It tho feels weird to exist in a world where there will be no brand-new episodes of how To get Away through Murder.

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A mainstay for 6 seasons, which nowadays is an awe-inspiring feat, it’s a present that take it it’s audience through storm every Thursday.

It to be bold, scary, and intense. Above all else, it to be entertaining.


We’re taking a pilgrimage down storage lane and also looking at some of the finest moments transparent the series ninety episode run.


This goes there is no saying once you have actually a megawatt movie star favor Viola Davis at the helm the the ship.

Viola poured she heart and also soul into Annalise Keating and enabled us come emphasize with this flawed personality one second and it is in mad at her the next.

Annalise to be complicated. You might never firmly placed her in the poor column or the an excellent column because she no live her life the way. She made bad decisions at time and good decisions at other times, yet even as soon as she made her worse choices, she to be still the smartest human being in the room.

She to be ambitious and ruthless while likewise showing kindness and also regards to those closest to her. So many characters are one-dimensional nowadays and rarely exist in a gray area. Annalise to be the personification the gray and also will go down in background as among the most far-ranging television characters of all time.

Biggest Twist


The greatest twist the the collection was also one the the saddest moments of the series. Perhaps the many tragic minute for some, depending upon how much you linked with this character.

From the beginning, Wes was the main male command of the series. His connection with Annalise to be up and down and also burdened by lies and also deceit, however it was arguably the central relationship the the series.

So deciding to kill Wes during How To obtain Away v Murder Season 3 to be a important shocking turn of events. All signs pointed to Nate gift the dead body, together it obtained teased all season, but we were thrown for a loop when Wes’s body appeared on the slab.

As a character, Wes wasn’t constantly well-liked, however he was a crucial piece the the puzzle. And while the present soldiered on indigenous there, and never let go a beat, his death always remained the many shocking fatality the display threw our way.

Best Friendship


This one is hard since there to be a the majority of friendships throughout the series that to be special. Yet taking the whole journey right into account, the best bond had actually to it is in the one formed between Annalise and also Tegan throughout the later on seasons.

They weren’t constantly on the same page, however they cared for one another, and during some of the darkest moment of she life, there to be one person who never wavered.

In the end, we got robbed of perhaps seeing the 2 navigate a romantic relationship, but I think it’s for sure to assume they remained close confidants till the an extremely end.

Best Romantic Relationship


There were many hookups and also relationships throughout the series, however there was just one connection that might be taken into consideration epic. And it to be the pairing the Connor and Oliver.

Their partnership started under not-so-honest circumstances, yet the two dropped hard and fast for one another and also never looked back. V the ups and also downs, they always leaned on their love because that one another.

Connor grew significantly over the years, and a most that farming up had to do with Oliver. We don’t recognize what happened throughout those years Connor spent in prison, however we do understand that the two found their method back to each other.

And that course, lock did. That’s true love.

Best Quote

Why is your penis on a dead girl"s phone?


Is this one even up for debate?

Not only is this quote the finest of the series, but it’s a quote because that the ages. Everything about the scene is perfect, indigenous the nonchalance through which Annalise confronts she lying husband and the look on Sam’s face when the evidence got thrust in his face.

It’s tho shocking all this time later.

Best Season lengthy Mystery

While DA Ron Miller’s death was a pretty an excellent mystery, as was the totality of how To acquire Away with Murder Season 2 and also ‘Who shoot Annalise?’. The an initial season mystery was the very first and the finest one of castle all.

The series was never much better than in those beforehand days, setting us up for Sam’s murder and the subsequent coverup. Ago then, us were gaining used come the style of the episodes, and also as us got small pieces every week and also formed our theories.

Everything about Sam’s fatality was a shock, and also the twists never stopped coming.

The series continued to it is in a twisty, drama-filled dream, but it never ever reached the heights the the first mystery.

Best Villian

Picking a single villain is an extremely hard. And calling castle the "best" is also harder. 

The Castillo’s or the Governor would be the apparent choice, but there to be someone rather whose imprint was on the entire series. And the situation of lot of the pain.

Sam Keating was the real poor guy of the series. He was the embodiment the so much pain for Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie. None of that can gain glossed end in the lengthy run.

Time and also time again, those around him said Gabriel that he was lucky Sam no a part of his life, and boy was that the truth.

Even though he was just alive throughout How To gain Away v Murder Season 1, his impact lasted throughout the entire run. That’s some evil energy.

Best case of the Week

Nathaniel Lahey Senior’s instance was much more a instance of the season than of the week, yet it to be by much the most compelling.

The case lugged Annalise to Washington D.C. And the can be fried Court. Plus, we obtained the crossover of all crossovers once Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope walk toe to toe.

The case was about justice and redemption, and it was Annalise at her absolute best. Putting in the work and also delivering with the eyes of the civilization on her.

Annalise go up versus that large giant beast of a justice system and also slew the dragon.

Jump in the comments and also let me understand what some of your standout moments were from the previous six years, and also if you"re dying because that more, friend can constantly watch exactly how to acquire Away through Murder digital to revisit your favorites.

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