Starting may 1st, 2021, typical driver"s licenses and non-driver IDs will become easily accessible to occupants who have an ITIN or space willing to obtain the society Security administration (SSA) ineligibility letter. You may now do appointments for a driver’s patent for might 1st, 2021 and also onwards if you have an ITIN or room willing to obtain the social Security administration (SSA) ineligibility letter. Starting roughly June 1st, people will have actually the choice to apply with an affidavit attesting to their ineligibility because that an SSN instead the using an ITIN or SSA letter.

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You can learn about the actions to use for a brand-new Jersey driver’s patent below and by city hall MVC’s exactly how To obtain Your very first License Videos.

Note: If you are ages 16-20, please click here for an ext information. Pick your age group.

If you are 21+, please review the indict below. 

STEP 1: Prepare for the understanding test and also get your papers in order 

The an initial step is to study for the composed exam and also get your files in order by selecting which papers you can use come prove 6 points of id under the MVC 6 allude system. 

What you need:

Collect your records to satisfy the complying with requirements: 6 point out of ID,Proof of address, andProof the SSN, ITIN, or proof of ineligibility because that an SSN



STEP 2: apply for an check Permit

The second step is to gain your examination permit.

BEFORE you walk to the agency:

Make an appointment to obtain your permit.For the straightforward standard license, choose “Purchase one auto examination permit.”




At the agency:

Bring her signed applications form, 6 points of ID, and also $10 fee (credit/debit card, cash, check, or money order) to the license center.


STEP 3: take it the expertise Test

The third step is to schedule and also take your expertise test.

Bring her permit and also a photograph ID or your main ID to your appointment. Pass the knowledge test and obtain a learner"s permit. Pass the vision testIf girlfriend wear glasses/contacts, lug them. If you pass the vision test through them, you need to drive with them.Now you can practice supervised driving to prepare for the road test and obtain a probationary license.

STEP 4: Practice supervised Driving

The fourth step is to exercise for the roadway test for 3 months:

You need to be add in the front seat by one adult supervising driver that is at the very least 21 year of age, and who own a valid brand-new Jersey driver’s license, and also has a minimum of three years steering experience.IF YOU space UNDER THE period OF 21, you have to use license plate decals.You cannot usage cell phones, handheld video games or any type of other interactive, wireless device, whether it is “hands-free” or not.Seat belts need to be worn at all times.


STEP 5: pass the road Test and also Get her Probationary License

The 5th step is to happen the road test and also get a "probationary" license through special restrictions.


BEFORE you go to the firm for the roadway test:

For the roadway test, you will need:To bring your permit and also the exact same 6 points of i would you offered to obtain the permit.An accompanying NJ driver over the period of 21 and with at the very least three years of steering experienceIF YOU room UNDER THE age OF 21, lug license plate decals.If girlfriend pass, the examiner will certainly endorse your permit. If you fail, you must wait at the very least 14 days before retaking the test.



AFTER you pass the road test, girlfriend can obtain a probationary license. Bring the complying with to the agency:

6 clues of IDProof of addressYour learner’s permit (proof the successful roadway test)$6 (credit, debit card, cash, check, or money bespeak payable come NJMVC)

Answering concerns on the signature pad: 

In an answer to the question concerning voter registration, select “Decline Voter Registration” if you space under 17 or no a united state citizen.

Your probationary license will be mailed come you. You should practice unsupervised driving because that at the very least one year before you can acquire your full, unrestricted driver license.



STEP 6: exercise unsupervised driving for one year and also get your straightforward Driver"s License

The last step is to save practicing through your "probationary" license for one year.

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AFTER one year the unsupervised driving, you have the right to upgrade her probationary license come an unrestricted driver"s license. Girlfriend will have to pay an update fee of $18 (credit, debit card, cash, check, or money order payable come NJ MVC).