Hey guys, perhaps it's a silly concern for few of you but I purchased the new DLC and also now I just asked myself what's the finest ways to use it?

I'm supplied to fallow the animals in this game, respectively just call them in as shortly they space near and also I can hear them calling. Yet I'm not familiar with hunting in a fixed place.

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So I want to ask you how do you usage the tripods/tree was standing excactly? carry out you just place them close to a hotspot and then wait respectively usage every caller for the details map to contact the animals in or do you bring the stands through you and than place it when animals are near? execute you wait for a details time a day?

I'm just a small bit came to that it's acquiring a little boring to sit top top a stand for hours and also just wait for some pets to come nearby enough. For this reason I just want come optimize this procedure a bit before planlessly sit around and also starring holes into the woods.

Help from knowledgeable lurking hunters is lot appreciated! :-)

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I actually have a little bit that a methodical technique that i offered in theHunter classic and now I'm incorporating right into CoTW with the enhancement of tree stands. I have routes that ns walk in game, and also since i walk those routes pretty commonly they have tendency to have lots of require zones. So usually i've to be placing a tree stand or a tripod every 500 meter (not exactly, but just because that the objective of explaining) or so follow me those walking routes, and ill have a tent in the center of the path in instance i require ammo or require to readjust a load out, or time the day. For this reason my route tends come look something choose this.

Spawn at outpost, begin walking route.

(500m) come at an initial tree stand, glass for animals, make some calls. If no activity within 15 minutes continue walking.

(500m) arrive at 2nd tree stand, glass because that animals, make some calls. If no activity within 15 minutes, proceed walking.

(500m) arrive at tent. Restock, change load out, or readjust time of job if needed. Continue walking.

(500m) arrive at 3rd tree stand, glass for animals, do calls. If no activity within 15 minutes continue walking.

(500m) come at 4th tree stand, glass for animals, make calls. If no activity within 15 minutes proceed walking.

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Keep in mind the i have actually a many time put right into my layton map, therefore my require zones are pretty stacked. I have tendency to operation into animals pretty frequently when walking, and so much havn't had any type of trouble luring animals to the tree stand or tripods, ive actually began using scent lures a lot much more now too rather of simply callers. This course will take around 2 hours, which is frequently a normal game session because that me.