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When her phone doesn"t work—especially once you"re in selection of a signal—it can be frustrating. I have actually spent an ext than 15 years reviewing mobile phones, through a focus on networks and radio signals. So I put together a few easy advice on what to carry out if you"re in a dead zone.

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(If you"re mainly interested in the high quality of your phone calls quite than data or signal in general, take it a look in ~ my item on how To Make your Cell phone call Calls Sound Better.)

Toggle airplane Mode or Reboot her Phone


Phones get perplexed sometimes. Don"t we all? your phone is not constantly looking for the best signal. That would certainly kill your battery. For this reason sometimes, specifically if you"re moving, it might be hold on to an old idea that network availability.

The quickest means to deal with this is come toggle plane mode on, wait about 10 seconds, and then toggle it turn off again. That makes your phone check again to view what networks space available. Plane mode is typically in her iPhone manage Center and also Android"s rapid Settings panel, accessed by swiping down from the top of your screen.

In a couple of cases, girlfriend may even have to reboot your phone. That"s necessary when crossing international borders, or occasionally when crossing right into or the end of roaming carrier zones.

You"re Holding it Wrong


Steve tasks talks about the iphone phone 4 in 2010. (Dai Sugano/Mercury News)

Remember "antennagate?" The iphone 4 to be mocked for having antenna bands the were quickly blocked by your hand. Well, that still happens sometimes. You could be by chance blocking everything antenna on your phone is in use, or the one closest to or most accordingly pointed in ~ the cabinet tower.

The ultimate way to test this is come just hold up your phone v two fingers, impede as little of the instance as possible. Phone cases, through the way, room designed no to block moving signal, but removing the instance from your phone can"t hurt.

Get a brand-new SIM (or Clean Yours)


If you"ve been through your carrier for a lengthy time, your sim card may not contain the data to affix to the latest network systems. Its contacts may even be dirty or put on down, resulting in intermittent failures. You have the right to start through popping your sim out and cleaning its steel surface v a disinfectant wipe, or a cotton swab and a tiny bit that rubbing alcohol.

You can additionally ask her carrier"s customer company reps because that a fresh, latest-model sim card. Usage the carrier"s website online chat—don"t walk to a store. Speak you"re having network problems and also want to shot a new SIM card. They have to send girlfriend one for free.

Change your G


3G, 4G, and also 5G all have different properties and, sometimes, come off different towers. I"ve checked out instances whereby a network will need that a phone shot to grab a weaker, much more faraway signal just so the can acquire a "5" in the standing bar. This isn"t just marketing; the more recent a network her phone is on, the much more efficiently it supplies carrier resources, for this reason it"s precious it come the carrier to have actually as countless devices on the newest networks possible.

Unfortunately, that sometimes means individual tools get stuck with very weak connections. It"s worth toggling between different accessible network modes in instance your carrier"s reasonable is privileging newer systems over more usable ones. This is particularly advised because that Verizon customers.

On the iPhone, walk to Settings > to move > cellular Data choices > Voice & Data and you must at least be able to choose in between 5G and LTE (4G). Depending upon your network, you may also be able come go down to 3G.

Samsung phones have the right to download a third-party application called Samsung band Selection, i m sorry can help here. Tap Launch tape Selection, and you will obtain a collection of options. Automatic generally contains 5G, when LTE All will take you under to 4G. WCDMA every drops you come 3G.

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On plenty of Android phones, you can go come Settings and find one area that is usually dubbed either relations or Wi-Fi and also Internet. Pick Mobile Network or sim & Network, or other similar. There have to be a "network mode" option whereby you deserve to select between 5G (or "global"), 4G, 3G, or even 2G.