Aluminum toxicity occurs when a person ingests or breathes high levels of aluminum right into the body.

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Aluminum is the many plentiful metal in the earth crust. It is existing in the environment merged with other elements such together oxygen, silicon, and fluorine.

Exposure to aluminum is normally not harmful, however exposure to high levels can reason serious health problems. If girlfriend think you have been exposed to high levels of aluminum, contact your doctor.


Because aluminum is uncovered in food, water, air, and soil, world may be exposed to high levels of aluminum as soon as they:

Drink or ingest building material containing high levels of aluminum Breath aluminum dust in rectal air Live wherein aluminum is mined or handle Live near certain hazardous garbage sites Live whereby aluminum is naturally high

Risk Factors

Anyone can develop this condition, but particular people are more likely to construct aluminum toxicity. The following components increase your opportunities of developing aluminum toxicity:

reduced kidney duty Hemodialysis drink or eat substances that space high in aluminum living or working in an atmosphere that consists of high levels of aluminum Receiving irreversible IV nutrition life in dusty environments


If girlfriend have any kind of of the adhering to symptoms, view your doctor, especially if you have kidney condition or are on dialysis :

man Muscle weak Bone pain, deformities, and fractures Seizures Speech difficulties Slow growth—in children

Complications might include:

Lung difficulties Nervous system difficulties causing difficulty with voluntary and involuntary actions Bone diseases mind diseases and disorders Impaired steel absorption
Red Blood Cells

The doctor will ask around symptoms and also past health. A physics exam will be done. Tests might include:

Bone biopsy Blood tests to pee tests Stool tests

Symptoms and also blood tests will imply aluminum toxicity. Aluminum in the bone marrow will confirm the diagnosis.


Talk v your doctor about the finest treatment arrangement for you. Treatment choices include:


The medication, deferoxamine mesylate, might be provided to assist eliminate aluminum from her body. This substance works through a procedure well-known as chelation, which help the body remove poisonous materials.

Aluminum Avoidance

You will certainly be instructed on just how to stop exposure to excess aluminum from her diet and other sources.


To help reduce your chances of acquiring aluminum toxicity, take procedures to prevent the following if castle contain aluminum:

Antacids Antiperspirants

Talk to her doctor about your threat of aluminum poisoning from dialysis and also total parenteral nutrition solutions.


Agency for toxic Substances and condition Registry

Environmental security Agency

Canadian sources

Association of the chemistry Profession of Ontario

Guide to much less Toxic Products


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