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Pigeons and doves have actually for century been retained for use in vain breeding, homing and in current history, racing. However, that is a small known fact that lock are also raised together pets. With great reason, they have the right to be an extremely affectionate and loyal, and also millions the enthusiasts have learned come love and appreciate them as companion birds.

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Very few animals have added as much as castle did come humanity:

Intelligence and also Competencies

These birds have the right to live two decades or longer; however, many only live 5 come 10 years as their resides are cut short by accident or predation. The course, well-cared individuals that are in safeguarded environments have a much better chance of life a lengthy life.


Considerations prior to getting a pigeon together pet; Adoptions and also Forums

Elizabeth Young, Mickaboo Rescue Coordinator, provides the following info:

These birds need:

Safe location (indoors or outdoors, protected from weather and predators)Room to move (a space that is 3’ high, 3’ wide, 6’ lengthy is an excellent for 1 come 2 birds)A good quality diet (info below)Easy clean-up floor and also /or Pigeon PantsCompany (either your"s or one more pigeon’s)Family to plan (if you have a mated pair, you must replace real eggs w/ fake ones)Avian Vet care if they come to be sick or injured

To adopt, contact Elizabeth in ~ (415) 420-7204

Andy’s pet Shop top top 1280 The Alameda (at Julian) in mountain Jose


Housing Options


The preferred choice is the timeless loft housing method, in which birds are provided a simple sheltered area because that the night and can roam about during the daytime. This lofts deserve to accommodate dozens or hundreds - depending on the size of the shelter.

These birds room loyal to your shelter and also thanks come their strong homing instinct will go back to their lofts every night.


Birds that are retained indoors need a very big cage that permits them come flap their wings and move around. They prefer little and flat-raised platforms to stick perches. These platforms will additionally serve well for nesting.


In addition to an suitable diet (please scroll down for info), they also need fresh water every job both for drinking and also for bathing to stop skin-borne illnesses, such as red mites and also lice.


Nesting / Breeding:

Breeding-age males will walk follow me horizontal branches v swelled neck, fluffed the end chest feathers, lower wings and also fanned tails; they perform noisy display climbing flights, through the wings cracked like a whiplash, and then gliding down on stubborn wings.

The average swarm contains 2 white eggs. The parents share the incubation of the egg which lasts around 17 days. The hatchlings (known together squabs) space fed on "pigeon milk", a regurgitated milky substance. The squabs fledge once they are about 29 - 35 job old.





These birds require appropriate nutrition to maintain great health.

Commercial dove or pigeon-specific foods are available; but they typically contain plenty of unhealthy fillers and also chemicals and should finest be avoided unless some mixes can be discovered that are all natural and properly balanced.

Birds that have access to the outside will frequently forage on round and also fleshy leaves, fruits, berries, seeds, pine tree nuts, acorns, peas and beans, source crops, winter buds of trees and bushes. They will likewise pick increase the occasional invertebrate (larvae, ants, spiders and little worms). They an especially like young shoots and seedlings.

Basic Pigeon Food: pelleted (only all herbal without chemicals) or a mix consists of seeds, cereals, grains and legumes.

Greens: lettuce, endive, chickweed, clover, watercress, and spinach.

Fruits: berries, apple, pears, etc..

Miscellaneous Bird Foods: video game bird crumbles, water soaked dog biscuits, and also water or milk soaked bread

Treats: The sometimes treats are always eagerly accepted, such together UNSALTED, UNROASTED peanut and also hempseeds.

Supplements: Vitamin D3 (for at home birds), probiotic additional (to increase positive gastrointestinal bacteria) and grit (to help in the digestion of heavy foods).

Adding apologize cider vinegar to your water supply top top a weekly basis boost gastrointestinal acidity, for this reason preventing details pigeon-borne diseases.


Pigeon Diseases

Signs of illness:

Weakness / Sleeping an ext than usualLoss of appetiteRotting or bruised-looking skin, milky eyesThinned, less-fluffed feathers

Sick bird treatment should be listed until a vet have the right to be consulted.


Calls / Vocalizations

Its call is a satisfied cooing (coo-coo-coo-cu-cu). Flocks take off with a according to clattering.

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When breeding, lock emit husky "hooh-hrooo" calls.


Breeds with great Pet Potential

Species study by Sibylle Johnson


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