You don’t need to spend hundreds come transform her brown hair into blonde - this days it"s 100% possible to achieve at home. Native Bella Hadid come Natalie Portman, these famous women have undergone a significant blonde hair transformation, and we’ve learned a few effective top from your hairstylists to happen it on come you. These 5 hacks will help you to go blonde indigenous brunette v the least damage.

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Hack 1: strengthen the bonds

Preparation is the vital when you decision to walk blonde native brown.

"If you"re going platinum blonde, you must use a product the helps repair and also strengthen the binding in her hair fibers,” - a celebrity hairstylist, colourist and social influencer Kristin Ess that is responsible because that Lucy Hale’s blonde hair transformation, has shared v Marie Claire magazine.


Bleach strips the oils, therefore you require to construct up extra humidity in your hair before lightening it. Apply conditioning masks through oils - coconut, Argon and olive oils are few to name.

Your hairdryer and styling tools additionally absorb the oils, so it’s worth gaining a blow Dry Hair therapy that would construct a protective great on your hair and also lock the moisture in. 

Lastly, nothing wash her hair because that at the very least 2 days prior to bleaching come let the organic oils safeguard your hair from the damage. 


Hack 2: Bleach in rounds

Find a cost-effective residence Bleach Kit and lighten your brown hair to blonde in a few sessions, increase to 3 shades every time. The would allow your hair come recover and also restore its moisture balance. 

Rachel Brosnahan is a great example of how going indigenous brunette to blonde v minimal damage is possible, besides you’ll have a chance to enjoy different hair colours in-between sessions.




Hack 3: gain brown hair through blonde highlights 

To seamlessly transit indigenous brown to sun-kissed hair, enhance your dark hair v Blonde Highlights, favor Natalie Portman just did. That’s a an excellent option if you"re bored through your current hair color but also don’t want anything too drastic, and also the key bonus - lot less damages will it is in done.

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Hack 4: rock the rooted blonde trend

Instead of walking a full-mode blonde, shot the rooted blonde look to leave fifty percent of your herbal hair 100% healthy. Margot Robbie’s naturally farming roots is a perfect instance of how the brown to blonde hair change doesn’t need to be every radical. Personally from saving your scalp and roots indigenous the damage, you"ll also save up on maintain - just use a blonde toner to keep the color fresh.



Hack 5: usage toner rather of hair colour

Talking about the toner... When Bella Hadid lugged her brown hair come brassy yellow blonde, it to be a little of a shock for everyone. Rotate out, that similar to Rachel Brosnahan, Bella has actually dyed her hair in a few sessions and also most likely used a hair toner to acquire her current perfect blonde look. Usage a Conditioning love husband Blonde Toner to preserve the color and improve the condition of your hair. 



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