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If you want two complimentary checked bags, a fee-free cancellation policy, matched elite status, companions the fly free, and a fun-loving crew on her flights, you’re paris Southwest. Over there are number of things – some good and some bad – that set Southwest airline apart indigenous the rest. Yet finding cheap fares to paris Southwest is much different than with other airlines.

You won’t watch prices top top Southwest when you search via any online travel firm (OTA) choose Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, or Orbitz. In fact, girlfriend won’t even see those outcomes on Google Flights, our favorite airfare find engine. You must search straight with Southwest.

But the deals are still the end there, and they’re straightforward to uncover thanks to one tool: the Southwest short fare calendar. Here’s exactly how it works.

How to uncover the ideal Southwest Deals

Southwest knows they’ve obtained a rabid following. That’s why lock don’t market their flights via OTAs or let folks find for castle elsewhere. You have the right to only discover Southwest flights on their website.

That’s unfortunate, as it renders it lot harder to price compare between Southwest and other airlines. That’s through design: Southwest wishes their reputation as a budget carrier with totally free bags and no readjust fees cd driver customers straight to their website. In reality, Southwest frequently charges the same as its challenger airlines – if not a little bit more.

But the doesn’t typical you can’t obtain a good deal flying Southwest. Quite the opposite. And also the Southwest low Fare Calendar is exactly how it’s done.

How to usage the Southwest low Fare Calendar

To make sure you’re obtaining the best deal feasible on your Southwest flight, head straight for the Southwest short Fare Calendar.

This easy-to-use calendar permits you to find month by month, quickly showing girlfriend the dates with the cheapest fares. Just look because that the low Fare Calendar alternative on Southwest’s homepage.


Instead of searching for specific dates, you can use the short Fare Calendar to uncover the cheapest days to fly in ~ a month. Tap in the month you’re feather to acquire away to begin the short fare find process.

From here, Southwest will show you the shortest airfare prices obtainable on each date. Picking a day previously or later on or electing to vacation the following week rather can reduced your airfare costs in fifty percent in many cases!

Just store in mind the you will pick your departure and return trip separately.

Once you’ve selected both departure and also return dates, you will see the flight time options. ~ above this page, you deserve to still toggle between adjacent dates. And you can also filter by leave time, variety of stops, and time that day.

It’s important to keep in mind that no all fares will be the short price noted on the short Fare Calendar – the cheapest fares will practically always be nonstop options. However if that date and time work-related for you, you’re in luck!

Just as with any type of airline, being flexible through your travel dates and times have the right to save you thousands of dollars once flying Southwest.

How much Out deserve to You publication Southwest Flights?

Even as soon as it concerns flight schedules, Southwest does points a bit differently.

Most airlines throughout the globe sell flights 11 months in advance, give or take it a couple of days. However Southwest release its flight schedule in large batches occasionally throughout the year.

As of publication, you can publication Southwest flights just through Aug. 16, 2021. Read more about Southwest’s flight schedule

Make Flights Cheaper with the Companion Pass

Want to take her savings from utilizing the Southwest short fare calendar also farther?

You won’t uncover a much better deal in the human being of travel than the Southwest Companion Pass. If you routinely fly domestically (including Hawaii) or even to Mexico and also the Caribbean through a companion, this countless buy-one, get-one pass have the right to be priceless.

The Companion pass from Southwest Airlines lets you choose one person to fly complimentary with you every time you publication a flight or redeem Southwest fast Rewards points for a flight on Southwest. There room no blackout dates and no concerns asked. If the flight is bookable, friend can add your companion. Every you’ll have to do is salary the taxes and also fees for her companion’s ticket – beginning at just $5.60 on a domestic one-way flight.

But probably the best part of the Southwest companion happen is there space no limits on how regularly you can use it. And it’s valid because that the year you earn it … and the whole following calendar year. So if you earn it in January or February the 2021, you might use the Companion happen all the way through 2022. That’s virtually two full years of purchase one, obtain one complimentary flights.

Plus, Southwest permits you to change your designated companion up to three times each calendar year.

Like the sound that BOGO flights? Learn exactly how to earn and use the Southwest Companion Pass.

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Bottom Line

Flying Southwest brings perks you won’t find on any other U.S. Carrier, like complimentary checked bags and fee-free cancellations. And also while friend won’t discover Southwest fares via your normal searches, you deserve to still get a great deal.

Approach booking through a versatile schedule and use the Southwest short Fare Calendar to cut your Southwest fares in fifty percent (or more!)