In the latest search by young adult to gain high from common household products, six teens are reported to have actually been cure in southern California emergency rooms over the past few months after drink hand sanitizer.

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The Los Angeles times reports that part public health and wellness officials are involved that this could be the leading edge of a dangerous trend. To teens who can not buy alcohol, hand sanitizer may seem like an inexpensive and obtainable alternative.

Liquid hand sanitizer includes 60% ethyl alcohol. Few of the teenagers extracted alcohol native hand sanitizer through salt, a method they uncovered on the Internet. The resulting substance each other 100 proof grain alcohol and also is far much more potent 보다 whiskey or vodka, i beg your pardon is typically around 90 proof. Dozens that videos around drinking hand sanitizer are obtainable on YouTube; numerous show teens as castle drink it and become drunk. There are also videos reflecting young human being rubbing hand sanitizer on their skin and also then lighting it on fire.

Dr. Cyrus Ragan, manager of toxicology for the L.A. Ar public wellness department compares hand sanitizer come a shoot of whiskey or other difficult liquor. “All it takes is just a few swallows and you have a drunk teenager,” Dr. Raga called the Times. “There is no concern that the dangerous and the potential for overdose is there.”

Emergency rooms in brand-new York City have also seen cases of teens who ingested hand sanitizers. In both Los Angeles and new York, teenagers’ symptoms included:

slurred speecha burning sensation in the stomachdizzinessnausea and vomiting

Although there was no odor of alcohol on your breath and they refuse drinking alcohol, their blood alcohol level was elevated.In Albuquerque, new Mexico, the deaths of two homeless men previously this year were connected to a lethal cocktail of mouthwash and hand sanitizer. The new Mexico Poison center has received 14 reports this year of world who ingested hand sanitizer. Nationwide, much more than 3,700 instances of hand sanitizer poisoning space reported every year. Around 2,900 of these situations are accidents involving children under the age of five.

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Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital in brand-new York City believes that warning labels must be inserted on hand sanitizers to alert the public to the potential risk. As more teens learn about the intoxicating results of hand sanitizer, parents may want to take into consideration purchasing foam-type hand sanitizers due to the fact that alcohol is harder come extract native foam 보다 from gel sanitizers.