Registered voters deserve to request that an early Voting ballot be mailed straight to them prior to each election, or they can visit the election Commission and vote early in person. They can likewise have someone choose up a ballot for them prior to the election.

early Voting Ballot Applications are accessible no previously than 120 job prior come an election. There room no early on Voting Ballot Applications available at this time, but you might sign up because that the at an early stage Voting request List through the complying with form:

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Ralston Police DepartmentOpen Located: Southwest corner of building 7400 main Street, Ralston asian MarketOpen Located: West end of parking many 321 N 76th St, Omaha City/County BuildingUnavailable Located: between 18th & 19th on Farnam near sidewalk 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha south Omaha LibraryUnavailableLocated: eastern side parking lot 2808 Q Street, Omaha Charles B. Washington Branch LibraryUnavailable Located: Southwest corner of building 2868 Ames Avenue, Omaha Clarkson college Parking lot 8UnavailableLocated: Northwest corner,east next of parking lot 42nd & Farnam St, Omaha GoodwillUnavailableLocated: Southwest end of parking lot 4805 N 72nd St, Omaha Milton R. Abrahams Branch LibraryUnavailable Located: southern of key entrance 5111 N 90th Street, Omaha Douglas ar Engineer"s OfficeUnavailable Located: near sidewalk by parking stalls 15505 W Maple Road, Omaha Millard Public institutions FoundationUnavailableLocated: Northwest corner of building,end that sidewalk 5225 south 159th Avenue, Omaha feather Ridge purchase CenterUnavailableLocated: On mean when entering in ~ 178th St,next to article office box 178th & Pacific St, Omaha Bess Johnson Elkhorn Branch LibraryUnavailable Located: Northeast corner of building 2100 analysis Plaza, Elkhorn

Qualifications because that Requesting very early Voting Ballot

any Douglas ar voter that was registered prior to the voter it is registered deadline is eligible come request very early voting ballot, one of two people by mail, in person, or by agent.

Requesting By letter

Voters deserve to have a ballot sent straight to lock in the mail, either to your home resolve or come another attend to if they are away indigenous home. Voters need to send an early Voting Ballot application to the election Commission requesting a ballot be mailed to them. Also, inspect out our optimal 10 Tips for By-Mail Voting!


perfect applications may be went back to the choice Commission by mail or in person to 12220 W facility Rd, Omaha, NE 68144; by fax come (402) 444-4181; or by email by attaching a picture of the completed application and also sending it to earlyvoting name of election (e.g. 2010 general Election) Voter"s surname Voter"s home (Registered) attend to Address where ballot need to be mailed, if different from voter"s home attend to Voter"s day of birth Voter"s call Number Voter"s Email address Voter"s Signature or the signature that the person acting as an certified dealer every requests need to be received by 6:00 p.m. On the second Friday before each election.


early voting ballots are mailed in gold-colored envelopes (pictured below) measuring about 6 inch by 9 inches.

A return envelope (pictured below) is consisted of with the early on voting ballot. The return envelopes room gold-colored and also measure 6 inch by 9 inches. Voters need to sign the ago of the return envelope in order for the ballot to it is in counted.

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beforehand Voting Request perform

In July 2018, the Douglas County choice Commission started offering a routine for voter to sign up to it is in on the early Voting inquiry List.

This program contains the following:

Voter the plans come vote beforehand by mail because that future booked elections indicators up to be on the mailing list by checking package on the By-Mail early Voting Ballot application while requesting a ballot because that an election or by perfect the at an early stage Voting Request perform Sign-Up form during non-election times. See peak of page for form.
Voter obtain a postcard application roughly 2 come 3 months before each booked election. Voter must complete, sign, and also return the postcard applications in order to have an early voting ballot mailed come them. Voter that prefers to vote at their polling ar on choice Day should not sign up to it is in on this list.

voting In human

The voter have the right to vote their ballot at the choice Commission, or the voter can take their ballot house as long as the ballot is went back to the choice Commission or a drop box location prior to 8:00 p.m. On choice day.In-person at an early stage voting takes place 30 days before a statewide election and also fifteen days before all various other elections (e.g. City that Omaha Elections, college Bond Elections, levying Override Elections, etc.).

Requesting By certified dealer

An agent is a human being acting on behalf of a registered voter. An agent have the right to request an early voting ballot to it is in mailed come a voter or can pick up an early voting ballot for a voter. An agent have the right to only be an agent for two voters each choice (requesting a ballot for yourself is not considered acting together an agent). An agent does not have to be a registered voter, but they have to be maybe to carry out the name, registered address, and also date of bear of the voter.

early on Voting Ballot confirmation & handling

Ballots are accumulated from the write-up office and also drop boxes every weekday. Voter"s signature on the return envelope is verified. The condition of each ballot return envelope is logged in the voter it is registered system. Every ballot returns are logged the very same day they are received. One audit is completed to ensure all ballot returns room accounted for. Ballot returns space then save on computer in a secure room until opening begins.Accepted ballot return envelopes are opened up by a team of 2 workers of differing political parties. The ballot is removed and separated native the envelope so that each voter"s ballot continues to be secret. Embraced ballots are put in box which room sealed and stored in a certain room.Accepted early on voting ballots can begin to it is in counted the Monday prior to Election Day.These ballots are part of the very first sets of outcomes after the closing of the polls on election Night.All beforehand voting ballots reverted on choice Day space verified and also processed the day after election Day.The accepted ballots room then counting the Friday following Election Day and also are contained in the last official election results.All accepted early voting ballots space counted and also reported.Suspended ballots are processed throughout the canvass (auditing) of the election.If accepted, the ballot will be counting and included to the final official choice results.After the canvass of the election is complete, all at an early stage voting ballots and materials space stored for 22 months.


Anyone who is a registered voter in Douglas County and also is a patient in a Douglas county hospital on election day is default to have their ballot yielded to the hospital by an choice Commission representative. all patient applications have to be got by the choice Commission through 5:00 p.m. The day before the election. If a patient needs assistance marking or analysis their ballot, a Voter help Oath have to be completed and also returned v the ballot. Hospital staff aid patients in perfect the requests and also ensure the ballots are returned to the election Commission by the deadline.

Nursing residences / helped Living facilities

In bespeak to aid residents of nursing homes and also assisted life facilities, the Douglas County election Commission arranges because that ballots to be mailed straight to the occupants of these facilities.

every completed early on Voting Ballot Applications must be faxed, mailed, emailed, or ceded to the Douglas County election Commission no later on than 6:00 p.m. On the second Friday prior to election day. If a resident needs help marking or analysis their ballot, a Voter assistance Oath must be completed and returned with the ballot.

There are a variety of deadlines related to voter registration and also early voting. Please testimonial them carefully so that residents have the opportunity to vote each election.

every Nebraska Voter it is registered Applications have to be obtained by the voter registration deadline in order for a residents to poll in the upcoming election.

Please note that at an early stage Voting Ballot Applications may be faxed or mailed to the election Commission; however, every Nebraska Voter it is registered Applications must be mailed come the election Commission or yielded in person. We are unable come accept any faxed voter registration applications.