How to obtain banned by on facebook yet feel great about it

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Let me tell you the story about how I gained banned by Facebook, and how rather of crushing me it ended up confirming among my deepest convictions.

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One the the functions I usage the many on on facebook isn’t the News Feed, nor is the the conversation function, no one Pages. All of those have their use, yet it’s not mostly why I usage the popular platform.

It’s Groups.

My opinion is that on facebook Groups are where several of the most an important interactions occur. Furthermore, the fact that facebook shuffles group post’s reach in between the cat photos, the prank videos, and all the other crazy stuff your friends share, renders Group short articles visibility quite great for the members within. This is why i admin at least 4 different energetic Groups, and participate greatly in rather a couple of others.

Imagine my dismay critical night once I i found it that i was banned by facebook from commenting in ~ Groups.


The error message just said that I had repeating the same activity too countless times. What action? Commenting? Isn’t that an alleged to be what teams are all about? What the heck! just how does that make you deserve to obtain banned by Facebook?!

Somewhat the end of disappointed — but likewise with the twin purpose that informing my friends and calling the end my detractors — i posted this to my Profile, publicly settings:

So apparently, someone reported one of my comment in among the many Facebook groups I get involved in, and also now I’m banned by on facebook from commenting in Groups. Yep, even Groups in i beg your pardon I’m one Admin. I can still post, I just can’t comment. Being that teams are 80% of what I use Facebook for, this is incredibly annoying.

If they reported me by accident (hard come believe, however possible), it’s the stupidest half ever. There’s no info on what the “offending” article was, how long I’ll it is in banned for, nothing. I’m in the dark. Furthermore, as I said, I deserve to still *post* in those Groups. It’s the tantamount of letting someone into a networking group, putting duct ice on your mouth while they’re ~ above the floor, yet letting lock speak right into a microphone top top stage. Absolutely dumb.

On the various other hand, if who reported me on objective (and I have actually my suspicions on who they can be), it’s among the many cowardly action performed against me. If you’re analysis this, why wouldn’t you method me directly on noþeles that’s bothering you? since you’re afraid, that’s why.

I can’t imagine anything I’ve said recently that would certainly be controversial, yet even if it is, using tools intended to middle — yet stupid they may be — come cowardly attack and also silence who just since you don’t like them is just one of the many sorry display screens of wickedness I deserve to imagine.

If you’re in any type of of the many Groups I participate in, please know that my silence has been forced upon me, and if you see anyone questioning why ns don’t respond to something, you re welcome be a friend and also explain the situation. Thanks.

While i can’t yes, really affirm it with absolute evidence, after ~ doing some research study online with comparable cases from various other people, whatever points towards the second possibility: I got banned by Facebook since someone just got sick and also tired that me, and also decided come report among my comments together spam.


I don’t yes, really subscribe come the concept that one need to look to it is in controversial come gain fast notoriety online. Ns know it’s a an excellent way come get an ext followers, just not the type of followers ns really look to attach with. My authentic personality is pretty tame and also diplomatic, and most the my activity online shows simply that. Therefore I had actually to wonder: What the hell did ns do freshly to tick someone off, to the allude that they would shot to silence me by marking me as a spammer?!

The only reason for acquiring banned by Facebook I could come up with is so man to imagine, for this reason crazy, that it just could be true.

People obtained ticked off since I recently common a few of mine client’s success stories after working through me.

That’s what’s controversial. Yup, that’s it.

That’s all ns had to execute to obtain banned by Facebook.

Seriously, ns wasn’t sharing the infamous hoax privacy declaration, nor suspicious links, no one anything of the sort. I just shared a few cool websites we at YMMY completed for several of our happy clients.

Now ns know I’m not “supposed” come do countless things in life, so I understand it gets pretty uncomfortable for a few poor souls once a man like me can case that he’s identified the formula to do businesses sizzle online. Some world seem to acquire nasty when they uncover out the what I execute actually makes my clients money, while they suffer the ache of your businesses gift nothing more than a grudge expense.

Cowardly censoring is the just recourse for these sad people. They could work hard and produce outstandingly fantastic work, so much that they have the right to dare come charge more than their competitors. However no, the would simply be also much tough work. It’s much easier to shot and shoot the guys that are working hard. Get ’em banned by Facebook, and they all of sudden feel a entirety lot better, or so that seems.

What was impressive was the outpouring of assistance by friends, clients, and colleagues once they heard about what happened. As I compose this, my post where i vented a little has around 40 comments. Ns won’t short article them all, yet a few of the sweet ones were:




 Lessons learned from obtaining banned by Facebook

I did obtain the ability to comment again after waiting close to 24 hours. I’m quiet not sure if it was due to the fact that I report the error v their inner tool, because I tweeted them around the issue, or due to the fact that I just waited that out. A couple of people have told me that they’ve obtained their account earlier after work of waiting, so possibly I must feel fortunate around it no being as serious in mine case.

So what go I learn from acquiring temporarily prohibition by Facebook?

I learned that being proud of her work have the right to make people act in really nasty ways.

I learned that human being will use tools meant to prevent people from abusing a medium, v the intention come abuse and also trample on other people.

But over all, i learned the it’s walk to take it a entirety lot an ext than cowardly acquiring me banned by on facebook to protect against me from giving the best to mine clients, to avoid me native talking about it, and from authentically seeking to assist anyone and everyone roughly me.

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If that’s all it take away to get me censored… so it is in it.

Have you ever gotten banned by Facebook? What did you find out from the experience?