Nearly two decades ago, Britney Spears had actually one goal — to be, quite literally, more powerful than yesterday. Celebrity trainer Bobby Strom, who functioned with Britney in she late teens and also early 20s, can attest.

“Right turn off the bat, she to be like, ‘Hey, this is what I’ve acquired to do: I’ve gained a Pepsi campaign, I’ve got the VMAs, I’ve gained the cover of Rolling Stone comes up. Ns really want to acquire into the finest shape that I can in this amount of time,’” the jar fitness guru speak Life & Style in an exclude, interview. “And she was in it to success it from work one.”

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Bobby admits the clients tho ask for a mid-section choose Britney’s indigenous time come time. “I just entertain it with a smile,” the bodybuilding champ speak Life & Style, adding that his famous trainee’s taut tummy to be the an outcome of tough work and dedication. “If friend really desire to be together fit as Britney was once I was working through her, you’ve got to put in the job-related like she did. She no messing around.”

Over the next year, the blonde beauty ongoing to work-related harder than ever throughout her hour-long sessions through Bobby. If she proudly flaunted the fruits of she labor throughout her memorable Pepsi campaign and also on numerous magazine covers, Britney wanted to rotate up the warmth for a really special — and sexy — project: the music video for “I’m a slave 4 U,” the lead solitary from her self-titled 3rd studio album. And, the course, she wanted to make sure she was snatched AF when she perform it for the very first time (with a snake!) in ~ the 2001 VMAs.

“When Britney was going to do the ‘Slave 4 U’ video, it was all just sweaty and also sexy and also she eliminated it since she was really confident around her physique. She no apprehensive or holding earlier one bit. She knew she looked incredible,” Bobby tells Life & Style that the chart-topper’s boosted self-esteem. “In the month leading as much as the power and video for ‘Slave,’ she was totally dialed in. You witnessed her confidence in her mannerisms. Like, as soon as she danced with the line — you could see the fire within her. She feeling fierce. She was fearless.”


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Indeed, during her 2001 illustration of MTV’s Diary, Britney stated that break a sweat v Bobby always left her in the ideal of moods. “When I obtain up in the morning and I work out, ns have much more energy transparent the day,” the Mickey mouse Club alum explained at the time. “I just feel much better about myself.”

So how precisely did Britney achieve such a breathtaking belly? “We walk somewhere in between 750 to 1,000 sports of crunches a day. We would carry out intervals. We’d begin off on the treadmill running, and also then she’d go to the mat and also do bicycle crunches, hitting the transverse abdominal wall, engaging the obliques,” Bobby tells Life & Style that Britney’s core-focused workouts. “So we’d carry out a combination of crunches and also in between, we’d focus on light weight training. Because that instance, I’d have actually her carry out bicep curls, kickbacks because that the triceps, and lateral raises.”


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“We never ever did anything stunner weight-wise because she additionally had the genetics where she could develop muscle very easily, and she didn’t desire to get bulky. With Britney, it was all about tightening that up,” the previous NYPD detective — who trained a myriad of stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, and Jessica Biel, amongst others — adds. “Before the acronym HIIT came around, which is high strongness interval training, ns realized that I’ve actually been act it because that years. And also I really kind of perfected it with Britney. It to be what we did every day. Britney was a great athlete.”

If she brave enough to provide Britney’s abdominal routine a try, follow together with Bobby’s wife and also business partner, Alicia temperament — together, they run Strom Fitness and also Massage and also regularly share practice tips on your YouTube channel — in the video below.

Bobby speak Life & Style the your body have the right to transform in as small as 90 days if you continue to be committed and consistent à la Brit-Brit. “There are three points that pat a huge part in it: genetics, exactly how strict and specialized you are with the nutrition part of it, and then additionally how regular you space with working out,” he says. “If you continue to be consistent, speak you execute it 5 days a week, and then girlfriend eat fairly well, I would say you’ll begin seeing outcomes in 90 days.”

Although Britney, a practiced dancer and one-time compete gymnast, had actually no problem hitting the gym seven job a week, Bobby states that he had actually to help the athletically skinny singer change her eat habits. The hard-muscled hunk stresses the nutrition and exercise are equally vital — i beg your pardon Britney soon identified after teaming up through Bobby.

“Britney came from Louisiana. She was used to home-cooking — gravy, biscuits, fried foods. So, at that time, she was like, ‘What perform I do? mine mother, , does every the cooking.’ therefore I had to go over every the cooking with Britney’s mom and say, ‘You’ve got to reduced out the gravy and also cut the end the biscuits and also go v this. No mashed potatoes. Replace those v steamed vegetables. Let’s incorporate salads with simply oil and vinegar,’” Bobby recounts. “Instead of putting her ~ above a strict and also rigorous diet, it was just around making changes and preparing the food differently. Ns tried to make the foods she was supplied to eating healthy or more complex. That was simply cutting down on the calories and also the fat calories, i m sorry made every the exercise worth that much more.”

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