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Microsoft Rewards is a free-to-join commitment program that gives you Rewards point out for using Microsoft products and also services. You have the right to redeem point out for every kinds that things, including sweepstakes entries, game Passes, apps, movie rentals, gift cards and even charity donations.

To authorize up because that Microsoft Rewards:

You’ll be motivated to log into your Microsoft account (or to create a new account if friend don’t already have one). If you have an Xbox Live account, use the same login details here.Answer the questions that pop up about your choice in Microsoft products and rewards, climate you’re great to go.

How carry out You earn Points?

Once her account is collection up, there space a variety of methods to earn Microsoft Rewards Points, including:

Search through Microsoft find Engines: Earning and redeeming rewards can be as simple as transforming your default search engine. The most common method to knife Microsoft Rewards point out is by browsing using the Bing find engine. However, utilizing the bing app, Microsoft Edge, Cortana or the windows Search crate can likewise generate points, but you’re capped through daily and also monthly borders on how many points you deserve to earn v searching.Shop the Microsoft Store: You gain points for any type of purchases you do from the Microsoft Store, as long as you signed in through your Microsoft account as soon as you do the purchase. For Level 1 members, every dissension spent amounts to one Rewards Point, despite Level 2 members acquire 10 points because that every dollar lock spend. Plus, if she a Level 2 member through Xbox Live Gold, you get an bonus 10 points every dollar (20 clues total).

Racking increase Microsoft Rewards points might take a while, but it’s one of the much easier ways to cash in ~ above a brand-new Xbox game! Microsoft will certainly periodically offer special promotions to knife bonus points, so check your account frequently to certain you record all the high-point offers.

What’s the Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Rewards?

When you very first sign up for a Microsoft Rewards account you will do it be in ~ Level 1. To with Level 2, you have to earn 500 points in a single month; you then continue to be Level 2 as lengthy as you proceed earning at least 500 points every month.

The main difference in between the 2 levels is how quickly you accumulate points. A Level 1 user deserve to earn as much as 50 points per day from Bing searches (5 points per search, border 10 searches every day). However, Level 2 users have a considerably greater cap of 50 searches per day (30 desktop computer and 20 mobile), meaning they have the right to earn approximately 250 point out in the very same time span.

The same principle uses when earning points because that purchases on the Microsoft store. Level 1 users get 1 allude for every dissension they spend while shopping through Microsoft, vice versa, Level 2 users obtain 10 points every dollar.

With this in mind, we recommend new users shot to reach Level 2 before going after any Bing find or purchase points. There space plenty of other methods to hit 500 points, and also if you deserve to hold off you’ll receive significantly much more overall point out for your efforts.

What varieties of Rewards have the right to You Earn?

While 12 months of totally free Xbox Live Gold is among the much more premium offerings in the Microsoft Rewards program, there space plenty of funny prizes the cost means less 보다 29,000 points. Noteworthy rewards include:

Enter to success an Xbox One X console and also 12 month of video game Pass can be fried — Cost: 200 PointsBranded Xbox Mug — Cost: 5,000 PointsDonate come Girls who Code — Cost: 1,000 Points per DollarEnter to success a $1000 Microsoft Gift map — Cost: 200 PointsEnter to victory a surface ar Pro 7 Bundle — Cost: 200 Points

In the end, the Microsoft Rewards regime is hard to say no to. It’s free to sign up for and also you don’t have to do much to begin using her points. While you’re at it, why not collection up a Deal Alert on part Xbox gamings or Microsoft products? we’ll let you recognize when they go on sale, and you could even earn some points for your purchase.

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Deal Value: Get 20% off $5 and also $10 Microsoft save Gift Cards via Microsoft RewardsTimeframe: Now until February 2nd, or while provides last.Things come Remember: Level 2 members earn considerably more points for Bing searches and also purchases at the Microsoft store. Numerous Slickdealers problem Microsoft will run the end of share long prior to the February 2nd end date.

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