An HD antenna is great way come get cost-free television. Because that some, that can obtain a small frustrating once your agree of particular channels is poor. An ext people are beginning to count on their HD antenna to administer content to your television. There room several means one can fix a negative antenna reception. Right here are some tips that should assist you get much better television reception.

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Improve her HD Antenna Reception

Antenna Placement

The many important means to get far better reception is to location your HD antenna in the ideal spot. This can take part time to number out. Once I an initial placed mine antenna, ns realized the for the best reception I had actually to ar it in the attic. In most cases, the greater you place the antenna the much better the reception. This may not occupational for everyone, especially if girlfriend live close to the transfer towers. Friend may gain a good reception from your window. Trees and also other homes can also be factors in reception. Try locating her antenna far from these areas if possible. You may have to experiment because that a while. Every time you re-position your antenna girlfriend will must re-scan the networks on her TV set. If friend are having trouble positioning your HD antenna, I have written an short article on exactly how to choose and also position your HD antenna.


The Winegard LNA-200 an increase XT digital HDTV preamplifier enhances any type of non-amplified antenna. It delivers a clearer signal, much more range, and more available channels. It functions with any kind of passive/non-amplified antenna.


Winegard LNA-200 an increase XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier


Winegard LNA-200 boost XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier

Cell phone Tower Interference

In many cases, cell towers deserve to interfere v your antenna reception. This deserve to be eliminated using an amplifier through filtering. Just place that in-line with your OTA antenna.

ANTOP Smart an increase Amplifier with double Outputs and flexible Gain


Tablo DVR

See Our review of The Tablo DVR.

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Buy a better Antenna

Another choice is to buy a much better quality antenna. You might realize that your present antenna is not big enough to obtain all of the channels you want. Perhaps the high quality of her antenna is not up to par. You have the right to see my write-up on how to pick the appropriate HD antenna come make sure you have actually the exactly antenna for her area.