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Researching vending equipments for your company can it is in a an overwhelming task. It is why Vending remedies is happy to administer this FAQ as a resource tool for human being interested in vending machines, Coke machines, Pepsi machines, drink machines, soda machines, popular music machines, juice machines, beverage machines, and snack machines.

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How much do vending equipments cost? RETURN come TOP>> Vending Solutions provides all vending machines and also services for free. The devices are installed, stocked with products and serviced/maintained all at no cost. However, if you are looking to purchase a soda vending machine and stock in yourself, they typically start approximately $3,600 for a high quality unit. Snack devices start at approximately $3,000. Check out ours sales and leasing web page for an ext information.

How does Full organization Vending work? RETURN to TOP>> that is our score to it is in the ideal customer service company in the vending business. We complete service every one of our vending machines. This method we control every conceivable page of her vending program. We take care of everything. Vending remedies understands that your time is really important. Leaving the vending come us.

What are the requirements to location a soda machine? RETURN to TOP>> In order because that a soda maker to work-related in a company Vending Solutions needs at least 40 employee or a high quantity of customer traffic. Hotels/Motels usually need at the very least 20 rooms to assistance a soda an equipment and apartment structures generally require 100 add to apartments at the facility.

What space the demands to place a snack machine? return to TOP>> unlike sodas, snacks have a much much shorter shelf life. That is important that the snack device does enough volume for this reason the commodities do not spoil. The bigger the office the far better when it pertains to snack vending. Vending Solutions needs at the very least 75 employees before we will place a snack vending machine. Also, since the mass of vending revenue is obtained from the soda machine, it is often daunting to find a vending operator to place a snack device without likewise handling the beverage vending onsite as well.

What species of vending devices are available? RETURN come TOP>> Coke machines, Pepsi machines, drink machines, soda machines, popular music machines, juice machines, water machines, beverage machines, and snack equipments are all easily accessible through Vending Solutions, nevertheless of what you contact them. As much as beverage equipments are concerned, we have both party (20oz) and can (12oz) machines. We likewise have a selection of snack machines available.

What execute the vending makers look like? RETURN come TOP>> Vending Solutions uses vending equipments in miscellaneous sizes that fit many locations. Every vending machines are attractive, newer, top-of-the-line-models.

What size of vending machines are available? RETURN to TOP>> The many standard soda vending device measures 72"H x 39"W x 33"D. However, if the maker is going to be placed inside one enclosure it is best to enable for 80"H x 45"W x 40"D. This dimensions take it in factor to consider the an are for the door opening as well as room in the ago of the maker for the plug-in and also the require for air movement for the compressor.

Where have to you download or place your vending machine? RETURN to TOP>> The particular locations might vary relying on the form of service you have, but the goal is constantly the same: ar the beverage devices in places that will get the most foot traffic and also in areas that will certainly be the many profitable.

When you authorize up because that Vending Solutions free vending services we send out a representative to survey your business. Our vending organization professional will identify the best locations and how numerous vending equipments should it is in installed.

What if I need vending makers for much more than one location? RETURN come TOP>> Researching vending for an ext than one location that might be in more than one state is a hassle. Exactly how would friend orchestrate such a program? In most situations you would have to work with much more than one vending company. Every vending agency would have their own accounting system and service department. Exactly how would you ever before keep track of whom to contact when you needed service and also collection the commissions?

If friend need organization at much more than one location, allow Vending Solutions help you, visit our benefits of a managed Program section.

How long does it take to install the vending makers RETURN to TOP>> and what is the process? that takes about 15 business days to have your vending an equipment installed and filled. Vending Solutions procedure for vending maker installation is simple and seamless.

Step 1: Sign up For complimentary using our online kind or call us in ~ 1-800-655-7564

Step 2: Vending options will contact you come schedule an meeting for ours representative to come accomplish with you.

Step 3: A representative will accomplish with you and determine the finest location in ~ your organization to location a vending machine, verify that you have actually the correct electric outlets and also go over product selection with you.

Step 4: The vending makers will be ceded shortly ~ they space ordered.

What go a soda cost from the vending machine? RETURN to TOP>> The expense of the product in the vending makers is different depending on your geographic location. Pricing for soda machines are based upon what the Coke and also Pepsi bottlers collection for their nationwide vend rates.

What products do you have obtainable in the vending machines? RETURN come TOP>> We have actually a variety of products accessible in the vending machines, Coke machines, Pepsi machines, drink machines, soda machines, popular music machines, juice machines, beverage machines, and also snack machines. The products include every the Coke and also Pepsi product lines and also much more. Please look in ~ our products page for an ext information.

How plenty of different selections deserve to the vending machines hold? RETURN to TOP>> Soda machines organize 7-9 selections at one time.

How carry out you resolve repair and refill issues? RETURN to TOP>> A range of things can go wrong v vending machines. Vending options is always prepared because that the worst-case scenario. We have actually a staff of vending organization specialists on call to aid you and also make sure your vending devices are constantly functioning properly. Us take proactive preventative procedures to ensure the your vending equipments are functioning year round. Any time a vending an equipment is broken or runs empty money revenue is being lost. It is why that is crucial to have a organization department the is well managed, detail oriented and willing to do the follow up essential to correct any type of problems that might come up.

Please call us if you experience a difficulty with your vending machine. Us are obtainable on a 24/7 basis v our website. Once you contact us, your organization order is logged into our database and your vending maker is flagged in our VendTrak™ system. We can have your problem corrected within 2-3 company days and also we will follow-up with you to make sure that your business order to be corrected.

What if someone loses money in the vending machine? RETURN come TOP>> Vending remedies will reimburse any kind of money that is lost in the vending machine. Refunds are mailed the end within 48 hrs of receipt.

What if my vending machine is vandalized? RETURN to TOP>> Vending machine vandalism deserve to happen and also is usually a short-lived situation. Selecting the ideal location because that the vending machines can prevent vandalism. Vending solutions prefers indoor vending maker placements. Indoor locations are far better monitored. There is a considerably less likelihood the a vending maker being vandalized in ~ an at home location. If your an equipment is vandalized, you will not be organized responsible for any kind of damaged equipment or lost money. Vending remedies reserves the ideal to eliminate vending machines if vandalism continues to it is in an issue. Prior to we place a brand-new vending device at your building we would certainly ask the you find a much better location or take procedures to exactly the problem.

What wake up if I require to move my vending machine? RETURN come TOP>> In part cases, vending devices may must be relocated for structure remodeling. Everything the circumstance, we ask that you educate us the a vending device move as quickly as friend can. Please contact us at the very least 20 work in advancement of the day you need to have actually the vending maker moved. This is because we need to have the product removed prior to the vending machines deserve to be moved.

How regularly should the vending makers be refilled? RETURN come TOP>> Vending makers should always have sodas come vend. Whenever a vending maker runs empty, money is lost. Many vending companies ar their vending machines on a share refill schedule the is no adequate. The usage on every vending maker fluctuates transparent the seasons. The most vital season in vending is the summer. If the vending makers are no on the exactly refill schedule for the summer, lot of the year revenue will certainly be lost. In ~ Vending solutions we recognize that no two locations are the same and also that every vending machine deserves our individual attention. Us cater the refill scheduling of each vending machine to fulfill the requirements of your business.

What room the electric requirements for a soda machine? RETURN come TOP>> many soda vending equipments run on 115 volts at around 10.5 amps. Most commercial grade 3 prong outlets will certainly be acceptable to strength a vending machine. Power consumption tends come run around 3.1 - 4.4 kWh/day for the lighting and also 3.5 - 4 kWh/day because that the refrigeration. The power intake can vary depending on if the machine is placed external or other excessive environment.

What commodities should go in the machine? RETURN come TOP>> it is very important that the exactly vending maker products are put in the machine. Vending options will work-related with you to make certain that you have actually the product selection that suits your company the best.

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What if I have actually a concern that is no in the FAQ? RETURN come TOP>> If girlfriend need an ext information speak to us toll totally free at 1-800-655-7564 or fill the end the questions section on our free Setup type and who will call you the next company day.