One inquiry Google Voice app users regularly ask is: How to gain multiple Google Voice numbers? While it is feasible to usage a Google account through multiple phone call numbers, being able to create many google voice numbers deserve to be quite the hassle.

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Let’s be clean on one thing first. Straightforwardly put, the consumer version that Google Voice only permits for one additional phone number. Google Voice because that GSuite however, permits you to usage as plenty of phone numbers together you need.

Still, the hasn’t quit many civilization from looking for answers for how to gain multiple Google Voice numbers. There are plenty of factors why you’ll want more than one Google Voice number.

But prior to we get into how to acquire multiple phone numbers, let’s take it a look at even if it is Google Voice is yes, really for you.

Is having two Google Voice numbers (or more) yes, really better?

Google Voice might not it is in the best selection if you’re searching for temporary and also anonymous call numbers, and also there’s still some confusion over whether Google Voice is cross-compatible with various other messaging apps.

You need to take note that Google Voice numbers room attached to a Google account. That sounds convenient to have a google account through multiple phone call numbers and also then have them registered ~ above Google Voice for this reason you deserve to have multiple linked numbers, but remember the Google shop a lot of of an individual information.

Google makes many of the money from virtual advertising, and also they have actually an attention in scrutinising your personal data to do their ads more personalised. Not a strong case because that your virtual privacy.

More importantly, deleting a Google Voice number walk not result in instant termination. In fact, a turned off Google Voice number deserve to still front calls and also messages to your phone for up to 90 days. This method that the harder to stay anonymous through Google Voice numbers.

Still, having two Google Voice number are more can be advantageous if your firm runs ~ above GSuite. As mentioned earlier, the GSuite variation of Google Voice allows users to use an ext than 2 phone numbers. It’s likewise useful if you’re already using many Google tools, because all Google services are integrated and also can have information easily passed to and also fro in between them.

So, if you’re trying to find a convenient means to acquire multiple attached numbers or collection up a straightforward system for your service to front to many numbers, Google Voice works fine. If you’re in search of temporary and anonymous burner phone numbers, you might be much better off through a burner phone application like Phoner instead.

How to acquire multiple Google Voice numbers

Solution 1: tell Google Voice the number is a job-related phone number not house or cell phone number in both accounts

It can be difficult to attach a physics phone number to much more than one Google Voice number if you did not effectively designate the number her Google Voice number is connected with.

To get multiple Google Voice numbers, you require to collection up the associated number as either a work phone number or residence phone number. Perform not collection up the linked phone number together a cell phone number, together doing so will certainly disconnect girlfriend from any type of phone numbers you’ve previously connected your Google Voice account with.

Solution 2: gain multiple Google Voice accounts

Another equipment for how to obtain multiple Google Voice number vouched because that by many users is to develop multiple Google accounts, register for lot of Google Voice accounts, and then set up a device to forward calls indigenous multiple attached numbers come your major Google Voice number.

This an approach allows you come get more than one Google Voice number without having actually to log in and also out that your plenty of Google accounts, due to the fact that all calls obtained by her Google Voice numbers will certainly be redirected to just one major Google Voice number.

Solution 3: usage a phone call number generator

Since Google Voice number are linked with a physics phone number, another way to get more than one Google voice number is to just generate as countless virtual phone call numbers and also then using them to get as countless Google Voice numbers as you like.

That every sounds easy, until you realise how this can gain you into huge trouble. Under the Google Voice regards to service, A Google Voice account have the right to be suspended or terminated if you’re utilizing phone numbers not directly managed by you, or if you create multiple user account by automated method or under false pretences.

Phoner is the far better way to get multiple connected multiple numbers

Trying to number out how to obtain multiple Google Voice number have the right to be troublesome, and instead that wasting her time fiddling v the Google Voice app (and potentially gain into trouble), Phoner’s limitless phone number can get you started a lot faster and easier – because that cheaper.


Phoner is the much better way to acquire multiple attached numbers. Through our unlimited access to phone numbers from about the civilization you can use immediately without having actually to gain a new phone or center card, you’ll have more than enough for every customer business hotline or digital date.

Phoner worths your privacy too. Getting a number with us doesn’t need your actual phone call number. Just obtain some credits, choose a phone number girlfriend like, and start using your brand new temporary and anonymous call number.

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So prevent putting yourself v the trouble of figuring out exactly how to gain multiple Google Voice numbers. Desire multiple linked numbers and also the very same convenenience the having an ext than one Google Voice number? begin using countless phone numbers through Phoner today.