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You will see featured content from few of the available channels top top Amazon. Although girlfriend may discover the channel you're searching for right away, over there is a much more complete list to browse from. Choose See More to see the complete list.

If you"re having a difficult time finding the Prime video Channels row or if Amazon has changed the layout a bit, usage this connect for the full list that Amazon element Channels.

The channel listing consists of much more rows the channels damaged down into categories. Usage the arrows at the end of each heat to scroll v categories and also view more options. Choose the channel to subscribe to.

Amazon will certainly take you to her selected channel's page. Throughout the height is a massive banner image for your channel. Select it as soon as you're ready to sign up.

Amazon will certainly take you to a splash page with information regarding the channel you selected, consisting of the pricing info. An ext importantly, the page includes a attach to authorize up because that the channel and also begin your complimentary trial, if available. Select start your 7-day free trial.

You'll likely need to enter your account password one more time come confirm. Next, you'll arrive at a page detailing your brand-new subscription, including the subscription price following your trial, much more information about the channel, and also your billing information.

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Now friend will have the ability to view any type of content indigenous your new channel from any of your gadgets that can access Amazon element Video. You deserve to cancel the channel at any type of time through your Amazon account.