submit Fingerprints

This is whereby our comfortable kiosks come right into play. V kiosks located about the U.S., a powered By Silencer Shop dealer is conveniently at her fingertips. The good thing around scanning her prints is that you only have to do this step once, and then you don’t have to worry around it ever before again! To uncover a kiosk close to you, click here and check the box to the ideal of the search field labeled “has kiosk.”

We can also scan in your prints because that you! include a set of FD-258 fingerprint cards to your check out cart. In the FD-258 packet, you’ll receive instructions, fingerprint cards, and a return label. When you’ve completed the steps, mail her prints back to us and also we will digitize your fingerprints so girlfriend don’t ever before have to attend to messy squid or fingerprint cards again.

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send Demographic info

Give united state your deets! We’ll to fill you in ~ above the various ways below, starting with the most well-known way: the kiosk.

If you’re already planning a trip to visit a it is provided By Silencer Shop dealer through a kiosk, climate you"ll simply fill out your info on that while she there.

Now, stop say you desire to perform as much as feasible before visiting your dealer. All you have to do is develop an account in ~ and fill in your an individual information at

While most world prefer to enter their personal information themselves with the kiosk or internet portal, there’s one last choice for those who are searching for someone to help with plugging in the ideal information, ours customer business professionals will be happy to assist you end the phone.

If her information alters at any kind of time, say her name or your street address, simply log in to your customer profile digital or speak to in and we can readjust it for you.


take it Passport layout Photo

Skip the line and the fee at your local pharmacy and also take a passport-style photograph on her phone. Download the totally free Silencer Shop app and follow the prompts in bespeak to take it a compliant photograph. You deserve to either have actually someone take it because that you, or flip your phone to the former camera and also snap a fast selfie.

The app has accuse on what a compliant photograph is, yet the general rules are:

Shoulders and upAgainst a plain/light backgroundNo paraphernalia (sunglasses, hats, etc.) Electronically Sign documents

Once did you do it submitted every one of your information, our compliance department will certainly prepare your form 4. The type 4’s are the files used to obtain the procedure rolling because that you to it is in the owner the the suppressor - this is the document that you will sign, and also it will be sent to girlfriend via email from DocuSign. When you authorize the form 4 we send you, and your dealer indications the type 4, our compliance room will execute one last review of your paperwork prior to shipping everything off to the ATF come review.


You may be raising your eyebrow to having actually a checklist that has crossing the end waiting. Well, the ATF’s wait time fluctuate. And while us wish we might speed up this process, we’re in ~ the mercy of the ATF reviewing your paperwork and mailing her approved taxation stamp to your dealer. Part customers buy another silencer at this suggest so it no feel like such a long wait, others just kick up their feet. We assistance whichever you pick to do!

pick Up her Silencer

There will certainly be a suggest where your dealer reaches out to allow you recognize that that time to pick up your silencer. Congratulations! The wait is over.

Before you deserve to take your brand-new addition home, you’ll need to fill the end a carry of a firearm form, type 4473, at your dealer’s place of business. You’ve most likely filled among these the end at least once, presume you very own a firearm. This is a standard ATF type that enables the dealer come formally carry your silencer turn off of your books and hand it over to you. As soon as that’s to fill out, you will do it be offered your brand-new silencer and also your taxes stamp.

It’s important that you keep your initial tax rubber stamp in a for sure place. We recommend you make copies and have a scanned in version of your stamp for as soon as you and also your silencer room headed the end to the selection or ranch.

See? the as straightforward as that! It just takes 9 an easy steps from acquisition to choose up to own a silencer. Purchase a suppressor might’ve been intimidating, but we expect these steps ease her mind top top the yellow brick road to suppression.

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