Our overview to discount Disney world tickets uses money-saving info, advantages & cons of Park Hoppers, tips for the finest deals on ticket for now through December 31, 2022 at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios & animal Kingdom. Plus, price boost predictions, i m sorry is likely to happen prior to the 50th Anniversary starts. (Updated august 5, 2021.)

If you’re wondering the best place to safely to buy the discounted Walt Disney people multi-day ticket from an authorized reseller, we recommend acquire Away Today. Lock have terrific deals on main Florida design template park tickets, including Universal Studios Florida, archipelago of Adventure, and also SeaWorld Orlando in addition to Disney’s theme and also water parks.

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This is just one of three authorized sellers we recommend (see info around the rather below), v the emphasize one transforming based top top which right now has the ideal pricing. All 3 offer impressive customer business and included flexibility, even superior come what Disney offers directly (call centers are currently short-staffed, make speaking through a human being at Disney “challenging” to say the least). These short prices coupled with gain Away Today’s “Best Price Guarantee” provides them our encourage ticket seller… 

Before we gain started, there are a pair of things you should know before visiting. First, guest are forced to do a theme park reservation via the Disney Park Pass mechanism in addition to purchasing valid tickets.

We have a exactly how to do Disney Park pass Reservations overview that can assist v that, however it’s pretty easy and intuitive. As result of Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios typically booking up, we recommend purchasing tickets and making reservations at least two weeks in advance. Together Disney increases its attendance limits, hope these bookings will become a formality in the an extremely near future.


Second, Park dance is earlier at Walt Disney World, albeit through some limitations and also unique wrinkles. We cover everything you need to recognize in our 2021 guide to Park Hopping at Walt Disney World. That includes where us recommend beginning and finishing her day, which will offer you much better chances that success at suffering Star Wars: climb of the Resistance and enable you to see fireworks to end each night of her trip!

For a variety of reasons debated in that guide, from present operating hours to entertainment to the virtual queue for Star Wars: rise of the Resistance (the best new attraction at Walt Disney World), we strongly recommend purchase Park Hopper tickets. This will certainly be double true when Harmonious and Disney Enchantment, the new nighttime spectaculars comes to Epcot and Magic Kingdom, debut on October 1, 2021. (That’s the begin of the World’s most Magical Celebration. Check out our Ultimate overview to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary for an ext info.)


While they cost a little bit more, they room absolutely worth the splurge ideal now. In fact, we’d go as far regarding say the you’re much better off doing 5 days with the Park Hopper alternative than 6 days without Park Hopper. Now an ext than ever, you’ll want to Park Hop at Walt Disney World.

Speaking that which, our an extensive Ride guide & FAQ for Star Wars: rise of the Resistance covers everything you have to know around that incredibly popular journey so girlfriend don’t blow her chance. For the objectives of this post, the main thing you require to know is the it’s difficult to experience increase of the Resistance if you come at Disney’s Hollywood Studios after ~ 1 pm. You’ll want to start your day–potentially lot of days–at DHS and also Park Hop come Epcot later on in the day.


With so countless different park ticket options, this might already seem overwhelming. In this WDW park ticket guide, we present the pros and also cons of different tickets therefore you deserve to make an educated decision around which choices are ideal for your family. We’ll break down everything you need to know about the complexities the Walt Disney civilization tickets.

We type through the different alternatives and offer you references on what species of ticket are finest for you, plus whereby you can save money ~ above Walt Disney world tickets. (If you’ve come trying to find info top top discount Disneyland tickets, you’ve involved the dorn place–but us do have an article with Tips for saving Money on Disneyland Tickets, too.) by the finish of this post, you’ll know method more than you ever before thought there was to know about park tickets!

With that the end of the way, let’s begin with the latest ticket news & rumors…

2021 Ticket News & Rumors

As of august 2021, Walt Disney World’s yearly ticket price increase has not yet occurred. Typically, the yearly increase occurs in February or October–sometimes both.

Given last year’s multi-month closure of Walt Disney World, continuous attendance limits, various changes in the parks, and also dramatically diminished travel, it’s not a huge surprise there was no rise in February. However, between sky-high pent-up need and the begin of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary ~ above October 1, 2021, we have actually every factor to think a price boost is on the horizon.

Our expectation is the the rise will happen towards the finish of summer (sometime between mid-August and late September 2021) for this reason headlines about price rises don’t overshadow the 50th Anniversary festivities in October. Offered that Walt Disney people just announced yearly Passes will certainly return, it would certainly make feeling to boost day ticket prices the very same day AP sales resume. Our expectation is the will occur in the second fifty percent of August.

Additionally, FastPass+ is right now suspended, and also is most likely going to be changed with a paid alternative sometime this month or in September 2021. I ordered it to our free email newsletter for every one of the latest updates as us hear much more rumors or official announcements around ticket prices and/or the payment FastPass replacement.

Regardless, if you have a Walt Disney world trip to plan for now through December 2022, we extremely recommend buying ticket sooner quite than later to lock-in present prices (beyond the border of this post, however we’d advise doing the exact same with your hotel room). There’s zero fence to purchase now–it’s all upside. You stop paying an ext money later if or once prices increase.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Disney Tickets


As we stated at the beginning, to save money ~ above multi-day Walt Disney civilization tickets, we recommend to buy from obtain Away Today, i m sorry is an authorized discount Disney ticket broker that typically has the lowest prices ~ above legitimate park tickets. You have the right to order tickets for use now through December 31, 2022.

Another excellent ticket seller us recommend is Undercover Tourist. These two typically compete v each other on prices, and are generally within a few dollars that one another. Which is better often relies upon the ticket kind and as soon as you’re searching. (Like airfare, ticket prices fluctuate, specifically as the miscellaneous reputable sellers shot to win one an additional on pricing.)


After purchasing, you’ll receive confirmation codes for My Disney endure via email, which enables you come easily link the ticket to her My Disney suffer account. This also means that the tickets room compatible with MagicBands, i m sorry you’ll receive with your Walt Disney people hotel reservation; girlfriend can likewise purchase distinct edition MagicBands in the parks.

There aren’t countless Disney ticket sellers that room actually legitimate, so be cautious if you uncover a deal elsewhere. The sellers we point out in this write-up are the ones that have the best reputations and offer the biggest discounts. If you uncover a better deal somewhere else, well…you know what they say about when something sound too an excellent to it is in true!


Authorized discount Disney ticket brokers are good ways to save money ~ above park ticket over door prices, yet not every third party ticket broker is reliable and also trust-worthy. Most places selling discount Disney tickets room scams. Buying tickets on eBay or Craigslist is around as great of one idea together buying louis Vuitton purses ~ above a street corner.

Disney tickets are non-transferrable–they are tied to your fingerprint once partially used. If girlfriend get burned by these sellers through a partially-used or counterfeit ticket, Disney won’t have actually sympathy. You’ll have to pay full price because that tickets at the park gates. Not precisely the best method to start the job on a Disney vacation!


The great news is the there are several legitimate, authorized Walt Disney human being ticket sellers that can be trusted. In enhancement to get Away Today and Undercover Tourist, we also recommend official Ticket Center. All three are extremely reputable and offer an excellent customer service. (Beyond this trio, over there are various other trustworthy 3rd party sellers, yet we can’t warranty for any kind of of them.)

If you’re comparing prices, psychic to compare apples to apples: Disney price don’t encompass the Florida 6.5% tax, whereas prices from the sellers we recommend do include tax into the last price friend pay. I m really sorry bold the all, yet we acquire so countless comments from civilization who miss out on that, and wonder why the discounts aren’t as an excellent as promised. Likewise make certain you’re compare Park Hopper tickets to continuous tickets or not. Lots of world make mistakes in not comparing the very same tickets to one another.

Additionally, you can be eligible because that discount tickets through your employer or a membership program like TicketsAtWork that deserve to save even much more than the alternatives. The just downsides room that several of these ticket require an ext advance notification for processing, and also that what you get is a ticket voucher (it still have the right to be attached to mine Disney Experience); friend will have to pick up the yes, really ticket when you come at Walt Disney World.

Moving on, let’s take it a watch at which kind of ticket choices are best for you…

Which tickets to Buy?


Sometimes people ask i beg your pardon ticket is our favourite for first-time tourists to Walt Disney World, and also it really counts upon just how long you’re visiting. In our Walt Disney world Vacation to plan Guide, we recommend many first-time visitors take a 6-8 trip.

Assuming you room going this route, you most likely won’t invest every moment in the park. You’ll desire a remainder day in the middle to invest recovering poolside, and maybe a shopping job (or morning) in ~ Disney Springs. With that said, us recommend buying a ticket that is 1-2 days shorter than the duration of her vacation–unless you’re visiting for 4 job or fewer, in which instance you must purchase a ticket because that every day. Always get at the very least a 4-day ticket. Ideally, gain nothing less than a 5-day ticket.

Meaning, if her vacation is 8 days, us recommend the 6-day or 7-day ticket. If you are visiting for 6 days, obtain the 5-day ticket. In ours experience, a 6-day Walt Disney world vacation is around the sweet spot for first-timers. That means either a 4-day or 5-day ticket is walking to it is in a smart bet for most world reading this. (If you have much more time, that’s excellent!)

Are Park Hopper Tickets worth it?


The Park Hopper add-on enables you come visit lot of parks in the very same day. You have the right to bounce approximately the parks and maximize your time in the parks. Part guests deserve to skip the Park Hopper option: specifically those with small children and also those who won’t stay out late.

On the other hand, Park Hopping deserve to be really advantageous if you want to revisit favourite attractions or head end to a particular park for the evening because that dinner. V the exemption of Magic Kingdom, girlfriend won’t need to spend multiple full days in any kind of park, and also the ability to bounce around is a good solution permitting you to spend additional partial days in the various other parks.

Another advantage of the Park Hopper option is spending much more hours every day in the layout parks. Due to the fact that each park has different opening and closing hours, gaining a Park Hopper is a an excellent way to extend your work (particularly in the off-season as soon as parks near earlier) or spend more time in Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom frequently closes later than the other parks, so you squeeze a couple more hours out of job by starting your job in animal Kingdom (for example) and heading come Magic Kingdom once pet Kingdom closes.


Because of these two things, we typically recommend purchase the Park Hopper option. While that does price more, if you’re buying multiple job tickets, you might be surprised to discover that the extra cost is insignificant. Currently, a discounted 7-day Walt Disney human being Adult Park Hopper Ticket will cost roughly $500 after tax, through some dates costing more and part costing less. Obviously, that’s a most money.

However, compare it come a 1-day Park Hopper ticket directly from Disney, which price over $180 after ~ tax. For less than the price of 3 1-day tickets, you can purchase a 7-day discounted Park Hopper. That 7-day ticket works out come being much less than $70/day!

Other multi-day ticket offer comparable savings, therefore be sure to look in ~ the price of other multi-day Walt Disney World tickets and also do some comparison shopping to see just exactly how much you have the right to save. Walt Disney human being advertises that “the an ext you play, the much less you pay per day” and this is definitely true.

What about Park Hopper Plus Tickets?


The Park Hopper Plus ticket alternative (formerly “Water Park fun & More”) offers everything included with Park Hopper Tickets stated above, plus accessibility to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard beach water parks, ESPN vast World of sporting activities Complex, Disney’s Oak trail Golf Course, and also Winter Summerland or Fantasia Gardens mini golf.

With Park Hopper add to tickets, you room eligible because that the same number of “Plus” admissions as the number of days on your ticket. Definition that if you have a 7-day Park Hopper to add ticket, you likewise have 7 gates the water parks, mini golf course, etc. (Be responsibility of operating schedules, together not all of these alternatives are open year-round.)

Whether this ticket is appropriate for girlfriend really relies upon even if it is you want to do any type of of the parks past the 4 key theme parks. If you desire to do one of the other things also once or twice, you come the end ahead to acquisition the Park Hopper add to Tickets. Us love both Typhoon Lagoon and also Blizzard Beach, and enjoy both that the mini golf courses (albeit less so than the water parks) and also recommend this ticket alternative to anyone that will it is in spending 6 days or more at Walt Disney World.

What around the Water Park and Sports Option?


The Water Park and also Sports option is obtainable as an add-on to select Walt Disney civilization theme park tickets because that $70 add to tax. This option permits guests to visit one template park every day, plus various water park or sports experiences the same variety of times.

The Water Park & Sports choice is valid at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard coast water parks, ESPN wide World of sporting activities Complex, Disney’s Oak trail Golf Course, FootGolf in ~ Disney’s Oak trace Golf Course, Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, or Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course. (Again, pay fist to operating schedules, as not every one of these options are open up year-round.)

Basically, this ticket is the non-park hopper variation of the aforementioned Park Hopper plus ticket option. The analysis for the Water Park and Sports Ticket choice is the same to the Park Hopper Plus, however for those who only want to perform one template park every day. We normally favor the Park Hopper Plus choice as that offers an excellent flexibility and the upgrade cost to the is insignificant, however that’s just us.

Affiliation Discounts


If because that some factor you don’t desire to to buy discounted Disney tickets from get Away Today, Undercover Tourist or official Ticket Center, there’s a possibility you qualify for some other kind of discount. The most common discounts are: Florida resident, military/department the defense, this firm or “club” discounts, Disney holidays Club, and sometimes Walt Disney human being ticket discounts for Europeans.

Of these discounts, armed forces Disney ticket discounts are frequently the best, complied with by AAA discounts. AAA discounts room only readily available through regional offices and also tax isn’t had in their price quotes. Keep in mind that Disney ended its relationship with AAA, therefore there room no extr perks because that buying Disney tickets v AAA anymore.

AAA discounts frequently are not as great as the prices readily available by the discount ticket brokers, but military or department of defense discounts room always better. The “Stars and Stripes” promotion (only easily accessible to choose members of the equipped forces and department the defense) will commonly annihilate what is available by third party discount ticket brokers or AAA. This promo isn’t constantly offered, so speak to Shades of environment-friendly at 888-593-2242 prior to ordering ticket to see whether it’s available for her stay.


Another option available to some people is TicketsAtWork. This is a members-only site that partner with specific corporations come offer firm employees exclusive discounts and special supplies for design template parks, attractions, Broadway shows, distinct events, hotels, concerts, and also movie tickets. In other words, tickets at work is a “perk” that’s available only to employees of specific corporations.

Tickets at job-related most certainly is legitimate. Unfortunately, we cannot sell a price compare to tickets at Work because we don’t occupational for carriers partnered with Tickets in ~ Work, nor execute we recognize anyone who does. Anecdotally, we’ve heard the in some cases, tickets at job-related offers prices that are slightly better. In other cases, their prices space worse. We’ve additionally been told that shipping can take 2-3 weeks through Tickets in ~ Work, which can be a deal-breaker if you’re trying come make appointments in a hurry. Inspect with your company’s HR room to check out if your agency is a ticket at occupational partner.

Now, let’s sheathe one other possible Walt Disney people park ticket option…

What about An annual Pass?


Right now, new Annual Passes space not gift sold. However, Walt Disney human being has suggested they will certainly return prior to the 50th Anniversary, which starts top top October 1, 2021. As you have the right to read in When will certainly Walt Disney world Resume yearly Pass Sales?, our solid expectation is the they’ll walk on revenue in the second half of this month.

In the past, it has made sense to consider an AP because that your expedition to Walt Disney World. After annual Pass tiers changed, that currently is generally not true uneven you room a Florida residents or space a Disney super fan who will take trip to Florida 2-3 times every year. Because that an annual Pass to be a much better value than common park tickets, many prospective buyers would should spend two weeks in the parks.

Beyond that, there is a 10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at participating restaurants at Walt Disney World. The discount contains some the our favourite restaurants; you deserve to see the complete list the participating restaurants here–it’s a quite mix of counter service and also table business locations. Additionally, APs currently receive 20% off many merchandise purchases.

Thanks to these benefits, if you’re acquisition a trip slightly shorter than 15 job or if you’re visiting for two 5+ work trips within a 12-month window it still might make feeling to buy annual Passes.



Hopefully the above info assisted you determine which Walt Disney world park ticket you should buy and how to save money ~ above those tickets. If girlfriend still have actually some questions, here are some basic rules:

Thanks to very an excellent discounts, our top recommendation because that Walt Disney world is the 5-day come 7-day Park Hopper ticket, all of which administer excellent savings.We recommend the Park Hopper option for most people, yet if you certainly won’t visit an ext than one park per day, you deserve to save extr money by skipping the Park Hopper option.By to buy via an authorized ticket broker, you deserve to make park reservations ahead of time. If friend buy tickets as soon as you arrive to Walt Disney World, you’re in ~ a disadvantage in 2 ways: you pay more for tickets and also you cannot do park appointments in advance.Do not think about an yearly Pass uneven you will visit Walt Disney World for approximately 15+ job in a 365 job window, or will take multiple shorter trips.If you are planning a vacation and also definitely going to Walt Disney World before December 31, 2022, it’s always best to buy tickets as far in advancement as possible to lock-in existing prices and also avoid future increases.

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It’s essential to recognize that my proposal are based upon our preferences, and also they may not work for you. It’s really best to read through this and then use it come your own circumstances by looking at your very own schedule and preferences, and also determining what type of tickets are best for you. Finally, head to acquire Away Today and also buy the suitable tickets in ~ the best discount (using promo code DTB21 in ~ checkout).