Rocket League just got a entirety lot tougher! The iconic, many purchased brand (based top top 2020 CY complete sales) in the U.S. Has arrived and also is ready for the pitch. Acquire the Ford F-150 RLE (Rocket League edition) because that a minimal time and also haul her teammates come victory!

Built Ford Tough

The Ford F-150 has been outfitted with Rocket an increase and is all set to compete! instead of hitting the open up road, struggle the open up goal v the Ford F-150 RLE bundle. Inspect it out in its own tab in the article shop now through February 28 for 1500 Credits. It includes the Ford F-150 RLE, chairman decal, player banner, and also more.

Player Note: The Ford F-150 RLE have the right to be customized by Rocket League items that room not connected with other licensed IP. The items consisted of in the bundle have the right to only be equipped by the Ford F-150 RLE.

Get in the game and also drive, jump, aerial, and win v the Ford F-150 RLE! get it prior to it’s gone!

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