Walt Disney world has discount vacation packages and other money saving deals, consisting of military, room, and free dining discounts. This short article covers tips because that making the finest use of this discounts, and when you deserve to expect to find each of them. Numerous of this Walt Disney world special supplies are already accessible through fall 2021, with an ext to come later on in the year.

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Some of these Disney civilization discounts are much better than others and also discounts are rather predictable together they frequently repeat, for this reason to obtain an idea of how the assorted discounts ridge up, we’ve placed together this write-up rating Disney’s discounts. To watch which discounts are ideal for specific “types” that guest review our review and review of all Walt Disney human being discounts below.

Rather than this gift a generic write-up providing details like dates (which have the right to be uncovered here) of the assorted discounts at Walt Disney World, this post will rather editorialize. Girlfriend can find the information worrying applicable dates and the choose on DisneyWorld.com or on a myriad of other fan sites that just copy and paste the info from DisneyWorld.com. This post is intended to aid those of you who space unfamiliar through Walt Disney human being discounts get an idea the how great the discount you’re considering really is (despite Disney’s best marketing efforts, part discounts are far better than others).

I’ve planned every Walt Disney civilization trip we’ve taken end the course of the years, and I’ve learned a lot about traveling frugally to Walt Disney civilization in the process. Hopefully this gives a primer because that those who don’t visit as often, but are spring to conserve the many money feasible when planning their Walt Disney human being trip!

Although Walt Disney people constantly transforms the discounts the offers, the same species of discounts room constantly readily available (“Free” Disney Dining Plan, Room-Only, etc.), so this reviews should provide you a an excellent idea of i beg your pardon discounts are ideal for you.

When analyzing the discounts offered, it’s vital to remember the package discounts may encompass things friend don’t want. The Disney Dining Plan, i beg your pardon offers an ext food than most guests can eat, might be a an excellent deal for you ~ above paper, however if it’s an ext food than you would certainly otherwise eat, space you really saving money? part vacation packages call for you to purchase Walt Disney world park tickets directly from Disney, once these tickets have the right to be to buy cheaper native an authorized third party. Review our Tips for Buying Discount Walt Disney people Tickets Guide for more information around saving money on park tickets.

Please note: this article covers Walt Disney civilization (in Florida); if you’re traveling to Disneyland resort (in California), inspect out our Disneyland resort Discounts advice & details post.

Disney Discounts: Reviewed


Magic Your way Vacation Package – This is Disney’s method of bundling hotel, tickets, and also the Disney Dining plan together, and they don’t frequently offer any discount. Although you will certainly receive particular “Magical Extras” because that booking a Magic Your method vacation package, these Magical Extras are not points that many guests will use. The is, uneven you setup on safety time base fishing or at the arcade if you’re at Walt Disney World. Even if girlfriend do, you deserve to usually uncover a better discount and then simply pay full price for the arcade or base fishing.

Discount rating – Since it’s not really a discount, this rates poorly. Disney encourages world to buy holidays packages due to the fact that that’s just how it makes the many money. Most people will to buy tickets and also meals, anyway, but buying those items as part of a package frequently encourages guests to buy greater-length park tickets and spend much more on meals by purchase the Disney Dining Plan. Many of the moment you will conserve much an ext money by using an easily accessible discount (which actually regularly incorporate a Magic Your means package right into the discount) than an un-discounted Magic Your way package.

We actually don’t introduce booking this non-discounted vacation package, because it’s an ext expensive to buy ticket from Disney directly. If no various other discounts are easily accessible during the dates you want to visit (which is very rare), we extremely recommend renting Disney Vacation club points and buying Walt Disney human being tickets from an authorized third party ticket broker. You’ll conserve so much more money going that route.

The exception here to save in mental is that there space some other discount offers that call for the purchase of a Magic Your means vacation package. The most notable of this is complimentary Dining (below), which can offer significant savings over buying each component the the package individually.


“Free” Disney Dining setup – Disney people has not yet exit its general public “Free Dining” days for 2021, and is unlikely to perform so in the foreseeable future. Read this short article for crucial details about totally free Dining in ~ Walt Disney World.

Value Resort and Moderate resort guests receive the Quick service Disney Dining plan during the promotion, and Deluxe/Deluxe Villa guests get the standard Disney Dining Plan. I have actually a numerous articles and also resources devoted to the Disney Dining Plan and the totally free Disney Dining plan promotion. More details deserve to be uncovered there.

Discount rating – Free Dining is unquestionably the most popular discount Disney offers. Expect to check out it to be exit in the spring for travel dates commonly from August v December. The promotion uses the Dining plan for complimentary to guests paying for full price Magic Your method packages (so purchasing full price rooms and park tickets). Free dining have the right to be a an excellent discount, and also is generally best for larger parties in a solitary room or next with tiny children. With this year’s downgrade the the Quick organization DDP to Moderate will guests, the totally free Dining promo loser a lot of value because that guests that leveraged it the best.

It’s still a very an excellent discount for many parties. Make sure to crunch the number to make sure it’s much better than a room-only discount (it normally is, except for 2 civilization staying in a deluxe Resort). Popular dates and resorts publication up fast for this discount and the Disney chase Visa usually gets an extra mainly in mid-August the is not available to the general public. (The a few day head-start ‘early booking’ home window for Disney Visa cardholders is no much longer offered.) ~ above booking the discount.


PIN Codes – pen codes are regularly regarded as the holy grail of discounts in ~ the Disney ar as they’re only sent to a pick few. They’re no a separate category of their own, together they can incorporate numerous different types of discounts. Only those who receive the pin Code may utilize it, and usually these discounts are better than those offered to the basic public. Usually. I’ve written a lot around PIN Codes together we have actually had great “luck” in receiving them regularly. To boost your opportunities of receiving a pin Code, review this. Pin Codes have the right to be room-only discounts, “kids pat free” discounts, cost-free dining discounts, or other discounts v which Disney is experimenting.

Discount rating – because PIN codes aren’t really their own classification of discount so lot as multiple species of discounts offered to select groups, it’s difficult to rate them. Generally, pen codes are far better than what’s accessible to the basic public, but there have been part exceptions come that. Pin codes room most frequently early cost-free Dining, cost-free Dining for days not easily accessible to the basic public, or room only discounts.


“Stay, Play, Dine & Save” – This is often released in the winter for early-year travel dates. That off supplies varying savings on Magic Your method vacation packages that incorporate park tickets, a hotel stay, and also the Disney Dining Plan.

Discount Rating – With this bundled package savings, Disney no state the amount that you actually conserve (which is frustrating), but right now is touting savings of “up to $600 for a family of 4.” through pricing out sample bookings, you deserve to see the the savings space hit or miss–most of the moment it’s not as good as a room-only discount. Typically, it supplies an ~50% off savings on the Disney Dining setup (more or less relying on the an exact details of her booking). Thus, we take into consideration it “Half-Free Dining.” It have the right to be a an excellent deal–especially because that travel dates when cost-free Dining has, historically, never ever been offered in the past.


Authorized Walt Disney World Ticket Seller Discounts – There room a restricted number of third parties that are authorized by Walt Disney World to offer discounted tickets. Us cover these sellers (and which tickets to purchase to obtain the many bang for her buck) in our advice for saving Money ~ above Walt Disney civilization Tickets post. These savings can be reasonably modest or significant depending upon where you buy and the form of ticket purchased. The vital thing to remember below is words authorized. We’ve emphasized that twice now due to the fact that it’s yes, really important. There are a many roadside stands and timeshare scams close to Walt Disney civilization in Florida, as well as sellers ~ above eBay and Craigslist that run ticket scams.

Discount rating – The discounts from these authorized Walt Disney world ticket sellers differ by ticket and might be insignificant for some tickets and also more far-ranging for others. The to save can add up, though. This discount is no as great as the Florida Resident or army discounts, yet if you nothing qualify for either the those savings, this is the best way to go.


Walt Disney world Resort-Hotel Room-Only Discounts – These room only discounts are easily accessible to the basic public because that booking just their hotel rooms. Tickets and also the Disney Dining plan are not contained with these discounts, however typically might be included separately for full price. Room just discounts are generally tiered, with the deepest discounts (usually 30% off) because that Deluxe and also Deluxe Villa resorts. During low booking seasons, the least renowned of these resorts have the right to see discounts up to 40% off (most frequently only at Saratoga Springs and also Old crucial West). Middle resorts generally see 25% off discounts, v Value resorts seeing 20% turn off discounts. The exact percentages here have the right to fluctuate a bit depending upon season.

In general, the discounts right here are slightly far better during off-peak times. If you have flexibility, you should avoid traveling when lesser discounts are offered. Not just because you won’t conserve as much, but since greater discounts are typically offered during slow seasons. So, not only do girlfriend save an ext money, however you have actually lighter crowds to deal with. Win-win!

Discount rating – For next of 2 or less, the room-only discount is generally my encourage discount (for reasons we discuss in greater detail in our write-up weighing the pros and also cons the the room-only discounts). Because that parties that four and also sometimes three, ns often recommend the cost-free Disney Dining arrangement discount when it’s available. This discount usually supplies the ideal value due to the fact that it doesn’t pressure you to purchase things you don’t need, and gives you the many autonomy in picking other facets of her vacation, choose park tickets and meals. If you’re purely taken into consideration with travel cheaply, a worth Resort v a reduced percentage discount is always cheaper than a Deluxe resort or deluxe Villa Resort v a better discount. However, the higher tier resorts, obviously, have nicer accommodations.

If you’re in a party the three and are travel at a time when cost-free Dining is additionally offered, i m sorry discount friend should select depends upon how much food you would ideally want to eat on your trip, the specific percentages the discounts, and in which will tier you’d stay. If there’s 40% off the resort at which you desire to stay and also you’re irradiate eaters who would fairly save time by doing mainly counter business meals, the decision is easy: take the room discount.

If her party would certainly otherwise remain at Port orleans Riverside on a 20% room discount and you enjoy huge table service meals, the decision is additionally easy: take complimentary dining. Opportunities are, your scenarios won’t be rather so cut and dry, therefore you’ll need to crunch part numbers. Think about how lot the restaurants at which you desire to eat would expense out the pocket matches what you’d save with a room only discount. If the the end of bag dining price is higher than the percent savings, take totally free Dining. If not, take it the percentage discount. As a party of 2 that prefers to usage the Tables in Wonderland 20% turn off dining card, we normally go with the room discount.


Annual Passholder Room-Only Discounts – Annual Passholders generally receive slightly better room-only discounts 보다 the basic public. The Disney Dining arrangement can generally be added to these discounts for second fee. Just like the general public room-only discount, these space typically damaged down into tiers v the finest discounts easily accessible at deluxe or deluxe Villa Resorts. This discounts additionally vary widely based ~ above booking trends and also season. These are often obtainable later 보다 the basic public discounts v the presumption top top Disney’s part that yearly Passholders room in a far better position to publication a room in ~ the last minute.

Discount rating – Annual Passholders (obviously) don’t need park tickets, therefore this will, with very rare exception, be the ideal discount because that them. Depending on the size of your stay and the tier of will at i m sorry you’d like to stay, it might be advantageous for one member of your party to acquisition an annual Pass come take benefit of the discount. Because that example, if you’re plan a 12-night vacation at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, one human in her party can want to acquisition an annual Pass if the discount rate there is much better for annual Passholders 보다 it is for the basic public. Friend will require to existing your yearly Pass at the moment of check-in, for this reason make sure to order that in development and choose it up before checking-in.


Florida resident Room Discounts – Florida Residents frequently receive room discounts equivalent to yearly Passholders. Proof of Florida residency is forced at check-in. The Disney Dining setup is not had with this discounts but may be added.  

Discount rating – If you’re a Florida resident who only demands a room for a weekend or something, this is probably the ideal discount for you. This is true even if you execute not have an annual Pass. Depending upon how countless times every year girlfriend visit, it might be advantageous to acquisition an annual Pass (and possibly additionally a Tables in Wonderland map if friend eat on Disney building on a semi-regular basis). If not, see listed below for discounted tickets available to Florida residents.


Florida resides Disney Ticket Discounts – from time come time, Disney uses discount ticket to Florida citizens who don’t own yearly Passes. Evidence of Florida residency is required to acquisition these tickets. Disney frequently offers special multi-day tickets because that Florida occupants for use during lightly attended days in the spring. These tickets almost always have blockout days during spring break season and Easter week.

Discount rating – As an Indiana resident that is an yearly Passholder, i can’t fathom gift a Florida resident and not gift an annual Passholder. However, if you’re not, this are great prices because that tickets, as standard Magic Your means tickets are generally much an ext expensive. If you’re a Florida resides planning a holidays to Walt Disney World, I highly recommend including on the Park Hopper alternative or the Water Park fun & an ext option (or both!). Depending upon how many times every year friend visit, it might be useful to acquisition an yearly Pass.

These tickets room a win-win because that Disney and also guests. Disney it s okay to draw some guests that otherwise might not have actually visited in ~ all throughout the year (or visited throughout busier times) during times the the year as soon as there is unused capacity. The guests benefit in receiving cheaper tickets and also visiting throughout a light time the year.


Military Disney world “Armed pressures Salute” Room Discounts – Disney’s popular “Armed forces Salute” was expanded through 2021. It’ll likely be prolonged again for 2022 and beyond (it has actually been running for the previous 7 years without interruption–extended every time the was around to expire). Army personnel (active or retired) receive far better room-only discounts than the basic public. The Disney Dining arrangement is not consisted of with these discounts, yet typically may be included at full price.

Discount rating – Disney go a lot of for army personnel, which is absolutely great. However, also with these great savings, you might instead check out our testimonial of the terrific Shades of eco-friendly Resort. My dad is retirement military, and also we always stayed in ~ Shades of environment-friendly when i was growing up. The was good back then, and also thanks come a recent refurbishment, it’s looking far better than ever. It’s located in the Magic Kingdom area (walking distance to Disney’s Polynesian Resort) and also rooms are usually as huge or bigger than Disney luxurious Resorts. Additionally, the food is much more reasonably priced. Prices are based top top military-ranking.


Military Disney civilization “Armed forces Salute” Ticket Discounts – The exorbitant “Armed pressures Salute” Disney ticket sell is also accessible now for 2021. As soon as booking v this offer, energetic or retirement US army personnel might purchase 4-Day armed forces Promotional Tickets with your choice of either the Park Hopper or Water Park funny & an ext option in ~ a steeply discounted rate. These tickets might be provided by themselves, household members (including spouse) or friends. Guest booking this package have the right to upgrade to either the Park Hopper or Water Park fun & an ext options for a bit more (highly recommended). This tickets room by much the cheapest the Disney offers, therefore if you qualify, jump on this deal.

Discount rating – This is a frequently-offered discount, extended annually for about the last decade. This is a great price because that a 4-day park ticket. If you’re eligible for these tickets, buy them, as they are without a doubt the finest deal you’ll be able to find. I would very recommend including on one of two people the Park Hopper alternative or the Water Park fun & much more option.

If you’re going come be at Walt Disney human being for an ext than four days, the Water Park fun & an ext option permits you to spend some time enjoying various other Disney offerings ~ above your continuing to be days. If you’re going to be at Walt Disney human being for only four days, the Park Hopper option permits you come visit many parks in the same day. This will allow you to travel to the parks v morning and also evening Extra Magic Hours. Although there space only 4 theme parks and four days might seem prefer plenty, it’s impossible to watch it all in 4 days. The Park Hopper choice will in ~ least aid you check out a little bit more.


Foreign & combination Discounts – In addition to the military discount, there are other “association” discounts. The most influential of these was the AAA discount. Disney and AAA terminated their partnership in ~ the start of critical year, meaning perks and exclusive discounts easily accessible to AAA members room gone. AAA locations still market discount tickets and also travel packages, but these room the exact same offers easily accessible elsewhere to the basic public. Members of other associations space advised come inquire as to whether your association affords lock a discount. Again, these savings are unlikely to be much better than what’s provided above.

Discount rating – Guests from overseas generally can receive substantially far better discounts than those readily available to Americans. In the past, a 30-40% room discount plus cost-free Disney Dining setup was no unheard of. Accessibility to these discounts is only obtainable through international travel agents and from international arms that the Walt Disney take trip Company. Guests coming from other countries would be well-advised come look right into these discounts first–they’re often better than united state discounts. Discounts for united state associations are rarely, if ever, better than what’s available to the general public.


Kids Stay and Play Free – This discount offers cost-free tickets because that your youngsters when booking a Magic Your method Vacation package. The remainder of the package is full price (meaning no room discount or discounts on adult tickets).

Discount rating – Since children constantly stay totally free in a room with adults, this isn’t that good of a discount. On short stays in worth Resorts with multiple children is once it’s best. The fewer children you have, the longer your stay becomes, and/or the higher tier of will you choose, the worse discount that becomes. If you have actually 3 adults and also one child remaining in Disney’s Polynesian will for 12 days, this is most certainly not the best discount. Obviously, if you have no youngsters with you, it’s a devastating discount no matter the trip duration and resort tier. As soon as this discount is offered, it’s rarely the best discount for many guests.

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Other discounts may be readily available from time to time (one discount we’d love to watch return is the “buy 4, obtain 3 free” offer), but these are the most usual ones that you can generally count on seeing many years. Other, minor discounts (like add-on ticket days) aren’t mentioned right here as they generally are trivial and/or uncommon.

If girlfriend need assist finding the ideal discounts for her family’s Walt Disney people vacation and would prefer the assistance from a professional, click below to acquire a quote indigenous a recommended, no-fee Authorized Disney holidays Planner. They obtain their commission from Disney, so over there is no charge to you for them to book your trip and help you plan!