You"ve choose a proposal location—now just how do you gain the ring there without ruining the surprise?



There room all kinds of factors to propose while you're ~ above a trip—perhaps it’s a location that has actually sentimental definition for you and your significant other, or it’s when he or she will least expect it. Or possibly you just want a spectacular backdrop for the large moment. Regardless, added complications come up as soon as you’re surreptitiously traveling v a ring—what wake up if TSA rifles through your baggage? Or if you set off a metal detector? wherein in the hotel room execute you hide one engagement ring? us lay the end the logistics of traveling v a ring—so you can emphasis on the rest of the proposal.

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Keep it in package for maximum cushioning. If you’re quiet worried about it banging around, tuck package inside a sock and stuff the in a dress shoe—just don’t forget which sock it’s in!

As with all valuables, do not placed the ring in a checked bag. Instead, opt for a carry-on, ideally a smaller one such as a backpack that won't be at hazard for being checked at the gate.

Keep it in her carry-on, especially as girlfriend go v security, due to the fact that you’re much more likely to set off the steel detector if the ring is in your pocket. Monitor every other TSA ascendancy to a tee (liquids and laptop the end of your bag, no forgotten fruit or water bottles in her carry-on) to avoid added complications.

Some crafty travelers indicate putting a note around the crate that claims there is one engagement ring inside, so the the agent will be more discreet while browsing your bags. And rest assured—according to a TSA spokesperson, they have never had actually to confiscate a ring.

If you purchased the ring in the U.S. And also plan on happen it overseas and earlier with modifications, there is no have to declare the ring together it is considered a an individual good. However, if you space worried about being questioned, it may be a great idea to register the ring prior to you walk abroad. Customs and Border Protection also suggests taking a picture of yourself v the ring prior to you travel, come prove it to be not obtained abroad.

This is the one time as soon as we don’t recommend storing the ring in the hotel room safe, if only since your far-ranging other could look in ~ you weirdly when you won’t re-superstructure the code. Instead, sneak downstairs and also ask the concierge if there’s a different safe they can keep the in. When you have to retrieve the ring, pretend you’re plan ahead and also getting directions for the day.

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If a ring crate is also bulky if you’re on the road, over there are fairly a couple of ways to secure the safely on her body—wear it on a chain about your neck, security pin it come the inside of your pants pocket, or save it in a small case, such as a sunglasses case. Far better yet, plan to propose soon after you arrive, such as dinner top top the first night. It’ll mitigate the stress and anxiety of transporting the ring around, and is sure to collection a good tone because that the rest of the trip.