Teach her dog the 5 commands below to help tackle behavior problems - existing people or those the may construct in the future.

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All the these regulates are simple to teach her pup. In fact, through the right attitude, it have the right to be funny for both you and also your dog!

1. Sit


This is just one of the most natural dog obedience regulates to teach, therefore it"s a good one to start with.

-Hold a treat near to her dog"s nose.

-Move your hand up, enabling his head to monitor the treat and causing his bottom come lower.

-Once he"s in sitting position, speak "Sit," offer him the treat, and also share affection.

It"s crucial to revisit this sequence often. Ask your dog to sit before mealtime, when leaving the house, and also while the end and about on walks. Be patient, through repeat practice your dog will understand the "sit."

2. Come


This command can aid keep a dog the end of some serious trouble! favor bringing them ago to girlfriend if you shed grip on the leash or accidentally leave the prior door open.

-Put a leash and also collar on your dog.

-Go under to his level and also say "come," while tenderness pulling on the leash.

-When he it s okay to you, reward him with affection and a treat.

Remove the leash only when they"ve yes, really mastered this command. Even then, you have to practice v them in an fastened area wherein they aren"t at danger of running into a street or being distracted by walkers-by.

3. Down


This have the right to be one of the more complicated commands in dog obedience training. Why? because the place is a submissive posture. Friend can assist by maintaining practice positive and also relaxed; particularly with fear or anxious dogs.

-Find a an especially tasty smell treat, and also hold the in your closed fist.

-Hold her hand up to your dog"s snout. When your dog sniffs it, relocate your hand to the floor, so her pup follows.

-Then slide her hand follow me the ground in former of them come encourage your body to follow it"s head.

-Once they"re in the down position, to speak "Down," offer them the treat, and share affection.

Again, repetition and consistent exercise is key. And also be sure you don"t reinforce the wrong actions during practice. If her dog lunges towards your hand or sit up, just say "no" and also take her hand away. Don"t press your pet down, usage the treat to encourage castle to relocate towards the wanted position.

4. Stay


Before attempting this one, make certain your dog is an skilled at the "Sit" command, together it will be the structure position because that "Stay." Mastering this command is advantageous for maintaining your dog native overwhelming guests or wait for girlfriend to fill their food dish or open up a door.

-First, ask her dog come "Sit."

-Then open the palm of your hand in prior of you, and also say, "Stay."

-Take a few steps back. Reward her pup v a treat and affection if lock stay.

-Gradually increase the variety of steps friend take before giving the treat.

-Always reward her pup because that staying put — even if it"s just for a few seconds.

This is an exercise in technique for her dog, for this reason don"t be discouraged if the takes a while come master, specifically for puppies and also high-energy dogs. After all, they desire to be on the move and not simply sitting over there waiting.

Don"t it is in discouraged if this command takes her dog a while come master, an especially if they are young and prefer to be on the move. "Stay" requires technique in enhancement to understanding, therefore remember that you"ll have actually to aid build their self manage by increasing "Stay" time slowly.

5. Leave It


This have the right to be a advantageous tool as soon as your dog wants to pick something up the they shouldn"t in the yard, house, or out on a walk. The idea once training them: do the price they gain for ignoring an item more exciting than the item itself.

-Place a treat in both hands.

-Show castle one fastened fist with the law inside, and say "leave it."

-Let castle lick, sniff, mouth, paw, and bark to try to get it — and ignore the behaviors.

-Once they prevent trying, provide them the treat from the various other hand.

-Repeat till your dog moves far from that first fist once you say, "leave it."

-Next, only offer your dog the treat when they relocate away from that an initial fist and also looks up in ~ you.

Once your dog repetitively moves away from the first treat, you"ll progression to an additional exercise. You"ll tho use two treats, however select two various treats: one the they yes, really like and one that"s less exciting.

-Say "Leave it," place the less attractive law on the floor, and cover it with your hand.

-Wait until your dog ignores the treat and looks in ~ you. Then remove that treat from the floor, offer them better treats and share affection immediately.

-Once they"ve got it, ar the much less tasty act on the floor… but don"t completely cover it through your hand. Instead, host it a tiny bit over the treat. End time, progressively move her hand farther and also farther away till your hand is around 6 inches above.

-Now they"re ready to practice with friend standing up! monitor the very same steps, however if the or she tries to snatch the less tasty treat, cover it v your foot.

If her dog struggles with this practice, girlfriend can always go earlier to the previous stage and also work much more there. Remember that you"re asking a most your dog, and also they can acquire frustrated, too. Continue to be patient and also calm.

There you have actually it: Sit, Come, Down, Stay, and also Leave It.

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Just these five an easy commands can assist keep her dog safer and improve your interaction with them. It"s fine worth the invest of your time and also effort. Remember, the procedure takes time, so only start a dog obedience training conference if you"re in the right mindset to exercise calm-assertive energy and patience.

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