Getting your first driver’s license is exciting, however it can additionally be a nerve-wracking experience. For many people, waiting until age 18 to use for a license renders sense. Because that example, if girlfriend live in an metropolitan area like brand-new York City or Buffalo, you may have access to public transportation that provides it fairly easy to get roughly without a license as a teen. The much longer you wait to get a license, the more you’re most likely to save on car insurance, too. 

So if did you do it waited till you turn 18 to obtain a new York driver"s license, you’re not alone. Here’s your step-by-step overview to gaining your first license in brand-new York State together a young adult.

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1. Examine for the created Test

As in many states, new York drivers must happen a created exam to show that they know the fundamentals the driving and traffic laws. To it is in prepared, you’ll have to study the new York State Driver’s hand-operated to familiarize yourself with the rules. 

2. Take a practice Test

To make sure that you’ve learned every the information, it’s crucial to take a exercise test. This will assist you prepare for the types of concerns you’ll face and give girlfriend confidence that you understand what to do once you arrive in person for the actual thing.

3. Gather her Documents

When you arrive at the DMV, you’ll require to carry out proof the identity and also residency. These generally include:

Your Social defense card

Your birth certificate

A utility or tuition bill, revenue tax return, or various other approved record that proves residency

Additional documentation v your exact name

New York has actually a points mechanism that assigns worths to various documents. To prove her identity, you must carry enough papers to earn 6 points in the system. Use the new York DMV overview to see what combination of paperwork will certainly work ideal for you. 

4. Apply for her Learner’s permit at the DMV

At the DMV, you will certainly fill out an application and also pay the suitable fees v cash, personal check, or a credit card. Fees vary depending upon your age; check the fee schedule ahead of time to understand what friend owe. 

5. Take the created Permit Test

Once girlfriend pay, you’ll have the ability to take the composed test in ~ the DMV. If girlfriend pass, you’ll get a short-term learner’s permit best away and a long-term one in the letter in a couple of weeks. Her learner’s allow is valid for 5 years. 

If you fail the composed exam, you deserve to retake that as plenty of times as necessary for free.

6. Complete the Five-hour Pre-licensing Course

Even if you’re over 18, you’ll still should take this course.

"New York is one of the few states that calls for you to take it a driver"s ed or pre-licensing course as soon as you obtain your patent for the an initial time, nevertheless of age," claims Megan Shepherd, insurance professional at Finder.

This course is accessible through neighborhood high schools, colleges, and DMV-approved driving schools. If you’re end 18, you’re likewise eligible to take the course online. As soon as you pass, you’ll be approve a certificate of completion valid for one year.

7. Practice Driving Under Supervision

You’ll must practice driving till you feel confident that you have the right to handle your car in all types of conditions and circumstances. Her learner’s permit enables you to drive just with a license is granted driver end the age of 21, for this reason you’ll need to schedule time to perform this. When you’re over 18, over there is no minimum necessity for the variety of practice hours.

8. Schedule Your road Test

When you feel ready, schedule your roadway test at a place that works for you. Once you arrive, you’ll must have:

Your learner’s permit

Your certificate the completion because that the pre-licensing course

A licensed driver over age 21 through you

A properly registered and inspected auto to drive throughout the test

Your glasses or contact lenses, if applicable

If you pass your road test, you’ll get an interim patent on the spot. Your consistent license will certainly arrive in the mail in a few weeks. If you nothing pass, you get one free retake, despite you can also pay an additional fee for an ext retakes if necessary.

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