Hey Chief! us can’t wait to share what we’ve got cooking in the spring 2021 update for Clash of Clans, but before we gain into the sneak peeks we wanted to share vital change comes in this update.

We’ve made some far-ranging changes to the Clan lock Troop Donation function.

In bespeak to protect lower-level football player from overpowered defensive Clan castle units and to maintain much better mid-Town room level game balance, we’ve reworked some of the Clan castle donation functionalities.

When the feather 2021 update goes live, the following alters will enter effect:

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Clan lock LevelDonated troop Lab Level Cap
15 (TH7)
26 (TH8)
37 (TH9)
48 (TH10 inc. Sneaky Goblin)
59 (TH11 in ~ Super Barbarian, at sight Archer, and also Super wall Breaker)
610 (TH12 consisting of all continuing to be Super Troops)
711 (TH13)
8Can receive any type of level troops

Referencing the table above, a level 1 Clan Castle, once you get donated troops, the level the those troops will be limited to convoy levels because that a level 5 Laboratory.

Using barbarian in the above example, the max level Barbarians a level 1 Clan castle will receive would be level 4 when they space donated because that’s the highest possible level they deserve to be upgraded to with a level 5 Laboratory.

This level cap additionally affects war donations together well. Higher level convoy donations will immediately have your levels decreased by the level cap. Additionally, any Troop levels got through Clan perks will certainly still adhere come the level cap.

Stay tuned for more update news coming veeeery soon!

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