Netflix might not be for everyone, and also if that"s the situation for you, you might want to cancel her account and get her money back.To cancel your Netflix membership, simply follow this steps

Netflix may not be because that everyone, and if that"s the situation for you, you may want to cancel your account and get your money back. Once you cancel your Netflix membership, you will certainly still have accessibility to the solutions for the remainder of the payment period. So, for example, if your new payment period was always on the 2nd of every month, you will certainly still have the ability to watch Netflix until the first of the upcoming month.

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To cancel your Netflix membership, just follow the below steps:

At the top right that the page, click the down arrowhead next to your profile name. Select "Account."

Under the "Membership and also Billing" section, pick the gray "Cancel Membership" box.

Click "Finish Cancellation" to check you desire to cancel.

You will certainly receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation.

If you execute not watch the "Cancel Membership" box on your account, girlfriend may have signed up for Netflix via a third carrier, such together iTunes or Google Play. If this is the case, you will certainly then have to use those account to cancel the membership. You deserve to identify how you signed up for Netflix by taking a look in ~ your bank statement, to watch the provider that is listed.

Next, girlfriend will want to tackle acquiring a refund. Netflix has actually a relatively strict no-refunds policy. However, navigate with the below choices to recognize if girlfriend qualify for a refund.

Netflix charged Me after ~ A cost-free Trial

Unfortunately, in this case, the is your duty to release the totally free trial prior to the following payment duration starts. The cost-free trial lasts for 30 days and also you to be warned around the payment that would instantly be processed after the trial ended.

Netflix fee Me After ns Cancelled

Check the your account has actually been canceled correctly. Ensure the you do it come the last step of the cancellation procedure and that you obtained a confirmation email.

Make certain you did not share her login information with anyone together they can have reactivated your account.

Make certain you did not share your payment information with anyone else together they might have signed up for a new account with your payment information.

Netflix charged Me during My free Trial

During your cost-free trial, a pending authorization may appear on your credit card statement. This is a check to ensure the your credit transaction card will work when it is time for a genuine charge. The pending charge will never go through. However, if you think you have been erroneously charged during a complimentary trial contact the Netflix Customer company team via phone right here or via chat here.

Netflix is notorious for having a solid nonrefundable plan for full or partial refunds. Unless there has actually been one error on their end, it"s unlikely you will acquire a refund. The being said, the never harms to contact a Customer service representative and also try!


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