After the autumn of Argus, the draenei"s best warriors adhered to theprime naaru Xe"ra across the cosmos in an eternal battle to bring about theLegion"s end. Since then, various other survivors the the burning Crusade have joinedthe ranks of the Lightforged.

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Army of the light is a brand-new faction included in spot 7.3 and also you will beintroduced to the faction as soon as you soil on Argus. The most significant member,High Exarch Turalyon, that we have actually not seen for years, has actually now changed eagerlyleading the faction to check out the Legion"s demise. This guide will take youthrough all details necessary to increase your standing through the new faction andearn interesting rewards.

We uncovered two Bind-to-Account items that help with catching up top top reputationwith the broken Isles and also Argus factions. Sources remain unknown for now.

In this section, friend will uncover out exactly how to rise your reputation standingwith the army of the irradiate faction. Reputation through the faction is gainedprimarily from perfect Argus chapters, Argus people quests, Argus missions,and weekly quests.

Certain story searches reward 75 reputation each (e.g.

Overwhelming Power), however they will certainly not be the main resource of reputation.Their purpose (apart from the lore aspect) is to unlock people quests.

The most efficient means to rise your standing through the faction is bydoing civilization quests. Each army of the Light human being quest will include 75 reputationto your current standing. To be granted access to military of the light worldquests, friend must an initial complete sections of the Argus story (separately foreach zone).

Army the the Light people quests room exclusive come Krokuun and also Antoran Wastes.They cannot be found in Mac"Aree.

Do no forget to ride the carousel because that the

WHEE! buff wheneverthe Darkmoon Faire is up, before doing civilization quests.

We encourage you come download the WorldQuests team Finder addon for faster and efficient perfect of human being quests.

Joining a team of players that room on the same pursuit is only a couple of clicks away thanks to the addon.

Completing four military of the irradiate quests once the army of the Lightemissary pursuit is up grants:

1,500 reputation with army of the Light

Click herefor a full list of searches that award call with army of the Light.


Argus Missions and Reputation Insignias

To unlock Argus missions and followers (

Krokuun Equipment) you mustfirst complete the Remnants of Darkfall Ridge quest, i beg your pardon is a 16-hourmission. The Scouting Table have the right to be uncovered aboard the Vindicaar below at 69,54. There is no should return to her Order room to begin the mission. Onceunlocked, you will be able to complete objectives that reward military of the Lightreputation insignias.

We discovered the complying with insignias linked with the military of the Lightfaction:

We also found two Bind-to-Account insignias:


Weekly Quests

Besides regular quests, missions, and also world quests, there are multiple Armyof the irradiate weekly quests.


Reputation Paragon

For every 10,000 reputation earned with army of the light faction beyondExalted, you will finish the offers From the army of the Lightquest and also earn

Commendation the the irradiate (Artifact strength token) and
Gleaming Footlocker, which has a chance to contain one of the followingelekk mounts:


holy Lightsphere additionally has a chance to drop from the GleamingFootlocker.



Vindicator Jaelaana is the military of the Light"s Quartermaster. Youcan discover her plank the Vindicaar in ~ 43, 73. The items expense gold and have areputation requirement. Talking to the seller makes you Friendly through the faction and faction discountsapply.




Sunglow at this time has no call requirement. You can purchase 5 for 10 Gold. This weak alcoholic beverage provides you glow because that 5 minutes.



Jewelcrafters can gain Design: Mass possibility Empyrium to prospectmultiple batches that

Empyrium at as soon as for 9 Gold.

Scribes canlearn a new Priest glyph, Technique: Glyph the the Lightspawn, because that 100 Gold.The glyph transforms

Shadowfiend right into a Lightspawn.



The coat is a good match because that the new Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon gear.It deserve to be purchased because that 500 yellow after reaching Honored.




5.4.1. Crafed equipment Patterns

At Revered, you deserve to buy multiple location 2 recipesfor 2,000 gold each.

5.4.2. Boon the the Lightbearer

Boon that the Lightbearer is the new

Boon of the Bloodhunter and
Primal Sargerite is the brand-new
Blood that Sargeras of spot 7.3. Thecrafting product is needed for numerous 7.3 recipes and also once you attain Boon ofthe Lightbearer, girlfriend will sometimes loot
Light"s Fortune from thecorpses of your enemies. The bag includes Primal Sargerite. Boon the theLightbearer deserve to be bought because that 200 Gold.



5.5.1. Army of the irradiate Tabard

army of the irradiate Tabard deserve to be purchased for 300 gold from theQuartermaster, when you knife Exalted was standing withthe faction.


5.5.2. Lightforged Augment Rune

Lightforged Augment Rune is the "permanent" version ofDefiled Augment Rune. It has actually the same stats as the old rune, however itwill not obtain consumed ~ above use. It prices 50,000 Gold.

5.5.3. Lightforged Warframe Mount

Lightforged Warframe becomes available after getting to Exalted with army of the Light and costs 500,000Gold.



Item Pricing

Below is a list of all items offered by Vindicator Jaelaana. Price arelisted in ~ Neutral with army of theLight.

item Reputation expense
5x Sunglow No reputation requirement 5 Gold
Design: Mass possibility Empyrium Friendly 9 Gold
Technique: Glyph of the Lightspawn Friendly 100 Gold
Embroidered Lightforged Drape
Honored 500 Gold
Boon that the Lightbearer Revered 200 Gold
Design: Empyrial Cosmic Crown Revered 2,000 Gold
Design: Empyrial Deep Crown Revered 2,000 Gold
Design: Empyrial elemental Crown Revered 2,000 Gold
Design: Empyrial Titan Crown Revered 2,000 Gold
Recipe: Empyrial Breastplate Revered 2,000 Gold
Recipe: Fiendish Shoulderguards Revered 2,000 Gold
Recipe: Fiendish Spaulders Revered 2,000 Gold
Recipe: Lightweave Breeches Revered 2,000 Gold
army of the irradiate Tabard Exalted 300 Gold
Lightforged Augment Rune Exalted 50,000 Gold
Lightforged Warframe Exalted 500,000 Gold



Officer the the irradiate is rewarded when you with Exalted standing withArmy that the Light. The accomplishment is mandatory for
paragon of Argusthat sponsor the Lightbringer title.



09 Sep. 2017: eliminated Argus Waystone currency.08 Sep. 2017: added sources of call catch-up items.

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