I really might use more then 2 ticket every 4 hours… anyone have any codes and/or ways to get more. Every the stories i favor have brief chapters… I dislike to to speak it but unless i can read an ext often im done with this application even though i love it.

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Chelseatiktok ns don’t know if they’ve readjusted this, yet I think when you’ve read a particular amount that episodes, her amount of passes you get during a refill will increase.

Episode provided to have something referred to as referral codes - password you can redeem only once and get 3-4 passes. This has actually been removed, though.

Anyway, one way you have the right to earn more passes is to keep reading much more episodes. So how this functions is the you need to read 20 episodes because that 3 passes every 4 hours and 40 episodes for 4 overcome every 4 hours. The maximum amount of passes you are enabled on refills is 4 passes every 4 hours.

Another method is to finish those daily challenges. You’ll have to read around 4-5 chapters to acquire your reward, which will be an extra pass.

You can likewise purchase an ext passes from the store. There’s even an endless passes option, i m sorry lasts because that 30 days.

Lemniscate might 3, 2018, 6:10pm #4
Chelseatiktok ns forgot to mention one thing.

Some YouTubers have special links provided by Episode whereby you can gain more free passes together well. For this reason if you desire even more passes, try to it is in on the lookout because that these networks who administer special links. Because that example, simply now, I got 5 cost-free passes native Jenn Creates’ connect on one of her new videos. The link is in her summary for anyone who desires to gain it. Also, make sure you open it indigenous mobile (not computer):



Here is proof the it works and that I obtained 5 overcome from this:



The link only functions once and is temporary, so gain it while girlfriend can!

and also feel free to inspect out your content too - several of them make good videos on Episode, such as Joseph Evans.

Edit: If the above an approach does not occupational for you, that is feasible that the connect has expired seeing together it has been end a month due to the fact that the connect was do available. Ns am not certain whether it has expired or not so the only means to recognize is to offer it a shot to confirm.

Extreme_Kate July 3, 2018, 2:13pm #5

How’d you get so countless gems? ns DYING to read every one of the story that ns didn’t finish but I have NO overcome

how deserve to we gain them? (All the the Referral links on YT space expired

Lemniscate July 5, 2018, 6:46pm #6
Extreme_Kate Yeah, I think they space most likely expired by now. Yet don’t worry. I’m sure Episode will make more links available in the future; just be top top the lookout for them.

And I acquired a lot of gems from analysis stories that have the ‘Earn Gems’ brand on them. You will certainly mainly discover them ~ above featured stories, such together The secret of Rain by Joseph Evans, because that example. Another method that ns got plenty of gems is through doing day-to-day challenges offered by Episode. On the main menu in the game, you should see a circular icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Click that to watch what rewards friend can obtain for reading X amount of chapters in stories for the day.

Also, the much more you read, the much more passes friend earn. Once you originally start on Episode, friend will get 2 passes every 4 hours but you deserve to increase the variety of passes you get by reading more chapters of stories. You will receive a an alert about this once you’ve level’ed up.

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(Default) = 2 passes every 4 hoursRead 20 chapters in total = 3 passes every 4 hoursRead 40 chapters in total = 4 passes every 4 hours

Currently, 4 passes every 4 hours is the maximum. Alternatively, you can skip this all together as you have actually the choice to acquisition passes/gems as-well (although, this no a an extremely popular technique but the the fastest method to acquire them). I have actually never purchase passes/gems ever of all the moment I’ve been on Episode. It’s very easy to get passes/gems because that free, to it is in honest.