“How have the right to I check out the Hollywood Sign?”

It’s possibly the most commonly asked inquiry of tourists to Griffith Park. The Sign’s raising popularity – linked with the enhanced visitation in the park – has wrought an ext than its re-publishing of issues on L.A.’s distinct urban wilderness.

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Until a few years ago, Griffith Park had couple of trail signs and out-of-date park maps. Visitors transforming to the internet or gps for directions were often sent down narrow, winding residential roads constructed in the 20s and 30s that can barely handle modern automobiles, let alone throngs of tourist looking come snap selfies and also see the Hollywood Sign.

Nobody to be happy.

So a former City Councilman lobbied our details overlords to course anyone looking for the Hollywood sign over to Griffith Observatory, rather – a place the L.A. Times claimed “offers a nice view, but… absolutely not the only view or even the ideal view. It simply happens to it is in the most politically expedient view.”


After part fits and also starts, boosted crowding at the Observatory resulted in a new paid parking system that sponsor a more frequently-run DASH shuttle right into the park from the surrounding Los Feliz neighborhood and also a Red line Metro stop – a welcome move toward making an ext parts of Griffith Park obtainable without a car. Yet people still wanted to gain close to view the Hollywood Sign, therefore cars retained coming, adhered to by raised tensions, complaints, lawsuits, and also locked accessibility gates.

All the this stress since we can not seem to find a great way come get human being in one of America’s most park-poor cities to its largest, most rugged, and most centrally situated park without a car.

So at some point I wondered: how countless places can you actually hike to watch a good view the the Hollywood authorize … and also could friend reach every one of them in a day without bringing a vehicle to a ar that would bother somebody?

After virtually 14 miles on trails, ride-shares, trains, and DASH shuttles, below are 16 clues we got nice see of That well known Sign — v photos and also selfies so you have the right to see precisely what sort of vista you can gain from each.

See the Hollywood authorize from Hollywood and Highland


Distance native Sign: 2.4 milesQuality that View: Fair. This view has actually the most urban advance and is rather a means from the sign itself, but it certainly has its very own charmSelfie Quality: You’ll have to describe where the authorize isCrowd Size: tourist TrapHow to obtain There: metro bus currently 212, 217, 222, 237, 312, quick 780, Red line subway, DASH Hollywood, paid ParkingNoteworthy: need to go shopping in ~ American Eagle Outfitters, too? You’re all collection here.

I happy left my auto in mine neighborhood and began this adventure through my girlfriend Cameron indigenous SoCal travel on L.A.’s Red heat subway, with a stop at Hollywood and Highland.

You may think it is extremely unusual because that a work of long walking to start at a overfilled outdoor purchase mall where people wander approximately dressed like fictional characters, and also you would be correct. However, the City frequently touts this tourist hot spot (locals could use an ext colorful state to explain this particular intersection) together a well viewing ar for the Hollywood Sign.

The Intolerance-themed Babylonian out courtyard is definitely angled toward the Hollywood Sign, and also you have the right to take an elevator or walk up a few flights that stairs to a platform that will put you front and center v it. However you’re rather a means away indigenous the authorize here, which method you’ll probably need to tell civilization that she in front of the Hollywood Sign when you show off her selfie.


First selfie of the day

That said, a camera through a decent zoom lens deserve to take a fine picture of the authorize from right here – and this is by far the many “Hollywood” of the Hollywood authorize scenes. You’ll check out the overfilled lanes of Highland Ave, several billboards for movies and TV shows, and the Hollywood united Methodist Church. There’s likewise a machine that will market you gelato, for this reason not too shabby.


See the Hollywood sign from Mulholland Dam


Distance native Sign: 1.3 milesQuality of View: Very an excellent – generally clear, with water in the foregroundSelfie Quality: Surprisingly goodCrowd Size: LowHow to get There: On foot. There is a little amount that street parking coming from the south on Weidlake Drive, and a contempt larger number of non-residential clues on Lake Hollywood Drive. No reasonable massive transit stops, yet the Lake Hollywood journey side is straightforward for rideshare drop-offs.Noteworthy: Historic art-deco architecture and also unique views of the Sign. Timed entrances lock access from both direction – trail accessibility only throughout daylight hours.

There is no reasonable means for human being to with the Mulholland Dam ~ above transit … and even despite this trip might not yes, really be described as “reasonable” in any sense, us didn’t want to begin out a complete day with a 2 mile walk native Hollywood and also Highland to the finish of Weidlake Drive. Therefore instead, we took a rideshare and also got dropped turn off on the north end of the Hollywood Reservoir – an area with fairly wide roads and decent parking it is not near a most houses.

We started with an easy, flat hike ~ above the paved path the rings the Hollywood Reservoir. There are some an extremely nice see of the authorize from the west bank of the Reservoir – with lots of trees and greenery framing what can often look like a fairly barren landscape, specifically in the dried season. This monitor is a lovely small hike and a well-known route for runners and also stroller-pushers, however to acquire really pretty shots you’re walking to need to stick her camera through the chain attach fence that surrounds the reservoir.


However, if you keep hiking to the south, you’ll gain to the stunning Mulholland Dam. Originally dubbed the Weid Canyon Dam, climate Hollywood Dam, those now well-known as the Mulholland Dam to be built in between 1923-1924 and is still an active property that the Los Angeles department of Water and Power. It’s additionally a nice tiny selfie spot because that the Hollywood Sign.


If friend hike approximately the reservoir, you will do it walk on height of this striking art Deco structure, which features distinct bear fixtures ~ above the south-facing walls and also truly lovely see of the Hollywood sign to the northeast.

See the Hollywood authorize from Mulholland Highway


Distance from Sign: 1.2 milesQuality the View: Good – a little bit of blockage from brush and chaparral, some sophisticated houses.Impressiveness that Selfie: You’ll certainly look prefer you’re hikingCrowd Size: Very smallHow to get There: On foot. There is a small amount that street parking coming from the southern on Weidlake Drive, and also slightly larger number of non-residential spots on Lake Hollywood Drive. No reasonable massive transit stops, but the Reservoir next is easy for rideshare drop-offs.Noteworthy: Some that the finest “through the chaparral” see of the sign on a path used greatly by trace runners and neighborhood hikers. Entrances prevent pedestrian access after dark.

This philosophy is reachable together a quick spur indigenous the walk roughly the Hollywood Reservoir or as a way to connect the Reservoir come the popular Lake Hollywood Park (which, despite its name, is not actually next to the reservoir itself). Reachable via an unpaved section of the Mulholland Highway, this brief hike is within a sliver of Griffith Park that stretches between the DWP land around the reservoir and also provides a nice little bit of green-space connectivity.

You might spot part sections the old asphalt, and also short spur trails that affix into the Hollywoodland ar – however you’ll probably be distracted by the superior views that the Mulholland Dam and the quite-lovely views of the Hollywood Sign as soon as they aren’t clogged by a hillside palatial estate.


The last part of this hike – right prior to you reach Lake Hollywood Park – is on an unmaintained section of Mulholland Highway that likewise serves as a driveway, so you re welcome be courteous and also quiet when hiking here.

See the Hollywood authorize from Lake Hollywood Park


Distance indigenous Sign: 0.6 mileQuality that View: FantasticImpressiveness of Selfie: Very good. The sign is clear and there room several locations for nice views.Crowd Size: Early in the morning top top weekdays, friend can practically have this park to yourself – yet later in the day and especially top top weekends, you deserve to expect some far-reaching crowding here. The Lake Hollywood Park is a well-known park in its very own right and also the ideology where Canyon Lake journey intersects through Mulholland Highway is a place where lots of tourists finish up (despite official direction to various other viewpoints).How to gain There: This is really the end of the roadway for anyone wanting to usage a car to drive to a approach – the roads additional in Hollywoodland (to the eastern of this viewpoint) are limited for parking and also in some cases, even access – they’re yes, really not built to address tourist traffic. There is part parking because that Lake Hollywood Park close to its entrance however no massive transit access at all. Your ideal bet, honestly, is come park or obtain dropped off near the Hollywood Reservoir and also walk along the street or hike in native Mulholland Highway. No parking 8PM – 6AM.Noteworthy: It’s a dog park that’s no actually a dog park – despite LOTS of an extremely clear signs stating this is no an off-leash dog park and also frequent access time by rangers through citations, yes sir at the very least a te of history of human being using a large meadow because that off-leash canine cavorting.

… and also now we begin entering the controversial sections of the viewpoints.

Lake Hollywood Park does, in numerous aspects, it seems ~ to be the perfect spot for a Hollywood Sign ideology – a situation that was made even more picturesque (some locals say there is no input or comment from them) once crews cleared some of the brush above the park to carry out a nicer view. There is a little amount of decent unrestricted daytime parking adjacent before the roadway narrows right into the old Hollywoodland neighborhood.

The park also seems prefer a no-brainer for a DASH shuttle avoid for those looking to gain here without a auto – and I think there’s a scenario where the community could gain more minimal street parking come encourage folks to leaving their cars what else. But for now, this low-impact spot to soak in the Hollywood sign views stays woefully disconnected.

Although you can gain out to grab a rapid selfie v the authorize here, the park and the region itself is a quite spot to invest some time. Head out right here with a picnic (or her pooch) and really enjoy the park, or because that a full hiking experience, do this part of a longer route beginning down in ~ the Hollywood Reservoir.


See the Hollywood sign from Innsdale Trail


Distance from Sign: 1350 feetQuality of View: ExcellentImpressiveness of Selfie: You’ll get some oohs and also aahs ~ above this oneCrowd Size: Relatively low, consideringHow to obtain There: Get dropped off near Lake Hollywood Park or (if you obtain there early) snag one of the couple of parking spots. Her other choice is to hike in on-foot from more away. There room no massive transit relationships to this area.Noteworthy: No parking in the evening. Entrances locked sunset to sunrise.

Even world who typically hike in Griffith Park will certainly be hard-pressed come tell you where the Innsdale trace is. And also the factor for the is once you look at it on a map, the a strange tiny anomaly. Seemingly going from nowhere to nowhere, this very short stretch of unpaved road grade walk not attach to any other follow in the park, and just top from one component of a residential community to an additional residential neighborhood. Therefore if you’re just going by the map, you’d probably assume the wasn’t really worth the effort to get to this trail.

But, if you integrate this section with a day invested in Lake Hollywood Park, or a longer hike up from the Hollywood Reservoir … or one improbably long fool’s errand hike come a totality bunch that Hollywood Sign philosophies … the Innsdale follow is a short, sweet course that’s absolutely worth long at the very least once.


Starting indigenous the Lake Hollywood Park, this path will run you 0.8 mile one-way with an option to return 0.4 mile on a roadside loop.

See the Hollywood authorize from the finish of Mulholland


Distance native Sign: About 1100 feetQuality of View: ExcellentImpressiveness of Selfie: This is some postcard-quality stuffCrowd Size: There was a moderate number of hikers and tourists walking with this area in the early on morning top top a weekday. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was much much more crowded at other times — and also a potential flashpoint for resident conflict.How to get There: Foot only. Over there is NO auto access – not also for rideshares. You recognize those indicators that speak “Don’t even THINK about Parking Here”? that that.Noteworthy: If you’re going to hike up to this location, you’d better be really courteous, quiet, and clean increase after various other hikers and tourists.

This northernmost north residential many in Hollywoodland sits undeveloped on one unpaved stretch the the Mulholland Highway. In ~ a bending in the dirt roadway – between private property on both sides of said road – figured out (and courteous) explorers can discover some the the best and also closest views of the Hollywood Sign.




If you desire to with this area, girlfriend will should hike. There is no parking all over nearby, and also a growing variety of streets space closed to non-local traffic, so don’t also think around trying to take a rideshare up here either. Lake Hollywood Park is the furthest you should drive looking for parking, and also because there space no sidewalks you’ll have to stay top top the road itself to reach this location.


See the Hollywood authorize from Tyrolean Tank


Distance native Sign: About 1388 feetQuality that View: ExcellentImpressiveness of Selfie: Very impressive. Indigenous this viewpoint, you i will not ~ have any houses or powerlines in your selfie, either.Crowd Size: I’d price this moderate for crowd size, yet again we hiked below on a weekday morning. You’ve got to placed some effort in to get here.How to acquire There: Foot only. No auto accessibility for parking or rideshare drop-off. Should be reached from within Griffith Park if you desire to protect against dealing with ar conflicts.

If you looking for fairly close views of the Hollywood Sign, this is your finest bet because that a location that’s completely on public land within Griffith Park – also if it may be a an obstacle to reach. You deserve to hike right here from the Bronson Caves – or attend to a hike through a ar where you won’t be able to park or drive. A gate provides access from the west during daylight hours – for now. This gate has been vandalized in the previous to refuse pedestrian access.


Honestly, this is a pretty viewpoint, but if you’re looking for a hike the much more lucrative as a side-stop ~ above a pilgrimage to the summit indigenous the trailhead close to the Bronson Caves. It’s an extra 0.7 mile one-way from the route, and you deserve to find more info by exploring that trace description.

See the Hollywood sign from mount Lee


Distance from Sign: 150 feet (behind)Quality of View: Backside of the Sign, but wonderful view of Griffith Park and the L.A. RegionImpressiveness that Selfie: Still pretty an excellent – it’s no the front-facing shot most folks want, however it’s tho nothing to sneeze at.Crowd Size: Large, considering you need to put in some effort to acquire here.How to acquire There: On foot only, yet you can gain here from number of trailheads.


Popular with hikers and also adventurous tourists, it’s tough to tell specifically how many people have hiked up right here hoping because that the perfect Hollywood sign selfie just to establish the trace takes you behind the sign – and puts a chain link fence in between you both. Still, a tiny dirt area on the summit of mountain Lee does carry out some terrific views that the L.A. Area, the “behind the Sign” view is a fun twist top top the postcard tourist photos, and the hike to gain up below is a solid trek in its own right. The longer yet gentler course from Brush (Bronson) Canyon is the much easier way, yet experienced hikers will reap tackling the rougher route from Cahuenga and Burbank Peaks.

See the Hollywood authorize from Hollyridge Trail


Distance indigenous Sign: 0.5 mileQuality of View: Very goodImpressiveness the Selfie: Extra rustic if friend can gain some of the Sunset Ranch in her shotCrowd Size: Now, virtually none. If you’re not on a ride with the Sunset Ranch folks, you’ve got to go the end of your method to obtain here because the door was locked ~ above Beachwood Drive.Noteworthy: See the check out that ignited a contentious and ongoing battle about access to public soil in Los Angeles!

Standing at the philosophy overlooking the Hollywood Sign and Sunset Ranch, it’s basic to see how this location was totally taken over by crowds once general practitioners directions come on the scene. Prior to the door at Beachwood drive was locked, this to be by much the simplest hike come a wonderful viewpoint of the Sign. The was also clearcoming up to the other side of the gate with KPCCthat the neighborhood is really not equipped to handle that onslaught that cars.

If you recognize all the history, your very first reaction once you arrive below is probably going to be “so this iswas what all the fuss to be about?” and that reaction will certainly probably followed by “hey, nobody else is here!” since now the you have to actually hike to get here, the number of lookie-loos is almost nil.


See the Hollywood sign from Bronson Cave


Distance from Sign: About a mileQuality the View: Surprisingly goodImpressiveness of Selfie: Pretend she in Army of Darkness or The Searchers or a bunch of other moviesCrowd Size: Probably smaller than you’d expect, depending on the dayHow to obtain There: A quick hike indigenous the emerged trailhead at the end of Canyon Drive. Yes sir a decent amount of parking here, but no transit connections. Us did see a pair of those civilization-destroying rideshare scooters near the trailhead, though.Noteworthy: Baaaaaaatmaaaaaan!

I’ll be moral – ns was expecting this area to be a lot more crowded 보다 it was. By the time we got to the Bronson cavern it was beforehand afternoon and definitely warming up, yet we had seen a decent variety of locals and tourists at the various other spots top top this route so far. When we hiked through the caves come the approach at the backside the the canyon, there were literally five other human being there – one human working on her Instagram shots with a friend and also a little family just out exploring.


This is an additional lovely place to view the Sign and also a fun place to explore for film buffs, family members looking to gain the picnic area and playgrounds nearby, or hikers starting off top top a much longer trek inside Griffith Park.

See the Hollywood sign from West Observatory Trail


Distance from Sign: About 1.5 milesQuality the View: Not too shabbyImpressiveness the Selfie: You could have to suggest it out, but you can definitely see the sign from hereCrowd Size: Usually none.How to gain There: Hike native Fern Dell / the Trails Café to the Griffith Observatory ~ above the West Observatory Trail. There’s free parking near the Fern Dell entrance or about a ten minute walk indigenous the metro Hollywood and Western red heat stop, Bus lines 180/181, 780, 217, 207, and 757. The Hollywood DASH stops at Franklin and Western (this is not the DASH that goes come the Griffith Observatory, though).Noteworthy: Not too much from two great Griffith Park attractions

There is at this time no means to gain from the west next of Griffith Park to the Fern Dell area / southerly entrance via fixed transit, so we provided a rideshare from the Bronson Caves to Trails Café.

The ideology on the West Observatory trace is located nearly at the precise halfway allude between Trails Café and also the Griffith Observatory – and also honestly i think the only reason this area isn’t much more popular is due to the fact that it’s a pretty steep and mostly shadeless hike no issue which method you’re heading. This place is on one of my regular Griffith Park loop hikes, and also while i usually do see human being snapping self here, over there isn’t noþeles approaching what I’d call “crowding.”


If she a hiker, this is certainly one the the much better viewpoints because that the authorize — and also it’s part of a follow network you can use to make a killer loop within the park.

See the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory


Distance native Sign: 1.5 milesQuality of View: Mostly decentImpressiveness that Selfie: There’s a white thing in the distanceCrowd Size: Mornings are good – any other time, it can be crushingNoteworthy: The Griffith Observatory is precious a pilgrimage in its own right, even with the crowds.

Arriving in ~ the ‘official’ viewpoint for the Hollywood Sign, the an initial thing you’ll notice are just exactly how many civilization are here – especially if you made the failure of do the efforts to lug your vehicle up to park. Yet let’s it is in fair: the Griffith Observatory is a beautiful building with wonderful exhibits and also events and exceptional views of the city and park – if not just OK see of the Hollywood Sign.

On the to add side, there’s lots of infrastructure below to resolve the crowds. A freshly updated one-way street traffic arrangement with payment parking helps fund an extremely useful (and frequently-running) DASH shuttle line that renders it very convenient to acquire to the Observatory even if friend don’t want to hike in. Because that non-hikers or those through mobility issues, this is definitely the finest place to check out the authorize (and you can take time to see a show at one of the country’s first planetariums, too!).


But if you’re looking to hike, girlfriend can gain to some better viewing locations with also a small amount that effort. For instance …

See the Hollywood authorize from the Berlin Forest


Distance from Sign: 1.4 milesQuality the View: Similar to the Observatory, but with an ext trees and also fewer peopleImpressiveness that Selfie: You’ll probably obtain a far better selfie indigenous the Observatory, to be honestCrowd Size: Mild. Usually there room some picnickers or folks simply enjoying the shade and also viewsHow to acquire There: On foot indigenous the Observatory Parking lot, which you deserve to drive, hike to, or take the DASH spaceship or Griffith Parkline to.Noteworthy: You likewise get come visit a life gift from one of L.A.’s sisters cities

The Berlin woodland was planted in the early 1990s to celebrate the 25th anniversary that the designation of sister cities in between Los Angeles and also Berlin, Germany. The woodland has been v a lot because then – including a 2018 wildfire that singed its northern reaches – however it quiet survives as a rare grove of dense pine trees and welcome the shade in the otherwise sunny chaparral and sage scrub an ar of the Santa Monica Mountains. And also you only need to walk 0.3 mile round expedition from the Charlie Turner Trailhead (water fountain nearby!) to gain to it.

To it is in honest, it’s no a an excellent spot for selfies – there room either part trees blocking a clear large view that the authorize or what friend will check out looks pretty burnt from the wildfires, however for her non-Instagram enjoyment it’s a lovely spot come visit.

See the Hollywood sign from the Tiffany & Co. Structure Overlook


Distance indigenous Sign: Just over 1 mileQuality of View: Nice views of both the Sign and the surrounding terrain and also cityscapeImpressiveness that Selfie: Surprisingly goodCrowd Size: Small come moderateHow to get There: On foot, hiking indigenous the Griffith Observatory parking area / Charlie Turner Trailhead. Trailhead have the right to be reached on foot, through car, or via DASH spaceship or Griffith Parkline.Noteworthy: The public floor you’re looking at to be not always public

In 2010, the Tiffany and Co. Structure donated $1 million to the to trust for windy Land once that company spearheaded the initiatives to acquisition privately organized land on Cahuenga peak that to be under risk of development. The structure had previously done comparable work on urban parks in various other cities, yet it to be their very first major to plan in Los Angeles.

After an ext donors chipped in (including renowned folks like Aileen Getty and Hugh Hefner) and a huge public awareness campaign from the city itself, the land to be acquired and annexed into Griffith Park. This Viewpoint is just one of the couple of markers that memorialize that occasion (the others are close to the summit of mount Lee and also near the basic of Burbank Peak) and also it’s the just one that likewise makes a nice ar to sit and also soak in the see of the Hollywood Sign.

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This ideology is on what is probably the most famous loop path to the summit of mountain Hollywood, therefore you’re not most likely to have this clues to yourself – but folks don’t have tendency to linger here for long so there’s typically a great turnover because that the primo selfie views, not to mention other selfie-snappers who space often an ext than ready to help you get a better shot of her own.