I’m certain you have. There to be moments as soon as you experienced a girl and you assumed to you yourself “if I can only…” you can complete the sentence yourself.

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I had dozens of these moments in the past. 

And don’t tell me that you’ve never had actually such a moment. What about last week v that one girl friend stared at? You know which girl I’m talking about. And also we both know that girlfriend didn’t do what you want to do. Otherwise, you’d be busy giving her many orgasms instead of reading this article.


Come on. She's waiting.

But it’s an excellent that you are here since I will show you how to get any type of girl you want in bed…in 72 hours. That’s sufficient time. Hell, if you monitor the advice in this article, friend can accomplish this score in less than 24 hours.

How have the right to I be so sure?

Well, because I will present you:


How to method women fast and also efficient.
How to use the Venue adjust Principle to acquire her.
How come be sex-related in a way that makes her want to drop her panties.
I’m walk to reveal all these things because I know exactly how it feels to NOT acquire the girls you want and also to jerk turn off alone in an empty bed…

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How come Get any kind of Girl You desire in Bed in 72 Hrs (No issue What) 
1. Collection Yourself a Deadline and Take Action
2. Visualize your Goal 
3. Method Fast and also Efficient
4. Use the more quickly Seduction Techniques
5. Profession the Number Close because that an prompt Date 
6. Touch her in every the appropriate Spots 
7. Change the Venues and readjust them Fast
8. Take her on an emotionally Rollercoaster
9. Nothing Wait because that the Perfect minute to Kiss Her
10. Nothing Wait for she to follow You
11. Be sexual from the minute Your close the Door
12. Contact her the following Day (Yes, Call!)
13. Invite her to the location She’s acquainted With
14. You perform What girlfriend Couldn’t carry out in 24 hrs
Summed up Wisdom 

How to Get any kind of Girl You want in Bed in 72 Hrs (No issue What) 

Did I simply say the I offered to jerk turn off alone?

Yep, i did that for years.

My goal is to show you how to gain her indigenous “thank you for your compliment” to “ohhh crap me harder” in 72 hrs or less. Currently I deserve to do it and show you just how to pull any girl girlfriend want. Yet there was a time when I couldn’t carry out it.

I didn’t know how to method women.
I didn’t know just how to escalate.
I didn’t know anything.

Getting any kind of girl I want in 72 hours?

Hell, i couldn’t also do it in 72 days!

I didn’t have actually the technique to do every little thing it takes to attain my goal. And also I let go every deadline due to the fact that I never had actually one..

1. Collection Yourself a Deadline and Take Action

You desire to have a warm naked girl in your bed in ~ the next 72 hours, right?

What? did you just say NO?

Then head end to pornhub and buy a subscription. You’ll need it. This website is because that winners who have actually clear purposes in mind. A global Seducer is ready to do everything it take away to accomplish his goals.

Are you a worldwide Seducer?

Then set yourself a deadline and also promise yourself to take action. No, not tomorrow. Today. Don’t continue reading this write-up if you’re no 100% committed to success. The advice ns share with you just works if friend go out today and also TAKE ACTION.


The clock is ticking...

Write this ~ above a piece of paper:

“I her NAME, promise myself that I will do every little thing it bring away to obtain a girl in bed today. If ns fail today, ns will attain my score tomorrow. My deadline is 72 hours and also I will certainly succeed.”

Write that down and continue with step #2…

2. Visualize your Goal 

Do you recognize what athletes execute before vital game?

They visualize the game and the outcome. This allows them to know what happens prior to it happens. Forget about magic decision balls. This is the real shit. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods…they all usage the power of visualization before their huge moments.

Okay, Tiger Woods visualizes what wake up at the after present party.

But you obtain the point.

In fact, image is so powerful that leading psychologists believe in it. Speak of believing, this is exactly what the will do for you. By visualizing the result you desire to accomplish AND the path you have to take to obtain there, friend trick your mind right into believing that it’s real.

Suddenly, you think that you have the right to do it.
You believe that the outcome is possible.
And you feel the positive emotions.

The mix of the belief and the absent in the ass you obtain from emotion the confident emotions that are linked to the outcome work like the engine of a rocket.

You don’t think me?

Close her eyes and visualize the adhering to scenario:

You leave her apartment in the afternoon. Girlfriend walk down the street and also see an extremely beautiful girl. Her body is perfect, her face flawless. You strategy her and she smiles. After ~ a short conversation, you go on an instant date. The instant date ends and she adheres to you to her place. Girlfriend kiss her. She kisses you. You take off she clothes and also touch every inch of she body. Girlfriend slide within of her. The feels for this reason good…

Can you feeling it? have the right to you see it?

Go out and get her!

3. Strategy Fast and also Efficient

Have you visualized your outcome and also your path?


It’s time come walk the walk and also to leave her house. 

Promise me one thing:

You’ll leaving the house in about 20 minutes. That’s how long it takes to check out this short article till the end, to placed your coat on, and also to get your keys. Oh, and don’t forget her shoes. It’s cold outside.


The goal is to gain her in bed in 72 hours or less.

You don’t have time for indirect bullshit approaches, such as “who lies more, guys or women?” Fuck, if you strategy girls prefer that it can take longer than 72 hours to uncover out if she’s in reality attracted to you or if she’s just nice.

What you require is irradiate speed.


Stick to the Three 2nd Rule and also approach her through a direct compliment. Here’s a perform of compliments that are proven to work. Use the one you prefer most and also skip anything that sounds too indirect. We don’t have actually time because that indirect gibberish because we want rapid results.

“Sebastian, what’s the Three second Rule and also how deserve to it aid me to get any girl I want in bed?” I hear you asking.

Glad you ask…

You check out a girl you're attractive to.
You wait less than 3 seconds.
You strategy her v a straight compliment.

The three 2nd rule turns skepticism Harry into action Aaron…in much less than three seconds.

4. Usage the fastest Seduction Techniques

Now you’re talking to her.

The compliment you determined was perfect. She’s totally into you. Her mind paints vivid photos of girlfriend on height of her and also her tongue approximately your…you know. However she can’t display it. She doesn’t want you come think the she’s easy.

All she requirements is a tiny push in the appropriate direction.

That’s why you bombard her with all the seduction techniques that this dude Sebastian Harris shared with you.

You start with funny assumptions.
You make her qualify herself.
You lead the conversation.

While she do the efforts to qualify herself come you through repeating “I yes, really love traveling, as with you” over and also over again, you want to beat yourself in the face because you fairly bought two big Mac menus 보다 my book Rise of the Phoenix. 

Forgive you yourself for this mistake.

You’re law a an excellent job. All the assumptions and qualifications job-related like gangbusters. She desires to give you her number.

The question is:

Do you want the same?


5. Trade the Number Close because that an instant Date 

No, girlfriend don’t!

If you take she number, girlfriend MIGHT have the ability to get she in her bed in 72 hrs. If you nothing take she number, girlfriend WILL get her in bed in 72 hrs or less. Ns know, the sounds completely contradictory. But it’s the only method to make it happen.

Let me explain.

Instead of acquisition her number, girlfriend take she on an instant date. You nothing wait job or weeks till you have the opportunity to reap your very very first date v her. You take it the rapid lane and make it take place right her and now.


Show her several of your travel photos

Here space some factors why instant dates rock:

The time in between meeting and dating is minimized.
You can immediately affix with her.
She can go residence with you.

Will she go home with friend after a ten-minute conversation on the street?

Unless she a hooker and also charges $200 for a quick ride, she won’t. It is something the 99% of girls won’t do. It’s better to think strategically 보다 to waste her time detect the one who doesn’t care and goes with you.

What if she had a great very first date with you and wants more?

That’s just how to get any type of girl you want in bed, no matter what. I mean, nobody stated that this day has come be an additional day.

6. Touch her in all the appropriate Spots 

You take she to a café that right across the street.

She loves the atmosphere and you love the truth that it’s not as overpriced together Starbucks. “Yes, i only have to spend $1.50 top top the coffee” girlfriend think to yourself. That’s great, yet even that $1.50 to be wasted if girlfriend don’t continue the win streak.

What if you shed focus?

Go back to step #1 and also step #2. Think around the deadline you collection for yourself and visualize the outcome. I’m certain that the result you desire to accomplish involves part groping, kissing, and also touching.

For now, forget about the groping and kissing. Focus on the touching.

The goal: do her want to get touched at parts that are currently hidden.

7. Readjust the Venues and change them Fast

But making she horny is just the beginning.

You must do more. Remember that women need to trust a man in bespeak to enable themselves come act on your desires. It is why girls nothing sleep with strangers, no matter exactly how horny castle are. If the trust element is missing, you i will not ~ be jizzing.

You require to develop trust.

Taking her on an emotional rollercoaster is one way to carry out it (more on that in the following section). Transforming the venue is one more technique. Again, it’s so simple that that sounds favor magic woo woo, however it’s not.

It’s a an easy psychological effect.


This ar is just the beginning

The much more places you walk to and the more experiences you have with a person, the much more connected girlfriend feel. And the much more connected friend feel, the an ext trust you have. That’s why acquisition her to the café, to the park, to a restaurant, and also to her apartment is a good chain the events.

Come on. Her city has an ext than one date venue.

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8. Take she on an emotional Rollercoaster

Did ns just point out the emotionally rollercoaster?

Yes, ns did. I stated it due to the fact that if you want to know just how to get any girl you desire in72 hrs, no matter what, you have to know around this technique.