While college is just one of the highlights of many people’s lives, the believed of having actually to covering out so lot money on tuition, the expense of living, and more can be overwhelming. One cost that have the right to be particularly difficult to stomach is exactly how much you’ll invest on college textbooks.

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The university Board approximates that students spend over $1,200 annually on textbooks and course products — ouch! Thankfully, there space plenty of resources to aid you find cheap university textbooks and avoid break the bank.

First, talk to her Professors

The first step to acquiring the best possible bargain is to gain a perform of the publications you need as shortly as possible. This no only allows you time come hunt under the finest deals, but also to reach out to your professors.

Then, shoot your professor an e-mail asking how often the publication will be used, whether friend absolutely need the recent version, and also if you require a digital access code for virtual activities. It is in polite and also show that you space budget-conscious. You’ll find that most instructors are an ext than happy to help out!

TO: SUBJECT: textbook inquiryDear ,

I hope this email finds friend well. Ns and I’m enrolled in her course this upcoming semester.

I’m prepare to buy mine textbooks top top a budget, so I have actually three questions around the book for this class:

How often will the publication be used? If no often, I could share with an additional classmate or borrow native the library.Will an larger edition of the textbook suffice, or carry out I absolutely require the current version?Will us be tasked through completing any type of online tasks from the textbook that ns will need a digital accessibility code for?

Thanks in breakthrough for your help!


Once you know what books you need and also whether you’ll require the latest version, it’s time to begin your search. Check out on to uncover out the best places to buy and rent both tough copies and e-copies of all the textbooks you require for college.

Browse with These Sites because that Cheap college Textbooks

There are plenty of trusted and reputable e-commerce websites the can help you uncover the publications you require at an affordable price. In countless cases, books purchased online are cheaper than buying native a brick-and-mortar store.

Look for her Textbooks on Amazon

Amazon has plenty of cheap university textbooks and also e-books for sale. Friend may even qualify because that a duration of cost-free shipping with Amazon Prime making use of your college email. Plus, once you are done making use of them, you have the right to turn right earlier around and use the platform to market them secondhand.

You can additionally rent books from Amazon through the Amazon Rental platform. This choice is generally way more affordable 보다 buying her textbooks!

Sharing a textbook with an additional classmate have the right to be a good way to conserve some cash. Photo: Zen Chung/Pexels

Consider member or Subscription-Based Content

If you don’t need a physical textbook, there room plenty of subscription-based websites the can offer you access to countless textbooks throughout various subjects. (Plus, it’s much less weight in her backpack!)

Read her Textbooks Online through Perlego

Perlego is a digital digital library that offers access to end 500,000 textbooks. You will do it pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access all of Perlego’s content, and you can even download many titles to accessibility offline!

You don’t should commit straight away one of two people — you can search Perlego’s library for her textbooks before becoming a member, and also can additionally make usage of a 14-day trial. If you do decide Perlego is for you, great news: the super affordable, through a yearly subscription running around $100. That’s less than the price that one university textbook!

Find the content You require on Cengage

Cengage is a enormous platform that’s supplied by students and instructors about the world, with hundreds of textbooks to choose from. As one of the first subscription-based content sites because that books, it’s been labeled as “a Netflix-style subscription service for students.” 

If you decide to sign up for a subscription come Cengage endless you can accessibility thousands the digital textbooks and also course products in any subject. When the business is about double the cost of Perlago, you have the right to still save a ridge of cash if her textbooks are easily accessible on this platform.

Sign up for Scribd

Scribd has actually a library of differed digital content: e-books, audiobooks, magazines, news, sheet music, articles, and also more. It additionally has a ar section wherein users often upload PDF or e-reader duplicates of famous textbooks and also journal articles. For approximately $10 a month, girlfriend can access over one million piece of content.

Other means to save Money on your College Textbooks

On height of buying, renting, or using subscription-based content websites, here are part unconventional methods to gain cheap college textbooks online.

Jump into the r/scholar Subreddit

Did you understand there’s an entire community that netizens specialized to help you find the textbooks friend need? The r/scholar subreddit is a an excellent way to attach with like-minded individuals and also request books and also journal articles. This ar is run and also maintained by volunteer who have made it their mission come make scholastic material much more accessible.

Make certain to Befriend your Seniors

When it’s cheap textbooks you’re after, who far better to ask 보다 a student that has currently taken the class? They could have the an extremely book you need, and maybe even for a familiar price.

Look right into Interlibrary Loans

If your very own university library go not have a copy the the textbook friend need, one more university might. Check with your library — thousands of colleges throughout the country are a part of one interlibrary loan arrangement. You have the right to search for and also request to borrow item from other libraries wherein they have actually what you require in stock.

While this is generally a complimentary service, some lending libraries may charge a small fee for delivery.

Ask her Professors because that Spare Copies

It is feasible that your professors may have actually a spare copy of her reading products — they probably needed to examine it themselves. Nothing be fear to strategy your teacher for assist in obtaining any type of books girlfriend need; they’ll most likely want to aid you uncover ways to gain the most out of your class.

Share a Copy through Your Classmates

If her professor doesn’t mind, girlfriend could try splitting the cost of a textbook between two to three various other classmates and rotate ownership of the reading material outside of classes. It have the right to be a good way to carry a study group together and make learning much more fun.

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Regardless of even if it is you room going to your local ar college or a college in the next state, postsecondary education and learning can be incredibly pricey and requires a the majority of commitment. Finding the college textbooks you need can also be hard on the budget. Using these resources have the right to reduce your college prices while providing you every the reading materials you need to make it through the semester.

So what space you wait for? walk ahead and use any kind of of these resources to gear up through cheap college textbooks and also get hyped for your school year guilt-free!