You can earn cold difficult cash back (and gift cards) without spending hrs answering surveys.

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These days, anyone is short on time and also time = money, especially when you’re working difficult to construct a future or raising a family.

You can knife cash earlier shopping v Ebates (now Rakuten) or your desired cash back site sure, yet what if ns told you over there is a means to earn legitimate (meaning no scam) gift cards without answering surveys?

How can I earn free gift cards?

The best method to earn 100% cost-free gift cards is through a survey/offer website.

The benefit of using a survey/offer website is the you don’t invest money to earn the gift cards.

You essentially earn the gift cards by spending your time answering surveys, watching pre-selected videos, or playing games within the website.

Technically these space totally totally free gift cards, but like I claimed time = money.

BUT, friend dont need to use survey and also offer websites. There’s another method to knife gift cards!

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How deserve to I get complimentary gift cards without surveys?

The best means to acquire a cost-free gift cards there is no surveys is to usage a cash ago app. This method is much more passive.

The apps often allow you to connect your credit/debit card, and as friend shop (online, in store, etc.), you earn points that can be supplied towards gift cards.

Note: due to the fact that cash ago websites don’t require a time commitment, earning a gift card can be a slower process.

You execute spend your own money to earn points (or cash back) towards gift cards, for this reason they aren’t technically 100% free.

However, linking your card(s) and shopping as you would typically (ie. Groceries, Sephora, bath & human body Works, house Depot etc.) to earn points is totally worth it.

It’s prefer being rewarded for getting your groceries done, dealing with your girlfriend to lunch, or refreshing her wardrobe.

Best websites because that earning a complimentary gift card without surveys or provides are:

This write-up explores the finest websites/apps because that earning “free” gift cards there is no answering surveys, playing gamings online, or the town hall videos.

They room all free and simple to use!

If you room interested in web page that carry out offer survey, video, and also games for gift cards, inspect out just how To Get totally free Gift Cards Online: Target, Starbucks, Netflix, Walmart & More.

Ibotta: The easiest way to earn cost-free gift cards


The easiest way to knife money to shop at her favorite stores is with Ibotta. Ibotta payment you genuine cash money whenever, wherever you shop!

This cash ago site gives you genuine CASH for shopping through its 279 retailers.

You can additionally redeem her cash back for gift cards to locations like Target, Walmart, and also Amazon! grocery store shopping in ~ Meijer, Cold medicine from Walgreens, and also makeup shopping at Sephora every earn you cash back!

Join Ibotta today! + obtain a $20 Welcome Bonus!Here’s how it works:

Find Offers: prior to you shop, include offers on great products by choosing the + button.

Go Shopping: to buy the assets you selected, but don’t forget your receipt!


Redeem: complete your provides redemption by taking a picture of her receipt.


Get Cash: your cash back will it is in deposited right into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Join Ibotta Today!

(receive her $20 welcome bonus making use of this link or making use of referral code: joycqql)



Supercharge your continual everyday purchases with Drop! This app is super cool and one the the easiest to use.

Drop is the complimentary app that’s offering out millions in cash rewards for the security you do everyday.

All you carry out is link your debit or credit card and Drop automatically helps you earn points. T

hose points deserve to be redeemed for gift cards online at stores favor Sephora, Walmart,, Boxed, Groupon,, ASOS, Warby Parker and also more!

Join fall today! + earn $5 in fall points for just linking your an initial card!

Ways to knife points v Drop

Link your debit/credit cards come the app: any type of time you spend on her Power offers using linked cards, you’ll earn points!Complete a connected or mobile offer: over there are constantly cool linked or Mobile offers that allow you to knife extra clues on your purchases.Drop partner Carrot Rewards* and Rocketmiles permit you to knife extra points!Check the app for new updates top top Mobile and Linked offers, Supercharge bonuses, or other special supplies that allow you to gain some bonus points!


How many points carry out you should redeem a gift card?

1,000 fall points are worth $1 as soon as you space redeeming rewards! You need at the very least 5000 points to redeem a $5 gift card.

Rack increase points because that going grocery store shopping, acquisition an Uber come work, grabbing a snack, and more.

For example, to speak you acquisition groceries for your household each week at Walmart and spend $100.

Using her debit/credit card will certainly earn 20 points every dollar, that’s 2,000 points each week from just one store!

Earning points the turn into gift cards is easy with Drop!

Join fall today!

+ earn $5 in autumn points for simply linking your very first card!

(use link over or use code: e2o92 to gain $5)



If girlfriend dont want to deal with surveys, points, or coupons shot Dosh whereby you earn cold difficult cash!

Earn real cash when you shop at stores favor Sams Club, Forever 21, and also Sephora in store, but additionally hundreds of online stores!

The genuine gem the Dosh is the you knife cash back for lots of restaurants, consisting of coffee shops.

No need to “add offers” just attach your debit/credit card(s) to Dosh and the application does the occupational for you!

How walk Dosh work?

Connect your debit or credit cards come the application (its SSL encrypted, through Two-Factor Authentication)Pay with your connected cards at end 1,000 stores! as much as 10% cash back!Its as much as you; deliver your cash come your financial institution account, Paypal or Donate come charity indigenous the app.


Dosh reflects you wherein cash back opportunities room on a comfortable map, or you deserve to search if you have plans to shop or eat in ~ a certain restaurant.

Don’t worry about selecting a keep or including the deal, the application does the occupational for you.

The maps and categories provide you an idea of where the cash back is, yet you don’t need to do any kind of extras actions to earn v the Dosh app!

Join Dosh Today! 



Created by technology geniuses in Silicon Valley, Shopkick is a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that uses users rewards because that shopping activities.

You have the right to earn “kicks” (rewards points) both online and in-stores by walking right into stores, scanning items, make in-app or in-store purchases and submitting receipts.

Ways to knife Kicks

Walk in come stores and earn kicks just for stepping with the door!Earn kicks because that every dollar you invest at choose partner stores.Hunt for choose products in store and also scan the barcodes to knife kicks.Purchase offer items and also submit a receipt.Visit pick online partners with Shopkick.Watch In-App videos and also discover brand-new products.

Plus, much more ways come earn!

Join Shopkick Today! + knife 250 kicks for simply walking right into your first store!


How many Kicks execute you need to redeem a cost-free gift card?

You will require at the very least 500 kicks to redeem a gift card. Many rewards room 250 kicks per dollar, however you can check the Rewards section in the application for specific rewards.

Walmart gift cards begin at just 500 kicks ($2 value), if Starbucks gift cards start at 1250 kicks ($5 value).

Shopkick lets you earn gift cards for stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, GameStop, Old Navy, Nike, Uber, and so much more!

Join Shopkick Today!

+ earn 250 kicks for simply walking into your an initial store! (use code: SAVE305237)

Wait, yes even an ext ways come get complimentary Gift Cards online…keep going!



Earn cash ago or a Gift Card v BeFrugal! This site offers cash back, coupons, and also deals for over 5000 retailers consisting of Ebay, Ulta, Macys, and Amazon.

You’re already shopping online, why not acquire the best attend to Cash back & Coupons indigenous BeFrugal?

Join BeFrugal Today! + $10 bonus because that earning your first $10 in cash back

Ways to earn Cash back from BeFrugal

Click on any type of coupon, deal or Shop now button and complete your purchase as you generally would.Cash ago is automatically included to her account.Request your cash via PayPal, check, straight deposit or gift card.


How execute you redeem a gift card v BeFrugal?

You deserve to redeem a gift card with a BeFrugal account balance the $5. $5 Gift Cards encompass Walmart, Visa, residence Depot and also more.

To redeem a gift map for Sephora (for example), girlfriend will require a balance that $10 (gift map worth $10).

Join BeFrugal Today!

+ $10 bonus because that earning your first $10 in cash back

My Points


MyPoints has a small bit of every little thing when it pertains to earning take trip miles, cost-free gift cards, and cash!

Shop online, take surveys, clock videos, also read emails, its that simple.

Gift Cards are accessible to redeem because that as little as $3 so this cash back, rewards, and coupon website is definitely a winner.

Join MyPoints today! + knife 1,750 bonus points!

How to knife points ~ above MyPoints?

Shop digital at end 1,900 with the website to earn pointsEarn points per dollar for shopping top top Groupon and Living SocialGain 5 points because that just clicking on bonus sell emailsAnswer sector research surveys for as much as 500 points every surveyWatch video clip playlists in MyPoints to earn up to 500 pointsSearch the internet using Yahoo search engine to win approximately 170 clues randomlyPlay games, uncover deals, and also discover content in MyPoints for more points!


How do you redeem a cost-free gift card on MyPoints?

Earning simply 480 points through MyPoints will acquire you a Dunkin Donuts or Amazon gift card, but there space over 80 various other gift cards accessible in the MyPoints redeem section.

To earn a complimentary Visa gift map you will need 1,500 points. 3,970 points will get you $25 directly into your Paypal account, and for 15,800 point out MyPoints will provide you a $100 American airlines gift card!

Join MyPoints today!

+ earn 1,750 bonus points!

Looking for more free stuff? check out 15 exceptional Amazon Freebies girlfriend dont desire to miss out on!



This gas station chain has actually over 2,500 stores nationwide. Their Speedy Rewards routine is by far the best when it concerns rewards.

Earning rewards is simple, and also you can redeem your points for gift cards, food items (at Speedway), and also even shop in their custom Speedway Marketplace.

Not sure if there is a Speedway close to you? examine locations here.

Ways to knife Speedway points?

Earn 10 points every gallon of fuel at any Speedway gas station20 points every dollar spent on merchandise at Speedway (ie. Chips, pop, water, etc.)Each month, girlfriend can gain Bonus clues on some items to get much more from her purchases.


How countless Speedway points carry out you need to redeem a Gift Card?

There space rewards for as tiny as 1,000 points choose beverages, coffee, and other snacks.

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To redeem a gift card you will need at the very least 5,000 points.

For example, we have actually over 80,000 points. That can acquire me nearly 3 Sephora Gift Cards!