Care net Pregnancy center of southerly Maryland understands the challenge of encountering an unanticipated pregnancy. We believe that information empowers. Us strive to administer you with objective pregnancy and sexual health education so you have the right to make a confident decision. If you are considering abortion, your very first step is come learn more about her options. All services are listed at no cost to you. Call us today.

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You’re pregnant! there are plenty of things to consider when assessing your pregnancy options. With all the stress and also uncertainty, you could be considering abortion. In addition to the physical and also spiritual requirements a termination areas on you, over there is likewise a financial cost linked as well. The is essential to know the financial load associated and costs in her area.

Find out around Abortion Costs.

There room two species of termination, medical and surgical. Clinical terminations, likewise know together The Pill or RU-486 deserve to be taken up to 70 work after the start of her last term period. Surgical terminations space done utilizing medical instruments to physically terminate the pregnancy.

Find out about Abortion Procedures.
Medication termination additionally called ‘the pill’, can be taken approximately 10 main pregnant. The usual cost for the pill in Maryland is $400-525 yet could be higher per provider.

Find out about The Abortion Pill.

Find out about The Abortion Pill Reversal.


At her appointment, you will be detailed a lab-quality pregnant test first. If positive, you will be offered an ultrasound. A cost-free ultrasound deserve to confirm a viable pregnancy and also estimate how much along in pregnancy you are. If you room considering abortion, an ultrasound will administer important info that will certainly tell you an ext about your options. Abortion costs vary relying on how much along girlfriend are and also the abortion procedure the you receive. Speak v a nurse today about our ultrasound services.

→ late ABORTION RESTRICTIONSLate abortions (terminations performed after 20 main of pregnancy) are right now banned in Maryland, yet exceptions room made in instances where the pregnancy is placing the mother’s life or health at major risk, or in instances of fetal anomalies presenting themselves.

→ PARENTAL NOTIFICATIONParents the minors who space seeking a termination must be notified before any procedure deserve to be performed. Exceptions are made in particular situations, such as where a notification would put the health and wellness or wellbeing of the boy in danger.

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