If you"re ready to win money on "Wheel the Fortune" without leaving home, it is registered for a rotate ID number, which screens nightly on the television video game show. Join the Wheel Watcher"s society to get your free Spin ID. Register on the website making use of the fill-in form or register via Facebook. As soon as you"ve registered, you have to verify your email address, then check ago daily to see if you"ve won.

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Register top top the Website

Open the "Wheel the Fortune" Wheel Watcher"s club registration form. You have to fill out the complying with information: name, address, email, day of birth, sex, phone and also cell phone. Enter a password, select a security question and form in the answer. Click on the terms and also conditions and the privacy policy and review them. Accept the conditions and form in the captcha password to present you room a real person and also not a computer system program. Fill out your email an alert preferences. Click the "Register" button.

Register with Facebook

If you space signed up through Facebook, you deserve to register using your account. Go to the registration web page for the Wheel Watcher"s Club. Click the button that says "Register v Facebook." There will be a pop-up box asking whether the "Wheel of Fortune" site can accessibility your on facebook information. Click "OK." This go not enable "Wheel of Fortune" to article to her page; that just gives the details needed come register.

Verify Your email Address

If you it is registered on the "Wheel that Fortune" site via the form, you"ll get a verification email in ~ the account whose attend to you gotten in when filling the end the form. If friend register with Facebook, check the email account linked with your on facebook account. Click the attach telling you come verify your account. If friend don"t gain the email within a couple of minutes, inspect your spam folder, or if your email account has tabs, watch under "updates" or "promotions." The main rules state it may take approximately 24 hours for the email to arrive. You will get your turn ID in an email.

Winning Money

Watch "Wheel the Fortune" to check out if your ID come up ~ above the program. Log in in to the Wheel Watcher"s club website making use of the email you registered with and your password. You can examine what the number is there. Get in your rotate ID number, Wheel Watchers club user ID and also password. If you room a winner, you"ll it is in asked come verify your call information and a "Wheel the Fortune" representative will call you.

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