I'm a pretty skinny guy whose 18 years old, average height, eats reasonably well and healthy and also I've always has this weird sorta hourglass shaped body(not because of a large ass or big boobs or anything, just have that sorta silhoutte). I freshly started eating much more than i usually do come no avail. So,chelp wouls be really appreciated, thanks


Everybody is offering you slope exercises due to the fact that you asked around widening the sides of her abdomen, however I don't think that's what you really want. The "I'm a male v an hourglass shape" thing is a nice common post here and the general answer is to focus on your lats and also shoulders to produce a V-tapered torso. Ns don't think you're going to get really far making your obliques bigger, and also if you did i think that would only exaggerate the shape you don't like.

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So functioning on pullups, rows, overhead presses, and lateral raises would certainly be a great bet.

Deadlifts, deadlifts and much more deadlifts. They'll placed a quite thick main point on ya and include some broad to your back.

Just include oblique crunches right into your abdominal muscle routines. Castle will construct up over time, remember come twist her body on the method up. No at the top.

Heavy ass one handed farmer walk.

Side raises.


One handed armed forces Presses.

Turkish obtain ups.

Suitcase dead lift.

Never also thought of doing a one-sided farmer's walk. That's a great idea though, will try it.

hanging pan raises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOVlyJ19DJ4hanging V-raise windshield wipers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZKZCxAfPE8&feature=youtu.be

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Phiallis2Hanging V-raise windshield wipers
Phiallis2Hanging pan raises
Squawberry1Steve Maxwell: Suitcase Deadlift
HPPD21Yoth-Sarcasmo Press
CharlesPoliquin0Two hand Anyhow/One-arm snatch PRs

Two-hands anyhows, one-armed snatches, javelin presses and also unilateral DB presses. Any type of of these will construct solid obliques.

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