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My hard acquiring clients (guys who have trouble putting on size), regularly complain about how difficult it is for them to put on size. One an essential attribute they allude out is having “chicken legs” regardless of claiming they focus on legs through their lifts. While that might be true, over there is much more to cultivation size anywhere, than simply working out.

My foot won’t grow!

This applies to any type of body part really. If a body component isn’t cultivation in size, or lagging behind in growth compared to the other body parts the fault lies top top you. Difficult pill to swallow, ns know, but here’s why:

1. You no actually focusing on developing tension (and adaptation) top top the muscle you intended on.

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Case in Point - If you room doing a compound motion like squatting, there is a high potential that due to the hefty weight, numerous other muscles have the right to kick in to assist the quads in relocating the weight, therefore leaving stress and anxiety on secondary muscles, rather than the quad itself.

2. You are trying to perform too lot rather than focus on the exercises that count.

Case in suggest - You’re law 20 set a main of foot work, 9 various exercise variations. Fantastic, but if it’s every junk volume (you spend much more time just getting the to adjust in rather than asking yourself if this exercises space both being moved intensely enough, and also targeting her quads enough) you’re most likely spinning your wheels.

The brand-new Plan

I have actually other write-ups on body components and details programming, for this reason feel totally free to inspect those the end if you need a full overhaul. For those who like their current program, but need a checklist to make certain they’re maximizing the muscle development potential here’s what you require in your regime to insurance leg growth. Without these her legs won’t grow.

Are you keeping Time under Tension?

I’m no saying you must be law 4 2nd counts down and also up on a squat, however there DOES need to be a level that control. I like to usage the example of when you’re moving furniture about the house. Girlfriend don’t just drop the table wherein it demands to go. You carefully lower it, and control it to make sure it gets collection down properly. Use that same logic in the direction of your leg movements. You don’t need a head count, however use that same wary lowering and also lifting tempo you would moving fragile furniture.

Are you Maximizing the lifts that count?

Forget complete sets, forget how hefty a load you’re using for right now. Choose 3-4 link leg exercises because that 3 sets each. It is it. Using the point above now, I want you to focus the next 2-3 weeks, very closely controlling exactly how the load moves, and using those 3 sets to ask yourself - “What’s the most heavy I have the right to go while keeping “delicate furniture control” and maximizing tension lowering and also lifting the weight? Make certain you deserve to do the for all sets.

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By giving yourself only 3 exercises, you know you have to make those count, and also thus won’t be distracted through junk isolation volume come “make up because that it”. This is why your legs aren’t growing. 6 top quality sets will be 12 sets going through the activity every time.

Sample Routine

Leg day 1

Squat - 3 to adjust of 6-8

Lunges - 2 sets of 6-8

Romanian Deadlift - 3 to adjust of 6-8

Leg job 2 (make sure to have actually 1-2 job of no leg work-related in between these 2 leg days)

Deadlift - 3 set of 6-8

Leg press - 2 to adjust of 6-8

Hip Thrust - 3 to adjust of 6-8


-Only include weight as soon as you have the right to KEEP that steady, delicate pace throughout the full variety of motion, in ~ a given weight for 6-8 reps. This is certain key. Don’t follow the weight together that’s most likely what obtained you here in the an initial place.

-You have to feel a small sore the next day, through the quads and hams feeling tired. If they’re therefore sore you have the right to barely walk, pull earlier 2 sets. If friend don’t feel soreness at all, add 1-2 sets. A little soreness in those locations is a an excellent sign. It means you are now hitting the target area and also signaling growth.