We all recognize Amazon is huge but prepare to be shocked. The technology giant lugged in more than $280 exchange rate in revenue critical year, v $141 billion alone from virtual sales. To placed this into perspective, PayScale reports that the median retail store owner made around $51,000 in 2018.

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Amazon is extremely convenient and also even more so if you authorize up because that Prime. We all know about totally free two-day shipping. Walk you understand that you also get cost-free photo storage, Audible books and also music, too? madness or click below for 22 Amazon Prime perks you most likely didn’t know about until now.

Another element insider an enig lets you save money when it’s time come renew. Tap or click here for a cheat the Amazon element warriors usage each year.

It’s tough to uncover something that Amazon doesn’t sell. Friend can uncover everything native a stunning Jeff Goldblum shower head curtain come entire dwellings with cost-free two-day shipping. (No, I’m no making that up.) insanity or click see few of the weirdest products Amazon sells.

The only thing far better than shopping on Amazon? obtaining what you want for free. Ok tell girlfriend 10 different ways come get totally free Amazon gift cards.

1. Pat games

If you like playing games online, you’ll favor this even more: part sites permit you to play in exchange because that points, which you can exchange because that PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon.

Sites favor AppNana, Swagbucks, and Appdown offer this point system. All you need to do is pat games and also reach certain levels, watch videos or in the interim download apps. Be certain to read the terms and also conditions, though, therefore you’re not offering away an ext data 보다 you must be.

Now, don’t expect huge rewards, yet if you’re currently playing eligible games, that worth taking advantage. AppNana even concerns rewards for simply logging in each day.

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2. Take it surveys

Bad at games? try taking surveys instead. Sites favor InboxDollars, survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost and MyPoints offer surveys top top a range of topics. Together you submit her surveys, you earn points and also can cash them the end for Amazon or other retail gift cards or together a PayPal payment.

There are downsides. It can take a small while to develop up points, and the gift cards are often for small amounts, however the surveys are straightforward to fill out, and also usually nothing take an ext than a couple of minutes to complete. This is an especially useful if you bored. Why not channel the boredom right into earning a small extra security money?

Be warned: making use of these inspection sites will most likely load up your inbox through junk email. I indicate making one email attend to just for that purpose, different from your regular inbox.

DON’T SKIMP top top SECURITY: Don’t forget her data is simply as an useful as your money to big Tech companies. Madness or click here for 5 Amazon defense settings you require to change right currently to defend yourself.

3. Buy groceries

Want to acquire paid to grocery store shop? with Ibotta, friend can. Just buy choose products in ~ your regional grocery store, take a photo of your receipt and submit the in the app. Ibotta offers you cashback together an Amazon gift map or together a PayPal payment. Insanity or click here to download Ibotta.

Receipt Hog works similarly, supplying deals in-app and requesting your receipt after friend shop. V Receipt Hog, girlfriend earn digital coins that can be traded in because that Amazon gift cards, cash or even magazine subscriptions.

Receipt Hog also offers non-grocery deals, but due to the fact that groceries space such a constant necessity, it have the right to be the easiest method to knife money ago and get your gift cards.

4. Share your recommendations

Are friend a writer? start a blog and also sign up because that Amazon Associates to knife Amazon gift cards. Amazon Associates allows you to share affiliate web links through her posts. If someone shops through your link, friend can get a small section of the sale together cash or an Amazon gift card.

This technique takes some real effort on your part, so the gift cards might not feel so “free,” but if you want to blog (or already do) girlfriend might as well sign up because that the program. If you have lots of readers or have a short article that really takes off, you might make a nice chunk that change.

A SAFER means TO PAY: What’s the best means to salary for her purchases online? definitely not a debit map ... And probably not a credit card either. Tap or click because that a fast 2-minute video clip breaking under the most safe options.

5. Trade stuff in

Have girlfriend heard of Amazon’s Trade-In Program? just send her old electronics and also books because that assessment. Shipping your items is free, and also once lock assessed, you’ll acquire paid their present value in Amazon gift cards.

If her items are rejected, Amazon will send them ago and girlfriend can try to offer them elsewhere. This can be a great way to get rid of things you to be planning come toss anyway.

OLD technology WORTH large MONEY: You won’t believe how much you deserve to make offering old tech and collectibles. Madness or click to find out exactly how much the treasures in your attic might be worth.

6. Choose up some extra work

Now, this one no necessarily free since you will do it be putting back work. But Amazon can pay girlfriend in gift cards as soon as you work for mechanical Turk, the crowdsourcing service. As soon as companies need simple data entry or copy editing and enhancing for cheap, they walk to mechanically Turk.

Amazon is happy to worry payments in the form of Amazon gift cards. If you have some time on her hands, and the ideal freelance skills, authorize up for mechanical Turk and also earn some gift cards.

7. Search v Bing

Most people prefer to search the net with Google, but Bing and also Microsoft market a bit much more incentive with the ice rewards program. This program allows you to earn points because that every find you do on Bing.

You deserve to earn even more points by making use of Bing on the Microsoft sheet browser and get those points converted into a totally free gift card. That takes a small time to earn sufficient points for a gift card, yet if you’re constantly ~ above the internet, why not?

8. Use a credit card

If you’re looking to open up a brand-new line that credit, check out the Amazon Visa card. You earn points as soon as you usage the card on or turn off Amazon, though you earn more on the site. You can redeem them because that gift cards much faster than you would with any type of of the vault methods.

For the frequent, responsible Amazon shopper, this might be the best way to earn totally free gift cards — as long as you’re sticking to purchase you’d do anyway.

9. Reload an Amazon gift card

Last but not least, you have the right to get free Amazon gift cards by making use of Amazon gift cards. Confused? allow me explain.

If you pack $100 or more onto a gift map you currently have, Amazon will toss in an extra $5. Not just do friend recycle a card that would certainly otherwise finish up in the trash, yet you obtain a tiny extra back.

This is a good option for gifting, too. Invest $100 ~ above a friend and also get a couple of bucks because that yourself. It’s no the finest conversion rate, however it is a complimentary gift card, so depending on your circumstances you might appreciate this option.

BONUS tip FOR EXTRA KNOW-HOW: 6 ways to stop advertisers from adhering to you online

It beginning innocently sufficient — you’re surfing the web and before lengthy you an alert every web page you visit is inundated through advertisements so specific you watch over your shoulder, discovering someone needs to be watching her every move.

No matter your attempts, these prolific pop-ups proceed to annoy, frustrate and give friend the heebie-jeebies. When you might not be able to do away through advertisers completely, there are methods to get them come stop adhering to you online.

This marketing maneuver is described as retargeting. Stop look at means to put an finish to it.

Tap or click to get rid of those creepy personalized ads.

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