pardon is an plot of clemency granted by the state governor that can approve various levels of forgiveness for those convicted of crimes.

In Maryland, friend must very first submit a composed request for a pardon through the Maryland Parole Commission, i beg your pardon will review the application.

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WHY would I use FOR A PARDON?

In Maryland, a pardon does not have many direct results under the law. It can be useful, though, in help you present yourself together a responsible and also law-abiding citizen.

A pardon serves together a recognition that you have actually paid her debt and have changed well to culture since completing her sentence.

There are specific requirements that should be met before you can use for a pardon. Girlfriend will want to read the very closely to determine whether or no you think your situation is eligible for a pardon.


NO You will certainly still need to go v the expungement process to eliminate your court record from windy view.

A petition because that exungement based upon a full and unconditional pardon may be filed instantly after the pardon has been signed by the Governor.

It may not be filed later than 10 year after that pardon to be signed by the Governor.

I want TO gain A STATE experienced LICENSE, but CANNOT because OF mine CONVICTION. Will A PARDON enable ME TO acquire THAT LICENSE?

Many job in Maryland require licenses. The licensing firm for every profession operates under various laws and policies.

Some organ will consider you (and your criminal background) only if you receive a pardon, when others will not issue a license even if you are pardoned. And also yet others carry out not call for a pardon.

If you room seeking a professional license, girlfriend will have actually to call the licensing agency for the profession to identify their guidelines. Start with the department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation website in ~ the licensing Queries.


Maryland walk not enable people convicted of any “disqualifying crime” from own a “regulated firearm.”

Disqualifying crime include:

any crime that violencea felonyany misdemeanor in the State the carries a statutory punish of more than 2 years

A Pardon is the only method to reclaim the ideal to own and possess firearms.

NOTE: There may be Federal regulations that use to your particular case. For more information call the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and also Firearms, which is a division of the U.S. department of the Treasury.

WHAT IF ns AM convicted OF one more CRIME IN THE FUTURE?

A pardon will not prevent prior convictions from being taken into consideration if friend are later convicted of another offense.

Your vault record might be supplied in the sentencing process even if the offense has actually been pardoned.

WHAT room THE guidelines FOR applying FOR A PARDON?

The following are the guidelines for applying for a pardon:

1. Friend cannot use for a pardon if you are currently incarcerated.

2. If you were convicted that a misdemeanor, girlfriend must have been crime-free for a period of five (5) years from the date of sentence, relax from incarceration, or release from special amnesty or probation, whichever critical occurred.

3. If you were convicted that a felony, girlfriend must have actually been crime-free for ten (10)years indigenous the date of sentence, relax from incarceration, or relax from parole or probation, whichever last emerged except.

Note the the special amnesty Commission might – in ~ its discretion and also in certain instances – consider situations where only seven (7) years have elapsed.

4. If you were convicted of a felony for a violent crime or regulated dangerous problem violations, friend must have been crime-free for twenty (20) years from the date of sentence, relax from incarceration, or relax from parole or probation, whichever critical occurred.

Note the the special amnesty Commission may – at its discretion and also in details instances – consider situations where just seven (7) years have actually elapsed.


WHAT OTHER factors WILL BE taken into consideration WITH mine APPLICATION?

Other factors which will be thought about when your applications is reviewed include:

1. The nature and also circumstances that the crime. 2. The effect of a pardon ~ above the victim and also community. 3. The sentence given. 4. The other anti-social actions of the petitioner. 5. The subsequent rehabilitation the the petitioner. 6. The factor the pardon is needed.

WHERE can I acquire AN applications FOR PARDON?

You can gain an application for pardon native the Department of public Safety and Correctional services Maryland special amnesty Commission.

They are situated at:



The phone number is: (410) 585-3200 • FAX (410) 321-2314 • TOLL complimentary (877) 241-5428 • V/TTY (800) 735-2258 

You will uncover a copy the the application here:




WHAT will I need TO finish MY APPLICATION?

The application is 27 pages long and also requires detailed information about your background and also experiences. You will need details dates for educational programs, duplicates of any diplomas, and also certified copies of court records. The procedure will be lengthy. Be as thorough together you possibly have the right to as this is your possibility to present that you are committed to change.

You will need to attach to her application:

1)Three (3) completed character recommendation letters (pages 20, 21, & 22 that the application). 2. Copy of photo identification or her driver’s license. 3. Copy of her birth certificate. 4. For each jurisdiction in i beg your pardon you organized a driver’s license at any kind of time, a certified copy the your whole driving background from the Motor automobile Authority. 5. For every felony and also misdemeanor convictions, and all traffic convictions, which associated drugs or alcohol, a certified copy that the judgment andsentence in each case. 6. Copy of any high school, college, maintain school, and/or university diploma(s). 7. If you offered in the military, a copy of her separation files (Form DD214). 8. If you to be convicted the an offense by court-martial, through respect to every conviction, a copy of the court-martial promulgating order.

YOU WILL also NEED TO have YOUR applications SIGNED and also NOTARIZED.

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WHERE execute I SEND MY completed APPLICATION?

Once your applications is completed, signed, notarized, and also all documents are attached, you can send the package to:

Maryland special amnesty Commission

6776 Reisterstown Road

Suite 307

Baltimore, Maryland 21215

NOTE: To attain certified duplicates of the docket entries for any crime that led to a conviction in the State that Maryland, call the clerk of he Court where sentencing occurred. The certified duplicates of the docket entries that you submit mus it is in stamped by the court with the words ‘True Copy, Test”, be affected by each other the signature the the salesperson of he Court and have the Court’s seal affixed.