All people, consisting of non-Maine residents, age 16 and older are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Maine

Chris Costa (NEWS center Maine), Gabrielle Mannino (NEWS facility Maine)


All people, including non-Maine residents, age 16 and older are now eligible because that the COVID-19 vaccine.

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As of may 4, about 57 percent of those eligible had actually received a first dose, and around 48 percent of people had received a final dose.

Appointments are compelled at many locations, back some inoculation sites are beginning to allow walk-in vaccinations. Click below for a list of where you can get a walk-in vaccination. Appointment ease of access is dependent on vaccine supply.These listings space subject to change and will be to update regularly.

Note: online appointments space only available for those period 18 older. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for individuals ages 16 and also 17, but consent indigenous a parent or legitimate guardian is required to vaccinate children.

Maine DHHS claims in the comes days, thelist of vaccination siteswill suggest which ones room able come vaccinate youth.

Major hospital systems and also their sponsored vaccine sites, like MaineHealth, and also Northern irradiate Health.

Retail pharmacies: Walgreens, Walmart, Hannaford, Sam’s Club, Shaw’s.Schedule an appointment at these pharmacies:

Some vaccine clinics throughout the state are beginning to market walk-in vaccinations. Click here for a running perform of walk-in areas available.

If you battle with transportation, the state offers totally free rides to vaccine appointments v a DHHS partnership through ModivCare. Contact 1-855-608-5172 come schedule a ride.

The Pfizer and also Moderna COVID-19 vaccines call for two doses. You must receive a vaccine indigenous the very same provider, either Pfizer or Moderna, because that both doses. Once scheduling your second dose, make an appointment through the exact same vaccination website where you got your an initial dose and also follow their process for signing up because that dose two.

"As with any change, there will certainly be bumps in the road,” Maine DHHS Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew said on April 6. "There will certainly be human being who try to obtain appointments and will it is in waiting longer than they would certainly like. I think human being should intend some difficulties in the comes days together we walk from 3rd gear to fifth gear."

Lastly—if you"re booking multiple appointments, it is in courteous. When you acquire your shot, publication your various other appointments.

"Do the best thing. Cancel out the other ones. That method so many more folks have actually a chance to grab it,” Maine CDC director Dr. Nirav Shah stated on April 6.

Auburn Mall:Vaccinations at the website will be accessible by meeting only. To check availability, book an appointment, or uncover out much more about high-volume inoculation site, visit or call the main Maine health care COVID vaccine call facility at 207-520-2917.

B Street Clinic-Lewiston: To do an appointment visit

Central Maine clinical Center–Lewiston: prepare to begin scheduling appointments in concert through vaccine availability. Lock ask that you do not call around vaccine appointments. Check earlier here because that updates.

HealthReach community Health Centers dba west Maine household Health Center-Livermore drops (patient only): patient may contact 897-4345 come schedule one appointment.

St. Mary"s regional Medical Center–Lewiston: preparing to start scheduling appointments. Contact 207-755-3100 for an ext information.

Caribou Health facility (patient only):Information on inoculation clinics detailed by Pines health Services is available by call 207-498-1638 or visiting

Houlton local Hospital–Houlton:Pre-register by visiting contact 207-521-2240 Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Fish river Rural Health–Fort Kent:Patients will certainly be called directly to schedule one appointment however the publicly are likewise welcomed. Contact 207-834-1218 or visit for an ext information.

KVHC-Ashland-Houlton (patient only):Patients might visit or 1-866-366-5842, Ext. 155 to register.

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Northern Light health and wellness Vaccine Clinic–Presque Isle:Visit or call 207-204-8551. Note–the clinic receives a minimal supply that vaccine weekly and also it"s made accessible to the general public as it"s obtained from the state. The registration portal is updated Mondays at 2 p.m. Check earlier here because that availability.

Northern Maine clinical Center–Knights of Columbus hall in Madawaska and also Fort Kent: call NMMC COVID-19 Vaccine call facility at 207-834-1512 to schedule an appointment