If you have tendency to skip the strip mall in donate of virtual aisles, you know the worry that comes when your delivered packages space left vulnerable on your doorstep. And also these worries are well founded.

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According to a research by insurance money Quotes, 18% that American shoppers had packages stolen in 2020.1

Don’t let your hassle-free Amazon deliveries autumn victim come package thieves. Tracking down stolen item defeats the purpose of all that online convenience and causes unneeded anxiety.

Thankfully, you deserve to take security actions to save your delivered goodies safe also when you’re not at home. Below are eight clever moves you have the right to make to foil the plan of porch pirates and prevent parcel theft.

8 means to outwit porch pirates


From ours expert


Dr. Ben Stickle is an professional on criminal justice and theft—he"s additionally a member the the lasignoralaura.com advisory group. We added some extra package defense tips indigenous him transparent our guide about how porch pirates thrive on opportunity.

1. Install protection cameras

Install security cameras

Google Nest video camer Outdoor
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Security cameras do double-duty as soon as it involves protecting your digital purchases. No only deserve to they alarm you to a delivery, however they can also record if someone it s okay away v a package.

Across the country, defense cameras space helping human being identify and track down porch pirates. A Google search for news around package thieves recorded on camera lugged up an ext than 40,000 results.

Look for cameras with motion detectors that have the right to alert friend to motion on the porch via her smartphone or various other mobile device. Cameras that record and also play ago activity are also helpful in the event you do acquire a distribution swiped.

The Google Nest cam Outdoor protection camera sends a text or email as soon as it detects movement, and also it allows for continuous recording and also two-way interaction so you deserve to see, hear, and also respond to those going on.

2. Acquire to know delivery people

Not every security actions are high tech. As soon as it involves protecting your items, the still pays to it is in on friendly terms through the drivers who make deliveries in your neighborhood. Once you understand your shipment person, that means that they also know your package preferences.

You can let your delivery world know where and also when you like to have actually packages delivered, and also they can recommend alternative options if you expecting a the majority of packages when you’ll be far from home.

Most distribution drivers have actually some discretion about deliveries. If something appears off at your home, a delivery person that knows friend is an ext likely choose to leave girlfriend a notice around an attempted delivery instead of leaving her valuables in ~ risk.


Schedule your delivery

Amazon job Delivery enables Prime subscribers come schedule every eligible deliveries on up to two specific days each week. This way, girlfriend don"t should worry about packages comes every day or when you"re swamped with activities. If you need something before your Amazon Day, you can choose normal shipping at checkout.

3. Usage an Amazon Locker

If you’re already an Amazon prime member, climate you’ll love the convenience and safety that Amazon Lockers. These space self-service lockers that let friend safely pick up your Amazon purchases in ~ a surrounding location (like a convenience save or totality Foods) when you"re ready to take them home.

Amazon Lockers get rid of the need to have items ceded to your home, and also they save your packages secure till you’re obtainable to pick them up. Lockers room currently obtainable nationwide at much more than 2,800 locations in over 70 significant metropolitan areas.

If girlfriend don"t have an Amazon Locker location nearby, you deserve to search for other package delivery lockers through UPS Access. Or, you deserve to buy a an individual package locker or dropbox for her front porch.

Simply leaving the locker open, and when a package is reduce off, the distribution person closes and also locks it—keeping it safe until you return. Simply make sure your locker is secured to the porch or heavy enough the a theif can"t go away through the whole thing.


Don"t wait too long to visit the Amazon Locker

John Carlsen, one of lasignoralaura.com"s writers, notes that you have to pick up her Amazon Locker distribution within three days to stop it returning to Amazon—like it when did through him. You"ll get a refund on the cost, yet it"s inconvenient to reorder.

4. Upgrade your mailbox

Upgrade her mailbox
Mail Boss
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*Amazon.com price together of write-up date. Provides and accessibility may vary by location and also are topic to change. Read full disclaimer.

One the the finest ways to ensure the a package i will not ~ be bring away from her porch is come make sure it no left out in the open. There room a number of lockboxes and also secure parcel drops that deserve to either replace your present mailbox or be included specifically because that package delivery.

If you obtain packages yielded by the United states Postal company (USPS), be sure the drop box you install is USPS-approved.

For FedEx and UPS deliveries, a BenchSentry by Genie certain Package distribution Porch crate is an attractive choice that comes in a selection of sizes and also styles to complement your home’s aesthetic. Other options include the Mail ceo Locking Mailbox, i m sorry is perfect for small parcels, and also the Cosco outdoor Living Package shipment Box, which have the right to receive larger deliveries. 

From ours expert: Eliminating chance for porch pirates

Dr. Stickle says, "I would anxiety the prestige that possibility is key. If the package is not there long, or can"t be seen, or can"t be accessed, then it is less likely to get stolen. The "best" techniques combine every one of these—as in a locked box that world can"t watch inside and is cleared each night. Next, would certainly be hiding a parcel or removing that quickly."

5. Network through neighbors

Another great security exercise is come collaborate with neighbors to fight package theft. Agree come look out for strangers in the neighborhood, and also keep one eye ~ above deliveries at one another’s homes.

You may have the ability to have packages delivered to a neighbor that will be home. Or, you have the right to ask a neighbor come grab a package off her porch if you alerted come a distribution via a security camera or shipment notification.

Teaming up with neighbors is a smart means to store your deliveries—and your whole neighborhood—secure. You deserve to also assist in a pinch by receiving deliveries for others or find a adjacent neighbor that will expropriate your packages.

From our expert: neighborhood online

Consider joining neighborhood social media account to re-publishing tips, warning of suspiciously behavior, and post image of package thieves.

6. Include a clever doorbell

add a smart doorbell
Ring video Doorbell (2nd Gen)
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*Amazon.com price together of article date. Supplies and access may differ by location and are topic to change. Read complete disclaimer.

You don’t have to have a finish security mechanism to keep an eye on package deliveries. A clever doorbell might be the simple solution you should keep to buy safe.

These Wi-Fi allowed doorbell cameras let girlfriend see—and speak to—whoever is at the front door, whether you’re in the kitchen or in ~ the office. The Ring video Doorbell consists of a motion-activated camera, two-way audio, and also an app that sends out alerts to her smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The existence of a video doorbell could keep your packages from gift stolen—or help you catch the human who cursed the dastardly deed if a thief does take off with your goods.

7. Usage Amazon Key

In-home distribution is daunting to acquire if you"re no at home. Yet Amazon has you covered.

Key by Amazon is another means to avoid Amazon package theft. This free app allows Amazon distribution drivers safely location your packages inside her garage, car, gate, or home.

With Amazon Key, you deserve to remotely grant access to delivery civilization to make certain your packages are constantly delivered securely. You can schedule deliveries and also get real-time alerts (and live video clip footage) around the standing of your package.

Amazon vital isn"t accessible in every areas, and also you have the right to only acquire Amazon key deliveries if you"re an Amazon element member. Here"s what you require to know to discover out if you"re eligible because that Amazon Key. (Note the all Amazon an essential services vary in area availability.)

In-home shipment (currently paused because of Covid)

Key for house works with compatible smart locks and cameras.

In-garage delivery

Key because that Garage requires a compatible garage door.You may need a smart Garage Kit to use vital for Garage.

In-gate delivery

You should pair the gate controller through a Ring video clip doorbell or security camera.

In-car delivery

Key for automobile works v eligible Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Honda, and Volvo cars.You require a linked car business like OnStar, on Call, FordPass, or Lincoln way to use vital for Car.

8. Choose up packages in person

It may not be fairly as convenient together receiving deliveries at her front door, however one sure method to guarantee security is to have packages organized at the article office or delivery business store until you have the right to pick them up yourself.

Both FedEx and UPS carry out options for you to have packages held in ~ a local location quite than dropped turn off at her home. Another means to ensure secure shipment is to call for a signature upon receipt. That way, if you not house to expropriate the delivery, her packages won’t be left unattended.

Another means to prevent package theft is to sign up because that package shipment tracking. Most delivery companies—including Amazon—let friend track your package indigenous the warehouse right up to her porch.

I acquire alerts from Amazon, USPS, and also UPS the tell me when my distribution is within five or under stops of my house. That method I can either make certain I"m home once the package is delivered, or ask a friend or neighbor to grab it because that me.

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Tracking her deliveries is a good way to make sure your packages soil in your hands—not those of a porch pirate.