New Account Sign-up

Lyft provides discounts come first-time Lyft users when a promo code is used. Commonly it’s a $5 complimentary ride credit towards the an initial ride. The promotional journey credit might vary native time to time and market to market. Click the Sign-up button below to apply and find out the discount amount towards your an initial Lyft ride.

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Already Signed up but Haven’t take away a Ride 

If you’ve currently signed up, downloaded the app, but haven’t take away a ride. Just insert the promo code in the Payment section that the Lyft app to get your first-time Lyft user discount. Watch the step-by-step accuse below.

Existing driver Discount

Unfortunately, discounts for existing Lyft riders are hard to find. Below are a few tips on finding coupons because that existing riders.

1. To express a brand-new rider

You earn free rides once you to express friends or family members members to use Lyft. Go to the “Free Rides” section in her Lyft app to discover your referral code. Ask her friends and also family to apply your referral when they develop a new Lyft account.

2. If you attending a distinct event, visit the occasion or venue’s website for distinct offers.

How to claim Ride Credit

1. If you do not have a Lyft account, click on the “Claim Lyft Credit” button above to begin.

2. Download the app as prompted.

3. Enter your phone number.


4. Automatically you will receive a text message with a confirmation code.


5. Get in the verification code in app.


6. When your phone call is verified, you will be prompted to go into your name and email address.


7. Your brand-new account is created. You can request a ride appropriate away.

What to execute if you have already download the app?

If you’ve currently signed up and downloaded the app, however have not taken a ride, insert this code, RS4LYFT, in the promo password section.

1. Download and log on to the Lyft app on your smart phone.

2. Click the head icon in the upper left corner.


3. Choose “Payment”.

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4. Get in promo code: “RS4LYFT” in the “Add credit transaction code” field. Then click “Apply”.