the huge pandas due to the fact that then. If this laws have actually not been put in the Chinese government constitution, what would have actually been the fate of these innocent-looking, lover pandas? your guess is as an excellent as mine.

Has Anyone ever Owned a Panda?

Photo Source: entertain Weekly

Yes, the renowned Chinese actor Jackie Chan owns 2 pandas. Sound interesting? stop know much more about this story.

On the 89th Academy Awards red carpet in 2017, Jackie Chan to walk on the red carpet delivering two adorable pandas top top both hands. Together you would certainly expect, every eyes to be on him. That would no be, right?

In an interview, Chan revealed that he embraced the pandas in 2009 at the Chengdu huge Panda Research and Breeding Base, China. Because of his contributions towards protecting pandas, Chan to be appointed the panda ambassador at the time. His giant panda pets have become an essential part that his life together he takes them where he goes.

Also, one major reason Chan dead the panda all over is to encourage human being to avoid the pets from going into extinction. Note that also though the Chinese government doesn’t permit individuals to own pandas, Jackie Chan’s instance was an exception. Amazing, right?

The an extremely reason why he to be an exemption to the dominion is due to the fact that of his heroic deeds. He rescued the two pandas native the Sichuan earthquake that occurred in 2008 and raised them. This circumstance provided him the opportunity to take on the cute creatures.

How lot Does A gigantic Panda Cost?

Photo Source: Factourism

I want you to understand that the cost of a huge panda is really expensive. So, you have to think twice prior to renting one indigenous China. It has actually been approximated that to rent a panda, girlfriend may have to pay $1million yearly.

Since the Chinese federal government owns nearly all the huge pandas in the world, most zoo owners rent the pandas native them. Surprisingly, the zoo owners authorize a 10 or 15 year contract with the Chinese federal government to rent a gigantic panda. That’s a lot of money, right?

If infant pandas are born throughout this period, then they need to pay close to $400,000 for tax. Isn’t that unbelievable? permit me get this straight, there space other costs which incorporate medical care, feeding, and also enclosure or space that the initial charges don’t cover. 

In terms of feeding, one average huge panda eats close come 40 pounds that bamboo daily, which equates to 14,600 pounds that bamboo in a year. The monetary value of feeding for a huge panda is approximated to it is in $50,000 every year. 

That’s no all. There’s more to something give thanks to meets the eye. Let’s me talk about it further.

Usually, the huge pandas require a space to roam around and also play with one another, which is crucial for adjustment purposes. To rental an enclosure, you need close to $24 million. Yes, that’s just allotted for the captivity.

If you desire to rental a huge panda for 15 years, you require to have actually $15 million ($1million every year) because that the rental fees, $750,000 ($50,000 per year) because that the feeding sessions, and $24 million because that the enclosure. Every in all, you’ll need $39,750,000. Yes, you review that right!

Now that you understand the expense of one panda, it will certainly be best you have actually a most money in your financial institution account prior to renting one.

2 ways To own a Panda

Like I stated earlier, that is impossible to purchase a panda. But it doesn’t typical you can’t own a panda if you require one. You will do it agree v me the they look prefer a form of bear, i beg your pardon is type of cool.

By adopting and also renting this cute creatures, girlfriend can become a panda owner. Let’s take it a look at exactly how these deserve to be done.

1. Symbolic Adoption

Photo Source: WWF

Several establishments in China space willing to offer their pandas because that adoption. With a small fee, you will help these establishments preserve wildlife habitats, money some of your works, and also prevent the endangerment of pandas. By this, you will certainly go home with any type of panda of choice.

2. Renting

Most that the time, zoos anywhere the people rent pandas for 10 come 15 years from China. However, understand that the expense of renting a panda is an extremely expensive; it prices millions that dollars. If you can afford the price of rent, climate confidently walk for it.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Can ns Buy a Red Panda together a Pet?


No, you can’t buy red pandas as pets. Even though these creatures look adorable and also innocent, friend shouldn’t keep them at home. They are perfect examples of “looks have the right to be deceiving“.

Unlike the popular dog and cat pets, red pandas space wild pets that room not befitting for homes. They have sharp pond that have been design by nature because that climbing and also clinging to trees. Unfortunately, their nails nothing draw back into your claws or come to be blunt quickly.

Now, imagine acquisition a red panda to your well-arranged apartment filled through nice animal leather furniture, and curtains. I deserve to bet you will do it be disappointed with exactly how the pet will damage these products using nails. 

Another factor you shouldn’t buy red pandas as a pets is the their furs have been normally designed for aboriginal habitat. Also, they feed mostly on bamboo. There is no the accessibility of these two things, the red pandas’ wellness may be at risk.

Furthermore, it is illegal to buy a red panda in many countries. Going versus the law may reveal you to jail terms and other severe punishments.

What States deserve to You very own a Panda?

China owns every the gigantic pandas in the human being today. However, they loan this adorable animals out to numerous countries. Wherever girlfriend see huge pandas in any part of the world, save in mind that they come from China. Lock were given a loan referred to as “panda diplomacy”.


Today, we learned that it is impossible to buy huge pandas as pets. First, the animals are endangered types that belong come the Chinese government. To stop them indigenous going extinct, the Chinese government has come put details laws in place.

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Also, feeding giant pandas through bamboo requires a big field that the plant because they eat a lot daily. It might be an overwhelming to achieve this. However, you have the right to symbolically adopt a panda to aid their preservation.