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Dog Training elite Utah County has actually a variety of service dog training packages, all of which are extremely personalized come the separation, personal, instance seeking assistance. Organization dogs in Utah County room valued in the psychological health, health and wellness care, and also disability ar are defended under the ADA legislations which enables owners to take their company dog through them everywhere they go.

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Dog Training upstream has developed highly successful service dog training in Utah County the empowers dog owners and also their canines to job-related together, creating strong bonds and sustained obedience.

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PTSD service Dog

A Psychiatric/ PTSD company dog in Utah ar will administer emotional support, reintegration right into society, mitigate depression, reduce the frequency and also severity of flashbacks, anchor handler come the present and reduce suicidal ideation.

Psychiatric business Dog Training

Our psychiatric company dog training (for occupants in the Utah ar area) has actually proven to be highly successful together it is personalized and targeted towards people with mental wellness disabilities.

Mobility Support organization Dog

We offer free in-home evaluations to evaluate if a current family dog can be trained to come to be a mobility support service dog or can help you select a business puppy or dog for training.

Autism Support company Dog

Utah County business dogs for autism can come to be an emotional anchor for youngsters with autism and a sense of security to family members.

Diabetic Alert service Dog

We offer totally free in-home evaluations to evaluate if a current family dog deserve to be trained to come to be a diabetic organization dog Utah ar or can assist you pick a organization dog for training.

A Psychiatric/PTSD service dog will have the ability to go anywhere with your handler and also assist lock in time of high anxiety and administer asense that security. A business dog will carry out emotional support, reintegration right into society, mitigate depression, assist cope v anxiety, minimize the frequency and also severity of flashbacks, anchor handler to the present, and also reduce suicidal ideation. Psychiatric organization dog tasks are customizable, yet examples include:

GroundingDeep push TherapyPanic ResponseCreate a physics BufferInterrupt repetitive BehaviorsWatch rear blindspotAdditional work as needed, need to be approved by trainer

A mobility support dog have the right to increase one individual"s independence and also quality of life by assisting with jobs that are complicated or difficult to finish on their own. A brace and also mobility assistance dog have the right to be taken anywhere and also are trained to their handlers specific mobility and also ambulatory needs.

forward Momentum PullCounterbalanceItem RetrievalOpen DoorsTurn lamp On/OffAlarm AlertPress Handicapped Buttons to open up Doors

Personalized autism canines carry out an emotional anchor for kids with autism and also a sense of defense to household members. The autism world is extensively accepting of service dogs, together overwhelming results display psychological services for the kid in enhancement to the entire family. Autism support service dog tasks are customizable, however examples include:

Deep press TherapyAnchor a kid Who WandersSensory AssistanceFind HelpRedirect recurring BehaviorsTactile Stimulation

Living a well balanced life with kind 1 diabetes isn"t always easy. Through the assistance of a diabetic alarm dog, that balance i do not care a possibility. Alarm dogs for diabetics administer the stability, safety and support that permits for increased task and tranquility of mind. Diabetic alert service dog tasks are customizable, yet examples include:

alert to high & LowsItem Retrieval (*additional costs may apply)Alert rather in the HomeMedical solution

A fully obedience-trained business puppy (6 months and older) has been carefully selected, trained and has undergone comprehensive socialization by Dog maintain Elite. Additional training will be forced once the puppy is placed. This is appropriate for people who want to it is in a component of a organization dog"s puppy and development years and training process.

Client will be forced to purchase extr training to complete the devoted service dog training program.

We offer totally trained business dogs that have actually been extensively trained in advanced obedience, socialization, potty training, crate training, community training, and progressed service training.

A fully trained service dog will be able to go anywhere you go, assisting friend in any type of venue, enabling you to regain your independence. Call Dog Training elite Utah county for much more information!


Our balanced Theory

We base our training approximately the "Classical Conditioning" version (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes occurring conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after suitable conditioning), as soon as the owner claims "sit," the dog instantly sits there is no thinking around it. Our unique techniques for sure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

Empowering OwnersWe empower owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.PersonalizedWe address problem behaviors on a an individual basis.Environment SpecificWe train wherever worries tend come arise (i.e. Jogging, park, home).
SupportiveWe support Owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").InvolvedWe occupational with every members of the household.Simplified & CustomizedWe plan training around the owner"s schedule and also require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.
Continued TrainingAdditional program / group sessions available after in-home training.Lifetime InvestmentWe follow up & room invested in the owner"s success long-term.Satisfaction RatingsOur high client satisfaction rating sets united state apart native competitors.
clas·si·cal con·di·tion·ingPSYCHOLOGYnounA learning procedure that occurs once two stimuli are repetitively paired; a solution that is at first elicited by the 2nd stimulus and also is at some point elicited by the an initial stimulus alone.

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We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member that the family. Check out what our customers need to say and then give us a call!
I make the decision to involved Dog cultivate Elite for my behavior and service dog training as result of the reviews, and I"m so exceptionally glad ns did. The staff at this facility space true dog lovers, and also true trainers. They to be communicative and constantly understanding of gaue won needs, and also not just were they exceptionally professional, yet they additionally just... Love my dog. We functioned with Evan (with guest appearances native Jeff), and it was constantly super interesting for Zuko to view Evan come in all set to put him come work. It was never a chore for him to job-related my Zuko through his problems, and also he to be patient, engaging, always responsive if us had any type of questions, and knew what he was talking about.The revolution that I"ve viewed in Zuko in simply a few months is astonishing. I rescued the from abandonment and he to be excitable, headstrong, and had crippling separation anxiety. I spent months working him alone utilizing videos, Petco training, training books, etc., and only managed simple obedience when we to be alone, yet he would disregard me approximately people/other animals. What drove united state to get a trainer was when we embraced a cat and after 3 months, we could not obtain them to it is in in the same room together because of his excitability.Once we started working with Evan, it was a finish shock to watch a shift in the behavior. Within a main after his first private session, he to be off-leash through the cat while we were on our computers. I hear world often say that it"s prefer they"re a different dog, however that isn"t the case here. Zuko is still my sweet, excitable, chatty boy, however he"s much more than the now, because he has actually an suitable outlet because that his spicy brain. And Evan helps me know so much of his actions that I used to disregard or excuse. Our connection as dog/owner is stronger, he trusts me more, and also I feel confident putting him in unforeseen situations because I understand that we"ve both developed the skillset to work-related through any trouble together. Our following step is group classes and also Psychiatric assistance Dog training, and also seeing how excited Zuko is come work, and how excited Evan is come teach him, provides me confident the we absolutely made the right selection in trainer. Please use these trainers for your needs! You will not regret it.— Ivanna Soto MedranoPosted June 21st 2021google
I can not express sufficient how good this training has actually been for my pup, Tito and me. This is my first pup and thanks to Jeff Slack, ns am working towards the best dog ever. She gets so excited to see him even though she is walking to it is in worked. :) that is therefore patient and also helps me recognize the why behind everything we space doing. I took her on the an initial camping trip and also thanks come Jeff, she was able to be off leash the totality trip and also LOVED it.I need to admit ns am really happy we got Jeff because that every in home training!!! thank you Jeff for being AMAZING!!!! I would certainly 100% recommend him and Dog maintain elite.— Staci TauferPosted June 16th 2021google
Doing our training through DTE has been fantastic! We got Murphy began at the tender age of 14 weeks, and also I was a little nervous to acquire him began so young, but after ns met v our eventual trainer Evan, every my fears and concerns were washed away.He demonstrated what the perfect product looks prefer with his personal dog. See his demeanor and also how the interacts with the dogs and seeing his pure love and passion, really confirmed me that these guys understand what castle doing and also are act it because that the best reasons! The basic course has actually made Murphy such a fine behaved dog, and also I setup on law the organization Dog training v DTE as well!10/10 would certainly recommend!— Parker JensenPosted June fourth 2021facebook
Our sweet Teddy girl to be a an excellent puppy, but we want a dog that listened to us. Us dropped turn off our baby girl at their training camp and also picked up a well behaved puppy. The change in her was very noticeable even to others. We had a graduation party because that my daughter with lots of world including kids and she go great. She listened to us and didn"t bother others. Teddy loves Tanya her trainer and Tanya came to be family come us. She was so great to Teddy. We very recommend acquisition your puppy and getting lock trained here. We"re therefore happy the our puppy was able to learn with them.— Lani StottPosted June third 2021google
Dog Training elite is amazing. Us have had actually our wheaten gift trained through Evan who is also amazing. Ours dog is a completely different and obedient pup compared to before the maintain started. I would extremely recommend Dog cultivate Elite. Ask because that Evan you i will not ~ be dissatisfied you did.— note ReschPosted might 15th 2021google
Now that our youngsters are grown, our house was quite lonely. We decided to acquire a Maltipoo, but I didn"t want to mess approximately with having an ill trained dog! We decided to rental Dog maintain Elite and also it to be the finest decision ever! people cant believe how well trained us (LOL!) and our 7 month old pup are! that is accurate a miracle! We simply completed the 6 mainly in house training and are beginning group class this week! Evan did an impressive job and also he was kind and loving to our dog. I extremely recommend Dog training Elite and I would usage them again! it is definitely worth the money and time!— Christy KirklandPosted may 10th 2021google
If you desire results, climate Dog Training upstream is because that you and your dog. My dog is a 7 year old stubborn Cocker Spaniel, who was having some abandonment issues, was overly protective and also wouldn't permit anyone brand-new in the house, had aggression issues and also was a major leash puller. He pulled so hard that one time he traction me down, and also I broke my elbow. No good! other than those issues, he's a great dog! simply needed some behavior help.Champie had actually 2 former trainers before Evan came right into our home and our lives. Evan operated magic through Champie and with me! He to be firm, yet friendly. Champie is no longer the alpha in the house and quickly learned he was no longer in charge! Champie is now tolerant of new people comes to our house, and practically friendly. He is no much longer aggressive when an additional dog go by, and also taking him for a walk is actually fun -- no an ext pulling. I never ever imagined he'd be able to accomplish not pulling on a leash, yet Evan was really patient v him and also me!I would highly recommend Evan for all her dog training needs -- He's the BEST!— Brenda B.Posted March 8 hours 2021yelp
Well, because Trevor saved not only my life, however my 4 dog lives, ns really want to display how thankful ns truly am to him! now after getting my garden treated for bugs, the company technician left mine gate broad open. Ns was thoughtless about the gate and let mine 3 dogs out, in addition to a dog i am pets sitting. Of course the dog i am pet sit bolts up the street and just wants to walk home. As I am running up the street v no treats or leash, the dogs run across a busy intersection and also thankfully Trevor to be there through leashes and treats and also his super fine behaved doggo. Without the assist and quality of Trevor i don’t understand what i would have actually done. If a stranger deserve to be the kind and also caring, ns can’t even imagine the service he can carry out to his clients and their pets. Say thanks to you so much Trevor. Ns can’t wait to introduce you and also your solutions to future adopters and friends.— sarah Scheffer-BillingsleyPosted March 3rd 2021facebook
Had our an initial training session because that our pup v Evan today and also my wife and I are very impressed! The company that was noted was absolutely 5-stars worthy. Evan described everything so well, was patient v our questions and worked therefore well v us and also our pup. Would love to keep having actually him together our pup’s trainer!— Reuben DassPosted January 30th 2021google
Jenny at DTE made elevating a puppy a breeze. I always wanted the type of trained dog the other human being would notification was fine mannered and an extremely loved. She is very efficient, taught and also solidified “heel” in about an hour to our pup. Her expertise base is incredible. The e collar made me nervous however now ns have finish faith in it now that i know how to usage it to help communicate fairly than punishment (my ahead expectation) ns recommend she to everyone I recognize looking for great training.— Mckenzie MombergerPosted January 25th 2021google
We are so impressed just how well ours dog is behaving after only one job of bootcamp. He is a entirely different dog. It’s amazing!— Brittnie UhlendorfPosted January 18th 2021facebook
Update; we had actually someone come do a refresher course and also trainer aided reinforce commands. Hell be earlier in two weeks to see his progress. Say thanks to you Trevor and also dog upstream training crew for acquisition your time to respond and also help!— Melissa BarffusonPosted October 17th 2020google
Everyone has been super nice with helping me understand what will certainly be ideal for my dogs issues.— Ruth JonesPosted respectable 26th 2020google
I can not recommend them more. They will work over and past with friend to get you and your dog wherein you need to be and are always obtainable for assist in in between sessions. They likewise come come you because that one-on-one lessons and follow COVID accuse so that couldn"t be an ext convenient! If you desire the best for her dog, this is it.— Maggie HenstorfPosted respectable 14th 2020facebook
DTE are absolutely amazing!! You will certainly not remorse working through them. They genuinely treatment for her pets, and also really assist you recognize what you must do in stimulate to improve your pet life and also yours. Everyone wins!! You obtain INSTANT results. I love them!!— Patricia SlackPosted July 15th 2020google
A year ago I had training sessions with Dog Training elite that adjusted our lives. Mine dog is an 8 lb poodle mix and also had become a “runner” and also had also developed part fears of various other dogs. Their training drastically changed the relationship I have with mine dog. In simply a few sessions she learned so numerous commands and healthy actions that her freedoms grew and my ability to trust her grew. Us were therefore impressed that I’ve made decision to execute full business dog training v them. This day was our very first session and also it walk AMAZING! We space so thankful for the methods they’ve adjusted our lives. And also I love that as soon as I work-related with castle I additionally know the they give earlier to the community by securing and training dogs because that veterans. Dog Training elite is the only organization i will ever before trust come train any kind of dog. Lock genuinely care around the dog they train and their owners. Good organization! good people!— Emily CranePosted may 14th 2020google
Many human being think they deserve to train their dogs themselves and get the same results as taking them to the experts...I am right here to call you that Dog Training elite is HANDS down the best decision I made for my family and also our amazing dog, Indy. She has actually been such an impressive value add and has actually been maybe to execute things I never thought she could since of DTE and also what they deserve to do. DTE loves her dog and also wants to check out her exceed simply as much as friend do! castle go above AND past to assist train not just your dog yet the owners too! They space super flexible v schedules and very understanding if you have a million questions prefer I execute ;) If you are wondering if it is worth it, simply do it, ns promise you will certainly not remorse it!!!— Krystal KostnerPosted may 12th 2020facebook
Trevor much exceded expectations through our boxer. Us did a board and also train session where Brody spent 4 days through at Trevor’s house. That came ago a new dog. Trevor has additionally reached the end a few times after come make sure Brody is law well.Thanks Trevor, Emma and DTE!!— Ethan RobertshawPosted April 10th 2020google
Was amazed in ~ what can be accomplished. Ns so excited to train!— Dannaa FesslerPosted October 24th 2019facebook

Proud Sponsor the The Malinois Foundation

At Dog Training elite Utah County, we believe that business Dogs save lives. The is our mission to make these life-saving companions easily accessible to ours Veterans, an initial Responders, women Survivors, and Children with clinical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or unique Needs, Dog Training upstream Utah ar work"s v the Malinois foundation to heal and also empower these people with a dedicated service animal, a companion in life, and a new best friend.