One that my favorite sites, InboxDollars, offers loads of means to earn actual cash online. If you"re not already a member, offer it a shot! friend can also get a $5 cash bonus simply for trying it out.

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Wouldn’t the be good if there was a way to gain your hand on complimentary gift cards – and also fast, come boot? Luckily for you, there room many methods out there to do simply that, all from the lull of your very own home. In this article, we are going to show you how to carry out it – without completing a single offer.

It’s so lot fun to roll up to Starbucks and also pay for a drink or snack through a gift card, learning that that was every free.

What an awesome feeling.

Now you have the right to have that emotion too, any kind of time you spend a gift card virtual with any of your favorite places, prefer Starbucks, Target, finest Buy, Amazon and also others. You will certainly love how these 20 overlooked ways to get free gift cards rapid do no involve perfect offers.

I’m likewise excited to share mine secret method for acquiring the most totally free gift cards online.

Our Most renowned Money-Making Offers

Opinion outpost - A high-paying, trusted survey website that rewards that members in totally free Amazon gift cards or cash.

Branded Surveys - A legit survey site that rewards that is members in cash just for sharing their opinions.

InboxDollars - get a $5 new-member bonus for joining a site that payment you to play games, search the web, prize polls, and complete payment offers and surveys.

Instacart - Earn as much as $20 per hour come shop for and deliver groceries top top your own schedule using your own auto (and keep 100% of her tips!).

Cash app - obtain $170+ in complimentary cash and Bitcoin, invest in Bitcoin and also stocks, and send and also request money for free. Use my referral code for a cash bonus: Click to copy

20 Overlooked methods to Get free Gift Cards Fast

We have actually this damaged down into five categories:

Completing virtual tasks: This is all around doing fast, an easy tasks online. All you need is access to the internet and a mobile device, prefer a smartphone, tablet or computer. Answering questions online (surveys): This is among the easiest methods to score rewards and also gift cards. You obtain paid because that sharing her opinion and answering questions, and will climate be compensated with totally free gift cards. Downloading apps: This is simply what it sound like. You get rewarded because that trying out cool, brand-new apps the you download appropriate to your device. Earn cash earlier for daily shopping: This is like getting paid to shop. Friend will get cash or rewards for her shopping. Other odd methods to get cost-free gift cards fast: This last category will consist of of various other odd ways you deserve to score totally free gift cards.

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Completing Online tasks to Get complimentary Gift Cards

When you’re stuck in heat at the store or lounging on the couch in ~ home, it’s straightforward to grab your phone and also download apps that pay actual money. The complying with companies offer lots of easy jobs that prize you v gift cards.

1. InboxDollars


InboxDollars pays you to complete tasks online. The agency has payment out an ext than $59 million come its members.

Here space the varieties of activities that you might get payment to do for InboxDollars:

take paid virtual surveys Coupon cash rewards knife cash earlier for doing your regular online shopping

Read much more about these in our InboxDollars review.

Through InboxDollars, girlfriend will obtain rewarded with PayPal cash, and gift cards to areas like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and more.

Claim your free $5 and also sign as much as InboxDollars to obtain started.

2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is just one of the ideal places to score totally free gift cards online fast.

As a Swagbucks member, you will certainly receive accessibility to many paid virtual activities. The concept is simple:

Sign up because that free.

Complete digital tasks.

Earn points.

Redeem those points for rewards.

Swagbucks offers out 7,000 gift cards daily, to places like:

Amazon Walmart PayPal Visa iTunes Uber Dunkin’

Like through InboxDollars, Swagbucks will carry out you through a range of online jobs to do, which is good for those who want to stay busy and avoid obtaining bored. Inspect out our testimonial of Swagbucks to find out more.

You will be able to watch videos, take paid virtual surveys, play games, discover deals, and also more. This site has actually a short threshold because that payout, and gift cards room available beginning at $1.

Grab her $10 bonus for registering with and using Swagbucks.

3. MyPoints


MyPoints rewards you for shopping. It’s the simple. As soon as you shop at your favorite shop (like Wal-Mart, ideal Buy, and also more), friend will have the ability to earn approximately 40 percent cash back.

Join MyPoints because that free. Then start shopping, and also earn point out for your purchases. Her points deserve to then it is in redeemed for complimentary gift cards digital to places like best Buy, eBay and also more.

It’s like gaining rewarded for the shopping that you’d it is in doing anyway. Read much more in the end MyPoints review.

You will love gaining paid come shop through MyPoints.

There space no strings attached!

Join because that free, and get a $5 signup bonus as soon as you finish your very first five surveys.

Answering concerns Online to Get cost-free Gift Cards

Earn gift cards for acquisition surveys around your favorite brands and also services.

4. Opinion Outpost


Opinion outpost rewards girlfriend for taking surveys in her spare time. You have the right to earn rewards via PayPal or Visa gift cards, or gift cards come Amazon, residence Depot, CVS, and also other popular retailers.

Once you register for free, friend will join the 2 million members who currently participate on the platform, sharing their opinion and getting rewarded.

Get began with Opinion station by involvement here.

Surveys are sent out by invitation, and also each inspection takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

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5. Branded Surveys


Branded Surveys pays its members in cash, gift cards and also rewards for acquisition paid digital surveys.

Thousands of civilization sign increase every week and earn cash and also rewards for completing surveys. Begin by registering for free, comment a few questions about yourself to construct your profile. You will then be matched v surveys, and earn points because that each survey you complete.

Points deserve to be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, or Branded Pay.

Once you with 1,000 point out in your balance, you deserve to redeem them because that rewards.

In enhancement to acquisition the online surveys, friend will likewise be able to earn even an ext by inviting your friends to join Branded Surveys. The much more friends girlfriend invite and join, the much more points you can earn.

Through Branded Surveys, you may participate in the following:

Online focus groups Product reviews society glimpse video clip testing

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6. Inspection Junkie


Survey Junkie allows you it is in an influencer by payment you to share your honest opinion in exchange for rewards. You will aid companies produce the highest-quality assets for your consumers.

It’s straightforward process.

Take surveys, knife rewards, and get paid. That’s it! You can read an ext in our survey Junkie review.

After you it is registered for free and construct your profile, girlfriend will acquire matched through surveys. Just complete them to knife your online points, and also then redeem those points for PayPal cash or gift cards to locations like Amazon, Target, and also more.

You will require to have a minimum balance that 500 clues in order to redeem them for rewards through Survey Junkie.

Learn an ext and authorize up for cost-free to survey Junkie.

7. Inspection Club

Connect through the finest paid research studies by joining inspection Club.

Become a member because that free, complete your profile, obtain matched with studies in your area, participate, and also earn complimentary Amazon gift cards for her trouble.

There are an ext than 15 online studies available through this company right now, ready and also waiting because that participants to join.

Learn the full details in my inspection Club review.

8. LifePoints


LifePoints rewards you once you share her opinion with paid online surveys.

To acquire started: join for free. Then collection LifePoints for completing activities. Surveys are sent out by invitation, and also you will have the ability to take them any time during the inspection period.

In enhancement to taking the online surveys, friend will also have the opportunity to be paid to document your habits in a journal, or test commodities that room mailed come you.

LifePoints surveys covering a wide variety of topics, consisting of sports, travel, health and more.

You deserve to redeem her points for rewards favor PayPal cash or gift cards. There is no minimum threshold because that points redemption. As long as friend have enough points in her balance because that the prize, friend will have the ability to redeem it.

Learn more about LifePoints in our full review.

Download Apps come Get free Gift Cards

Many legitimate service providers will offer you gift cards simply for downloading and also installing their apps on her mobile devices. This is an easy way to make money because that doing nothing in ~ all.

9. Nielsen computer & mobile Panel


Download the Nielsen app and also earn passive income. Here’s just how it works:

Register her devices and also then knife rewards. That’s it!

With this method, girlfriend will contribute to fads and assist companies boost their products through valuable market research.

After you authorize up, you will certainly install Nielsen’s safe app, which will certainly collect data about your behavior, consisting of which websites friend visit and how lengthy you continue to be on them, and also other basic mobile activity.

The company uses this details for data and also research to learn about consumer behavior, demographics, and also mobile use.

After you authorize up, you will earn point out for using your machine as normal. You have the right to redeem those points because that gift cards and rewards. If you stay in the panel because that a year, you deserve to earn as much as $50!

You will additionally be entered into the monthly Nielsen drawing, whereby you could win $10,000. This firm also awards $1,000 prizes come 400 winners every solitary month!

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10. MobileXpression


MobileXpression is an online market research neighborhood in which users space invited to join a panel and also get rewarded for sharing their consumer user behavior. This is exactly how to execute it:

First, join MobileXpression for free and download its software application on her mobile device. Your internet activity will it is in monitored, help MobileXpression acquire a better understanding of customer behavior.

You get rewarded for her participation by receiving weekly credits that deserve to be redeemed because that gift cards (learn how to convert your Visa gift cards to cash).

Participate in MobileXpression as long as you’d like, passively earning rewards each week. It’s an easy way to get complimentary gifts without purchasing other first.

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Earn cost-free Gift Cards for day-to-day Shopping

Since shopping for groceries and necessities is something you currently have to do, why not earn complimentary gift cards quick while you carry out it? The complying with apps offer cash ago for some purchases the you deserve to redeem because that gift cards to her favorite stores and restaurants.

11. Rakuten


Rakuten is just one of my favourite cashback sites. With this app, you will certainly literally gain paid come shop.

Here’s how it works:

Do your daily shopping as usual, other than instead that visiting the online store of your selection directly, accessibility the retailer v the Rakuten portal, or install the totally free browser extension, which will certainly activate ~ above the retail site. This way, you will earn cash ago on your account because that every eligible purchase.

Cash back Through the Rakuten Portal

Going v the portal is simple. Just register for Rakuten for free, discover your preferred retailer, click, and get directed to the sleeve site.

Rakuten will certainly track her purchases and also credit cash earlier to your account.

You have the right to read more about the company in our Rakuten review.

Cash ago Through the browser Extension

Simply follow the online instructions to download Rakuten’s totally free browser extension onto your computer. As soon as you floor on a Rakuten-partner sleeve site, that expansion will activate, showing you a popup the the easily accessible cash ago on your purchase.

Accept the cashback amount (a flat amount or percentage), shop, and then inspect out together normal and enjoy her cashback savings, which will be credited to her Rakuten account.

Through Rakuten’s referral program, if someone indicators up with your distinct referral link, they and also you will each get rewards.

The minimum payout is $5, and also Rakuten pays out quarterly via PayPal.

Get $30 cost-free from Rakuten once you invest $30.

12. Ibotta

Ibotta is the best means to score cash ago and rewards on her grocery purchases.

If you’re in search of a means to conserve on your grocery to buy every month, Ibotta is the solution!

This is a great option because that both online and also in-person shopping. Ibotta provides multiple means to conserve on your grocery shopping, to add cash ago to various other non-grocery retailers choose Petco, Lowe’s, Cabela’s, residence Depot, and others.

making use of Ibotta once Shopping digital

Through this program, you have the right to score cash back on her phone or computer. If you use a computer, gain access to an ext than 500 supplies for grocery store pickup and delivery, along with savings at more than 700 online retailers. Usage the Ibotta web browser extension to accessibility your savings options.

using Ibotta for In-Person to buy

Just download the Ibotta application to her mobile phone and also start earning cash ago on your mobile purchases. Visit retailers through the app, shop, and also save!

The other features you’ll love about Ibotta include:

Paying with Ibotta: This mobile-pay attribute gives you prompt cash earlier on your whole in-store purchase. All you must do is connect the debit or credit transaction card girlfriend will use to pay, and also you’re all set. Start shopping with 50-plus retailers with Ibotta. Linking commitment accounts: Easily link your loyalty accounts through Ibotta, shopping and saving, with cash back being used to her Ibotta account within 24 hours. Submitting her receipt: Shop like normal, then submit a photograph of your receipt, scanning it through the app to obtain your cash back.

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13. Dosh


Dosh is a fun method to get deals and also earn cash back for on-the-go purchases.

I’ve been using Dosh because that years, and have earned a lot of cash ago on neighborhood purchases to places like Wal-Mart and also my favorite Chinese restaurant.

Install the cost-free app on her phone, then connect your debit or credit transaction card.

The application will recognize local transaction in her area, and when friend shop in ~ those retailers using your attached card, friend will get cash earlier to your Dosh account.

This is a an excellent way to instantly earn cash back. It’s among the easiest ways to be rewarded because that shopping.

Once you’ve got to the minimum threshold that $25, girlfriend will be able to redeem what you’ve deserve via cash, gift cards or rewards. You will additionally have the choice of receiving straight deposit, PayPal cash, Venmo or gift cards, or donate your balance come charity.

Dosh partners through a variety of different retailers, including:

Wal-Mart Pizza Hut ASOS Dunkin’ GNC

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14. Trunow


Trunow offers you cash earlier at gas stations.

The process is simple: Download the app, find deals at gas train station in her area top top gas prices, restaurant deals and also more. You deserve to receive your earned rewards via cash back, or invest your savings at local retailers and also restaurants.

The Trunow developer have referred to as their application the just one that provides you cash earlier on your gas station purchases.

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15. Bring Rewards

Fetch Rewards gives you free rewards on her grocery purchases.

Simply scan her grocery receipts to get cash back. This way, you will have accessibility to money-saving rewards on countless products.

Fetch Rewards has actually received much more than half a million five-star reviews!

To get free gift cards, scan your grocery receipts after girlfriend shop together you normally would. You will certainly earn points indigenous the assets you to buy on her receipt. Redeem your points because that rewards.

Fetch additionally offers a bonus possibility to earn.

Its referral routine awards members (and their referees) 2,000 point out each for participating.

There’s no border on the number of referral bonuses you deserve to earn, for this reason if her friends and family love saving, share your referral connect so you deserve to all obtain rewarded!

You will need to earn a minimum of 3,000 points to redeem them for rewards favor gift cards to popular retailers, consisting of Target, Amazon, and also more.

Join having Rewards now to begin earning rewards.

Other Odd ways to Get free Gift Cards Fast

There space plenty of other methods to earn gift cards for totally free in her spare time. Below are a couple of more principles that can work for you.

16. Sign up because that Sweepstake Offers

If you’re looking for ways to earn even more rewards and also gift cards, take into consideration joining sweepstakes. These have the right to be underrated, and although they might not it is in the most reliable ways to earn gift cards, it’s still worth a shot.

Vet all sweepstakes companies prior to you participate, and read the fine publish to make certain that you are dealing with a trustworthy source.

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17. Ask because that Gift Cards for your Birthday and Holidays

Ask your family members and also friends for gift cards on unique occasions choose birthdays and holidays. It’s one of the easiest means to get totally free gift cards without completing offers, surveys, or other online tasks.

18. Pay people a Discounted rate on Unused Gift Cards

You won’t knife entirely free gift cards by using this method, however it is a good way to get a quite discount on her gift map purchase.

You deserve to do this by buying provided gift cards with marketplaces choose or Giftcard Granny, on i beg your pardon members offer the unused balances on their gift map for cash. You can discover some great deals this way.

19. Reach the end to Brands

Email your favorite brands to asking if they have any type of current promotions come get totally free gift cards because that things prefer signing up because that a store credit card, making a minimum purchase, or just being a good customer.

It can’t hurt to ask. At the really least, you’ll probably get something for her effort, prefer a coupon or freebie.

20. End up being a Brand Ambassador

Some companies enter into collaborations with individuals whom lock pay for using and sharing their brands on social media. In exchange, those world receive cash, points or gift cards towards future purchases.

This is referred to as a brand ambassadorship.

If you have the right to land a collaboration, friend will receive freebies and gift cards, or you might be payment for merely sharing a brand v your network. Countless companies have actually programs choose this, so check with her favorite retailers around becoming a brand ambassador for a opportunity to receive cost-free gift cards.

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The secret to Earning totally free Gift Cards FAST

As you can see, there are plenty of means to earn free gift cards virtual without completing offers. If you’re a pan of freebies, these avenues are miscellaneous to gain excited about.

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Here’s the big secret to getting complimentary gift cards fast: authorize up with a selection of sites the pay in gift cards.

Doing this will multiply the number of opportunities girlfriend will have to get cost-free gift cards, and also will give you the opportunity to be picky. Only participate in the tasks and cash earlier deals that pay the most!