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Annalise: say it. Girlfriend think ns was dumb come say all that. Tegan: No. Ns think I"m in love with you, Annalise. I"ve tried to fight it, yet I"m acquisition my mask off, too. I can not not have you in my life, since I love you.

Added: might 13, 2020

Annalise: Oh, hell no. Tegan: i told you. He"s the surprised witness. Annalise: Dead evil as shortly as I acquire my hands on him.

Added: might 13, 2020

take the money. Gain away from every this. Or Sam"s gonna ruin your life favor he"s done anyone else.

Frank Added: might 13, 2020

Laurel: you know, I always hoped you two would end up together.Bonnie: So friend don"t hate yourself so lot for abandoning him?Laurel: Probably.

Added: might 13, 2020

No more hating yourself.

Annalise Added: may 13, 2020

Oliver, thank you. Now I know just how to love.

Connor Added: may 13, 2020

Bonnie: I just wanted a family. Laurel: Me too.

Added: may 13, 2020

Tegan: open minded is journey or dice for you, Annalise. Similar to Bonnie. Just like me. Annalise: Why?Tegan: Huh?Annalise: What"s the opposite of midas touch? since that"s my gift of transforming everything approximately me into ass.

Added: might 13, 2020

Tegan: She provides me feeling alive. Bonnie: Why execute you think I stayed all this time?

Added: may 07, 2020

Michaela obtained a much better deal.

Frank Added: might 07, 2020

Don"t testify versus Annalise. You owe me that.

to Laurel} Added: may 07, 2020

Gabriel: So to be it every a game? You get me to fall for you, say, what, I"m too dumb to, to figure it all out? Michaela: i really favored you. I still do.

Added: may 07, 2020
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How to get Away v Murder Quotes

Vivian: walk you death Sam?Annalise: I"ve never killed anyone in mine life, but try me.

Added: October 03, 2019

Michaela: oh my god, are you crying?Asher: No, allergies.

Added: October 23, 2014
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